Hell In a Cell: My Optimistic Predictions For Tonights PPV

Jackoby CalibanContributor IOctober 3, 2010

Hell In a Cell: My Optimistic Predictions For Tonights PPV

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    With Hell in a Cell only a few hours away predictions are flying around like, well, a fly. Many people's predictions are fairly obvious but I think that could be one or two tricks up WWE's sleeve for this, the second PPV in as many weeks.

    As RAW's ratings have dropped expect there to be a twist that will get everyone watching Monday night RAW tomorrow night,

    I know I'm a little late for my predictions, but here are some that are different to most others.

    So here we go...

Daniel Bryan Vs The Miz Vs John Morrison

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    This will be the show stealer. You've got the talker vs the technician vs the high flyer, in normal circumstances I would put good money on The Miz winning especially with Alex Riley at ringside but the stipulation makes me and most of the IWC point to Bryan to win. For this time only I'm gonna go for the obvious as its a submission match and the WWE is high on Bryan at the moment.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan

Natalya Vs Michelle McCool

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    Sorry but how did McCool end up with the match not just at Hell in a Cell but at NOC as well? Didn't Layla win the championship from Beth Phoenix originally?

    Anyway, the match should be quite good with two of the better wrestlers on the diva's roster. I'd expect LayCool to keep the championship but I can see Natalya coming out of HIAC with championship. My reasons you ask, because I predict that Layla will get involved but turning on McCool because she feels she should be the one who should be defending the title, starting a feud between the two members, it also sets up nicely for a match with a returning heel Beth Phoenix for Natalya.

    Winner: Natalya

Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes Vs The Hart Dynasty

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    I see a tag team match being at the show, a rematch from RAW and I expect the same outcome with a Hart Dynasty split coming, nothing more to say. Next.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes

John Cena Vs Wade Barrett

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    An interesting one to say the least and a match that could go either way. With both Nexus split and Cena heel turn talks going on the WWE has at least kept this match unpredictable. I'm gonna go for a Wade Barrett win not because of the posters or the N in the bragging rights advert, I'm saying this because I feel that Cena will start a slow heel turn that will become full-fledged just before Wrestlemania. The Nexus will last until Survivor series but will lose to someone else who will have taken the reigns of the anti-Nexus (Randy Orton anyone). This would create a perfect set-up for Cena vs Orton leading over the new year, maybe all the way to Wrestlemania, but one thing for sure is that there will be a shock culminating from this match.

    Winner: Wade Barrett

Kane Vs The Undertaker

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    Another one many believe to be obvious is an Undertaker victory, in my world its not going to go that way. A Kane win may be seen as a shock considering the Undertaker just got his 'powers' back but do you think WWE would have forgotten that Paul Bearer was drowned in concrete a few years back? (actually, don't answer that) I get a feeling that a heel turn could be on the cards with Bearer removing the urn in some way and the Undertaker losing his power. This feud is both mens last hoorah so don't expect it to end anytime soon, this one I see going to Kane but with Kane loosing and getting a well earned break in a buried alive match at a later date.

    Winner: Kane

Sheamus Vs Randy Orton

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    This will be the match. Not John Cena vs Wade Barrett, no, this will be the match that will re-ignite RAW. The match itself has the potential to have everything and with the latest ratings I actually think it will. The match will be a hard thought one but will have Sheamus on top when Triple H's music hits. He walks down to the edge of the cell with his sledgehammer and a mic distracting Sheamus for a bit while Orton gets back up. Triple H will then take his sledgehammer to the cage and eventually get in and stare down Sheamus, Sheamus goes to hit him with a brouge kick but H ducks and hits him with the sledgehammer then gives him a pedigree. Randy Orton slides over to Sheamus but as he goes for a pin Triple H hits him with a the sledgehammer too taking Orton out he then picks up the mic and announces that he is the GM of RAW and that he has included himself into this match, he then gets the pin. Then as the cell starts to lift Alex Riley and The Miz attack Triple H from behind with steel chairs and the briefcase, the Miz cashes in successfully to win his first WWE championship.

    Winner: The Miz


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    So what did you think? any feedback is welcome

    (JacK Woodbridge)