College Football Top 25 Week 8: Ohio State and Nebraska Fall, Boise New No. 1

Tyler StimsonCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2010

Wisconsin coaches and players celebrate one of the biggest wins in school history.
Wisconsin coaches and players celebrate one of the biggest wins in school history.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Tyler Stimson votes in the ESPN-U NCAA College Football Top 25 poll. This is his individual ballot, not a prediction of what the top 25 will be in the AP or Coaches poll.

1. Boise State (6-0)

Shutout San Jose State, 48-0.

Everything seems to be pointing towards another undefeated season for Boise. And right now, they are playing like the best team in the country. They've only had one close game, and that was against a top six team 2400 miles away from home. I expect Boise to be No. 2 in both major polls. Boise State has won 20 Games in a row - their last loss was to TCU back in 2008. Their regular season winning streak is 31.

2. Oregon (6-0) 

Had a bye week.

The Ducks have the most explosive offense in college football right now. But they were not very impressive on the road at Washington State, the perpetual doormat of the Pac-10. I also have to take history into account. Oregon lost to Boise in 2008 and 2009.

3. TCU (7-0) 

Beat BYU 31-3.

TCU has given up a whopping one point per a game in their last three games.

The MWC is ranked fifth in the country, according to ESPN's conference power rankings, behind only the SEC, Pac-10, Big 12, and Big 10. TCU has won 20-straight regular season games; their only loss in that span is to Boise State 17-10 in last year's Fiesta Bowl.

4. Oklahoma (6-0)  

Beat Iowa State 52-0.

It's nice to see Oklahoma come up with the dominating performance, but we all know they are capable of performances like this on a more consistent basis.

5. Auburn (7-0)

Beat Arkansas 65-43.

Auburn had developed the habit of winning extremely close games against inferior competition. Instead of toying around, they buried Arkansas with 65 points. Auburn's Cam Newton should be the undisputed favorite in the Heisman race.

6. Michigan State (7-0)

Won vs. Illinois 26-6.

Michigan State's defense did what no one else had done up to that point. They shut down Denard Robinson. Now they beat an underrated Illinois team. With Ohio State's loss, they now are the favorites to win the Big 10.

7. Utah (6-0)

Won @ Wyoming 31-6.

Utah still has tough tests @ Notre Dame, and against TCU at home remaining on their schedule. But they are playing like one of the best teams in the country right now.

8. Alabama (6-1)

Had a solid bounce back win 23-10 over Ole Miss at home.

Their schedule the rest of the way is brutal. But their most difficult stretch is over. If they win out, I will be surprised if they don't play in the national championship game.

9. Missouri (6-0)

Won @ Texas A&M 30-9.

Shhhhhhh. Missouri is quietly 6-0. They are probably the most underrated BCS conference team in the country. A week after Texas A&M took Arkansas to the wire, Missouri dominated the Aggies in college station. They are holding their opponents to under 11 points per a game.

10. LSU (7-0)

Beat McNeese St 31-10.

LSU has defied luck and common sense to get to 7-0. They've given Florida their first loss at home since Ole Miss victory in 2008. They've played quite a touch schedule up to this point, but it only gets tougher from here on out.

11. Wisconsin (6-1)

Won vs. Ohio State 31-18.

Wisconsin's only loss is to a top-10 team. And now the Badgers have their signature victory.

12. Ohio State (6-1) 

Lost @ Wisconsin 31-18.

The Buckeyes had been dominant until they ran into Wisconsin. They have not beaten a single team (currently) ranked in my top 25. With Miami's blowout loss to Florida State, Ohio State's one quality win this season, they don't have much of a leg to stand on.

13. Iowa (5-1) 

Won @ Michigan 38-28.

It's a two horse race between Iowa and Michigan State for the Big Ten title now that Ohio State has fallen.

14. Stanford (5-1)

Had a bye.

15. Nebraska (5-1) 

Lost vs. Texas 20-13.

Nebraska's Taylor Martinez finally ran into a quality defense. Nebraska is still a very much in the hunt for a national championship, but they will need quite a bit of help. It would be hard for me to see Nebraska getting in over an undefeated TCU or Boise State.

16. Oklahoma State (6-0)

I'm still not sold on this team. But I will give credit where credit is due. 

17. South Carolina (4-2) 

Lost @ Kentucky 31-28.

A week after (arguably) the best performance of any team this CFB season, South Carolina had a letdown game against an underrated Kentucky team.

18. Arizona (5-1)

Beat Washington State 24-7.

They have the best defense in the Pac-10 race that is very wide open.

19. Arkansas (4-2)

Lost @ Auburn 65-43.

Giving up 65 points is embarrassing. But the Hogs were very competitive with Auburn, even with their backup QB. Cam Newton was just too much.

20. Florida State (6-1)

Won vs. Boston College 24-19.

21. Virginia Tech (5-2)

Beat Wake Forest 52-21.

I know they lost to an FCS team, but that was a week after a heartbreaking loss to Boise State. And James Madison would have beaten a lot of top 25 teams that week. Since then they've won five in a row.

22. Nevada (6-1)

Lost @ Hawaii 27-21.

Nevada was having a historic season until Hawaii brought them back down to earth. But they are still 5-1 and could easily be 6-0. Hawaii can be a terribly difficult place to play.

23. Texas (4-2)

Won @ Nebraska 20-13.

This game was dominated from Texas from start to finish. Texas foolishly gave Nebraska a returned punt for a TD to make the game a little interesting at the end, but it was still a huge turnaround after back-to-back losses for the Horns.

24. Kansas State (5-1)

Won @ Kansas 59-7.

Kansas State destroyed their rival on the road, giving Kansas an old fashioned beatdown.

25. West Virginia (5-1)

Won vs. USF 20-6.

West Virginia's only blemish is a 20-14 loss @ still undefeated LSU.

AP College Football Top 25 Poll Prediction:

1. Oregon

2. Boise State

3. TCU

4. Oklahoma

5. Auburn

6. Alabama

7. LSU

8. Michigan State

9. Ohio State

10. Wisconsin

11. Utah

12. Stanford

13. Iowa

14. Nebraska

15. Oklahoma State

16. Missouri

17. Texas

18. Florida State

19. Arizona

20. South Carolina

21. Arkansas

22. West Virginia

23. Miami

24. Virginia Tech

25. USC


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