Abused And Misused: The Sad Story of Gail Kim

RiZESenior Writer INovember 6, 2010

Creatures of the Night. In my second step in becoming the Top Women's Wrestling Columnist, I am faced with my toughest challenge yet. Poetry in Motion. Writing a article on my favorite Diva. Using each letter from there name. 

While Women's Wrestling is becoming a lost art in TNA and WWE, there is one Woman who has been through it all. To being released, to being a valet,  to making history inside the squared circle. Since her debut in 2003, this woman has went on to become the most talented Wrestler in the WWE.

Though her use by Management may be holding her from reaching the summit, her light shines brighter than any other. That's right, I'm talking about Gail Kim.

Glamor, one word to describe the Women's Division in 2003. With Lita already sidelined with a severe neck injury, the Women's Division lost its "appeal." Trish Stratus continued to dominate until Jazz came along. While Jazz was champion, Trish was indeed still the diamond of Women's Wrestling.

At the time, Goldberg's WWE debut subsequent feuds with Rock, Y2J, and Triple H overshadowed the Women's Division. Along with Lita being sidelined, I didn't care for Women's Wrestling at all.

Until the WWE began airing vignettes. Immediately capturing my attention because of the "matrix" theme, I awaited the debut of this unknown. My curiosity led me to watch RAW on June 30, 2003. Expecting Trish to regain her spot as the Women's Champion, Kim finally debuted.

She surprised. Her wrestling style was somewhat similar to Lita's, but unique nonetheless.

Athleticism. Even in her debut, Kim showed she can wrestle at a Veterans level. Unlike others, Kim didn't debut as a Valet.

Competing in a Battle Royal for the Women's Title, She had that something "special" that others didn't. Besides being one of not many Diva's able to execute aerial maneuvers. In a division full of botches and injuries, that's a BIG DEAL.

Arguably the best "all around" female wrestler. Respect to Trish and Lita, but Lita's unorthodox aerial attacks and Trish's innovation were just two qualities of Gail. Though she might not excel at both as they did. She was simply, the Total Package.

IGNORED by WWE Management after losing the Women's Title, Gail's future was in serious jeopardy. Becoming Molly Holly's lackey was a waste of her talent. Other factor's worked against Kim in her first stint.

While Trish Stratus may be one of my favorite Diva's, she tended to overshadow the younger talent. Don't get me wrong, Stratus worked her way to the top, but she started out as eye candy.

She needed the title and numerous reigns to establish herself as a Diva instead of just another guilty pleasure in the eyes of fans.

Gail's ability couldn't keep her from being exiled from the WWE.

LENIENT!!, Gail remains. When she returned to the WWE, Creative hyped her as if she would regain the Women's Championship.

Defeating Maryse and Michelle McCool numerous times before falling to Maryse in a title match. Looking at Kim's time in TNA, almost the exact opposite from the WWE.

Becoming the 1st TNA Knockout's Champion. Kim defeated every top Knockout from Awesome Kong to Angelina Love in her first reign. She even receiving Knockout of the Year, a far cry from her treatment in WWE as of late.

The problem I have with her TNA tenure, is her departure, losing to Awesome Kong decisively in her final match.

Kim was also an prominent part of TNA. She was to America's Most Wanted what Lita was to the Hardy's. An impact player.

Though the Valet/Manager role doesn't fit Gail, she played it to perfection. Leading AMW to numerous successful title wins and defenses.

Also taking part in some of their first Knockout Matches. She made Women a prominent part of the TNA Roster through her bouts with Sirelda and Ms. Jackie. 

Innovation! I've witnessed Gail perform some of the most jaw dropping maneuvers in wrestling. Literally, her Eat Defeat finisher is a eye widener. Her moveset may not be as flashy as Lita or Trish, but its unique nonetheless.

Gail is the first Diva I've seen to prominently use a submission to finish: Christo (armbar combined with a headscissors). 

At least Gail's finishers are original. Unlike some Divas, who have stolen the Finishers of two of Gail's former co-workers in TNA. 

Must we continue this? Wasting this extremely talented wrestler. Must Vince McMahon continue his crusade against former TNA Talent? Why is he wasting the careers of Christian and Gail Kim? At this point, a return to TNA doesn't sound all that bad.

Why the best all around Diva in the WWE isn't even considered for title contention is beyond me.