WWE's John Cena: Why Possibly Joining the Nexus Tonight Doesn't Mean a Heel Turn

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 3, 2010

I know what you're going to say, ANOTHER CENA/NEXUS ARTICLE?!?! SERIOUSLY?!? Well, man or woman of many caps, calm down. For I am going to dive into a topic about Cena and Nexus that not many have gone over.

Because of the WWE Bragging Rights and Survivor Series posters, it's obvious that WWE will be keeping Nexus around longer than tonight.

This is why it's pretty much obvious that Wade Barrett will somehow beat John Cena tonight.

I highly doubt it would be cleanly, simply because we have John Cena, the Superman of WWE vs. basically a rookie in Barrett.

Sure, Barrett is a big guy with a lot of talent. But because he is billed as a rookie, there is no way he could come out on top cleanly vs. a nine-time World Champion in John Cena.

Therefore, Barrett will beat Cena, but in a controversial way. This means Cena would have to join Nexus and take orders from Barrett.

For how long is another story entirely. This means, while Nexus and Cena may be booed, Cena is not a full-fledged heel in all of this.

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He'd basically be doing the Nexus' dirty work just because he had to do so, not because he wanted to in any way whatsoever.

The only way we'd see Cena turn heel tonight is if he did a Finger Poke of Doom type of thing with Barrett, where he'd basically lay down and give Barrett the win.

So, for all of you out there who are saying, "FINALLY CENA IS TURNING HEEL TONIGHT," you may need to hold your horses.

Cena is one heck of a strong man, and will help out the Nexus in many ways. If big Skip Sheffield was in this group, it would look like one of the most fierce groups yet.

Sheffield is supposed to be back around the first of the year, so, the writers may keep Cena with Nexus long enough for Sheffield to come back, then find a way for Cena to get out of the faction.

Sheffield was their powerhouse, one who made the group dominate. His departure hurt them a ton because while they have some guys with power, it is nothing like what Sheffield could bring.

Cena is Sheffield like, but far stronger. It is said that Cena could bench up to 800 pounds. Which is not too hard to believe when we've seen him pick up an over 500 pound Big Show.

Sheffield is strong no doubt, but could he do that? I don't know.

Triple H said in an interview once that Cena was the strongest man he's ever been in the ring with, and could be the strongest man ever to grace WWE.

That said, can you imagine what the Nexus could do with Cena? A ton, right?

If Sheffield were to come back, Nexus would be an unstoppable animal of which could go down as one of the most dominate factions of all time.

The thing is, will Cena's membership in the group be worth it or will it break down the group from within?

We keep talking about him joining Nexus, but it's not as if he needs a faction to get over like all the others in the group. And it's not as if there are any other challengers for Nexus with Cena out of the picture.

Randy Orton could be a possibility, even Edge or Sheamus. But it's hard to tell.

Therefore, Cena joining the Nexus doesn't mean ultimate heel turn. It only means he's a part of a heel faction as a face, nothing more.

But what if he were to start enjoying what he was doing or even be the man behind the group since day one? It would be interesting to see what happened at that point.

Barrett has mentioned that there is a much bigger picture, but since then, nothing has come about to even drop hints into what this bigger picture is.

Could the bigger picture be merging the rosters? Could it be making a new show? Could it mean invading TNA?

There are so many what if's, that it's nuts to try and guess things.

But we do know one thing, we won't have to wait long to see Cena be in Nexus and for things to get interesting in WWE. But we will have to wait for a Cena heel turn, sad but true, WWE fans.

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