Los Angeles Galaxy vs. San Jose Earthquakes: A Play-By-Play

Jo-Ryan SalazarSenior Analyst IAugust 21, 2010

SANTA CLARA, CA - AUGUST 21:  Brandon McDonald #14 of the San Jose Earthquakes tries to knock down the ball in front of the goal against Mike Magee #18 of the Los Angeles Galaxy on August 21, 2010 at Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara, California.  (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

T-180 minutes to kickoff: Prior to the move to Santa Clara University, the San Jose Earthquakes played their matches at Spartan Stadium on the campus of San Jose State University. When the Earthquakes were revived from their hiatus, they began play at Buck Shaw Stadium, named after football coach Lawrence T. "Buck" Shaw, beginning in 2008.

Buck Shaw used to be the home of the Santa Clara Broncos football team until the cheeky admins decided to shut it down (no wonder I don't go to church that often). Still though, it's the home of the Santa Clara Broncos soccer teams, and they are good. One of the best programs in the West Coast Conference.

T-170: With a seating capacity of 10,300, Buck Shaw is one of the smaller stadiums in Major League Soccer. This was a 2001 increase in seating capacity from 6,800. It holds the distinction of being the training ground for the Brazil national team at the 1994 FIFA World Cup while holding the current record for highest attendance at a women's outdoor collegiate sporting event: sellout crowds of 8,800 for the 1996 NCAA Women's College Cup.

T-160: Buck Shaw also used to host Broncos baseball matches until 2005, when they got their own ball park. They have held their undergraduate commencement ceremonies here since 2001, weather permitting.

As part of the $4,000,000 in improvements to the stadium, drainage improvements, a new video scoreboard, additional concession and merchandising stands, and modernized/improved facilities such as new lighting, a TV press box, new sound system and a grandstand on the stadium's west side were on the cards at Buck Shaw.

T-150: Today, Buck Shaw is where the second leg of the California Clasico will take place between Bruce Arena's Los Angeles Galaxy and Frank Yallop's San Jose Earthquakes. Both teams are deadlocked in a 2-2 draw heading into this decisive leg.

T-140: The scenario is as follows:
* If the score ends in a scoreless draw, a 1-1 draw or a San Jose victory, the Quakes will win the California Clasico.
* If the score ends in a 2-2 draw, a draw higher than 2-2, or a Los Angeles victory, the Galaxy will win the California Clasico.
It's a straightforward deal.

T-130: The arrival of Geovanni will be key to San Jose's fortunes, but where he will be on the field will be critical.

“I had a lot of offers in different places,” said Geovanni during a press conference earlier this week. “The most important thing was I spoke to André [Luiz, the Quakes’ veteran midfielder] and André said it was a great place to live. I talked to John and John treated me very well.

"I thought it would be a great place to come. I’m excited to be here.”

As for the Galaxy, this is chance for them to continue their form.

"[The result at New York] was important because I think for a few weeks now we haven't played to our capabilities and we wanted to get back on form," L.A. midfielder Chris Birchall said in an interview with mlssoccer.com. "We had some heavy defeats, Chicago, even though we got back into the game, it was a hazy 20 minutes where we conceded three and Puerto Rico at home. 
"We knew we could play, and when we play like that as a team, and everyone is on form, we're a very good team."

T-120: We are two hours away from kickoff, and here are the line-ups.


Manager: Bruce Arena

Formation: 4-4-2 Diamond

Colors: White tops with blue and gold accents, white shorts, white socks

1 Donovan Ricketts

28 Sean Franklin ---- 22 Leonardo ---- 4 Omar Gonzalez ---- 20 A.J. De La Garza

11 Chris Birchall

26 Michael Stephens ---- 10 Landon Donovan (C)

19 Juninho

18 Mike Magee ---- 14 Edson Buddle


12 Josh Saunders GK

27 Bryan Jordan DEF

6 Eddie Lewis MID

7 Chris Klein MID

8 Dema Kovalenko MID

9 Jovan Kirovski MID

88 Alex Cazumba MID


Manager: Frank Yallop

Formation: 4-4-2

Colors: Blue tops with black accents, blue shorts, blue socks

18 Jon Busch

20 Cornell Ward ---- 14 Brandon McDonald ---- 2 Bobby Burling ---- 11 Bobby Convey (C)

10 Arturo Alvarez ---- 7 Khari Stephenson ----4 Sam Croning ---- 17 Joey Gjertsen ----

8 Chris Wondolowski ---- 13 Cornell Glen


24 Alex Horwath GK

15 Justin Morrow DEF

5 Brad Ring MID

22 Omar Jasseh MID

77 Geovanni MID

9 Scott Sealy FWD

19 Ryan Johnson FWD

T-110: CONCACAF Champions League results: Real Salt Lake defeated Arabe Unido 2-1, Columbus Crew shut out CSD Muncipal 1-0 and the Seattle Sounders fell to Marathon 2-1. The biggest surprise win had to come from Toronto FC, who pulled off a 2-1 upset win over Cruz Azul.

T-100: In other MLS play this week, the Chicago Fire defeated the New England Revolution 2-1.

T-90: We have a full slate of MLS action today. TFC takes on the New York Red Bulls, the Crew face the Colorado Rapids, FC Dallas takes on Chivas USA, the Kansas City Wizards take on the New England Revolution, and the Houston Dynamo host the Chicago Fire. Tomorrow, laggards D.C. United face the Philadelphia Union in the pillow fight of the week.

T-80: Just wanted to share with you some info on their mascot, Q, a.k.a. Quakesaurus.

Q was a 26 year old human male who fell into a radioactive fissure in the Earth's crust during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. He eventually emerged from the fissure as an ageless furry blue "creature" with a shock of silver hair and was soon afterward taken in by a family in nearby San José.

No longer having a craving for food, he instead developed a craving for fully caffeinated coffee which caused him to shake and have unlimited energy, leading to constant dancing, running and having an overall great time around large groups of people.

T-70: As longtime Earthquakes season ticket holders, his adopted family took him to a game where he fell in love with the sport and the team, after which the team's ownership hired him and named him Quakesaurus.

Q loves to have his picture taken with fans and enjoys meeting new friends at the games, especially the children who share his love of soccer.

One more tidbit to share here: Q has a similarly furry blue father named Andreas who was publicly introduced at an Earthquakes home game in 2005 just prior to Father's Day. Named after the San Andreas Fault. Clever.

T-60: One hour to kickoff here at Buck Shaw Stadium. It's 73 degrees down on the pitch. Not bad conditions. It's a whole lot better than the dry heat in Southern California.

T-45: The Earthquakes are looking to get a new stadium located west of the San Jose International Airport that will seat 15,000-18,000 spectators. This will be given the new nickname, "The Epicenter." Of course, this is the name of a Rancho Cucamonga ballpark with a similar team name, but that's a totally different story.

T-30: Also earlier today, the New York Red Bull bounced back with a 4-1 win over Toronto FC.

T-15: LA's next three games include an August 28 home stand against Kansas City, a September 4 road trip to Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois to face the Chicago Fire and the first of a four-game home stand on September 11 against the Columbus Crew.

As for the Quakes, they take on the New York Red Bulls at Harrison, New Jersey's Red Bull Arena on August 28; clash with the Houston Dynamo at Robertson Stadium on September 5 and return to Buck Shaw on September 11 for a match with FC Dallas.


1' - Alrighty then. We are underway. Terry Vaughn is our match official today.

2' - Service goes out for a Galaxy throw-in.

3' - Some ball movement is in order. Here comes San Jose.

4' - GOAL! San Jose Earthquakes 8 Chris Wondolowski Assist 11 Bobby Convey
Oh dear. Now this is just an amateur mistake by a professional keeper. What a horrid blown assignment by Donovan Ricketts early in the game. He should know better than that.

5' - Completely inexcusable effort by the back line, too. Something has to be done about this. This was not the start they wanted.

6' - Corner kick for the Galaxy. Pathetic header. Take two.

7' - Back come the Quakes, and Chris Birchall is again exhibiting his chronic poor form.

8' - Free kick to the Galaxy. Donovan to take. Another atrocious header.

9' - And Birchall butcher yet again. You know, this might be a chronic habit today for LA. They must snap out of this.

10' - Here is A.J. De La Garza. He is paying the price for letting Wondo get open on the right side. If he earned his stripes last week, it doesn't like he is this week.

11' - Busch with the save.

12' - Predictable set of looks from the Galaxy. Excellent anticipation from San Jose, and here they go on the counter.

13' - Foul on Juninho. This will be a free kick. And let's hope is Ricketts is ready this time. And the back line too...

14' - Good awareness by the back line of the Quakes. Leonardo will need to be careful.

15' - Here's a free kick for the QUakes, and it's blocked. Cornell Glen is called back for offsides.

16' - So here were go again with the back line performing like they did for the lion's share of July and early August, trailing 1-0 to San Jose. Shot for Wondolowski from the same angle wide left.

17' - That shot from Mike Magee had as much creativity as a blank piece of paper.

18' - The Big Cat from Montego Bay, Donovan Ricketts, licks his wounds with this free kick. Sean Frankling with the throw-in.

19' - The passing at the front isn't working well for Juninho, and he is displeased with the foul not turning out in his favor.

20' - Bruce Arena must be think, "Here we go again..." As he should.

21' - 21 minutes into the game, and it's 1-0 San Jose. Birchall dispossesses. Tim Ward with the throw-in for the Earthquakes.

22' - Too long a pass from Leonardo to Michael Stephens.

23' - Vaughn plays advantage, San Jose. Now he blows the whistle and calls the foul. Interesting.

24' - Geovanni, the new addition to the San Jose lineup, looks on in the blazing NorCal heat, and he has to be pleased with the outcome so far.

25' - The G's now go through their next sequence. Please. That was too forward a run from Landon Donovan. Gotta do some passing in the attacking third, No. 10.

26' - Ugh, treachery, Mike Magee! Treachery! How dare you fail to finish that from inside the six-yard box! That's criminal, I say!

27' - And boom, goes the dynamite. Back to action.

28' - Here's Sean Franklin. And Edson is called back for offsides.

29' - Shameful ineptitude on both sides of the ball by the visitors has made this a 1-0 lead to the San Jose Earthquakes.

30' - Now where was Wondolowski passing that to? Goal kick Ricketts. LA resets for their next sequence.

31' - Terrible pace from the Galaxy attack, and Vaughn calls the foul.

32' - This is not good passing from Los Angeles today. And the Earthquakes' Khari Stephenson is a bit shaken up. He's fine, though.

33' - Back to play, and here comes San Jose with the free kick. Throw-in to Ricketts.

34' - And that was a terrible pass from Donovan. This sloppy play since the fourth minute seems to be a terrible habit. More horrid passing. It's a nightmare of offensive ineptitude.

35' - Goal kick Busch. Geovanni looks on, and I think he should have brought his shades with him.

36' - 36 minutes in and it's 1-0 San Jose.

37' - Back comes Los Angeles. And Brandon McDonald, the hero for San Jose the last time, forces a corner.

38' - Sean Franklin wishes he has that one back. That was a terrible header.

39' - And another corner. Donovan is not being creative enough with his shot selection. And that corner goes wide. What the devil is going on with Los Angeles today? Hellish first half.

40' - Here's De La Garza, and Donovan cannot keep that ball in bounds.

41' - There's another shot from Wondolowski that is saved by Donovan Ricketts. Glen is called offsides. Bad free kick from Omar Gonzalez.

42' - Here's a free kick for San Jose that doesn't amount to much.

43' - Well, the back line did their part of the work, but Mike Magee, for a second straight time, didn't. Oh, the tragedy.

44' - 44 minutes, it's still 1-0 Earthquakes.

45' - All right, Abbey Okulaja. How many minutes of stoppage time? One, he says. Busch goes off his line to save that chance for Edson Buddle.

45' + 1' - Speculative shot from Cornell Glen. Halftime, and this was one for them to forget.


Los Angeles Galaxy 0

San Jose Earthquakes 1

Chris Wondolowski 4'


46' - The second half begins. Los Angeles must figure out how to rally back from this, or their hold on the California Clasico is a done deal. Cannot stress this any further. They have shot themselves in the foot with their back line, particularly A.J. De La Garza, failing to mark trigger man Chris Wondolowski. Can they do it? Let's find out.

Juninho is fouled, and here is a free kick.

47' - Header by Buddle saved by Busch. Pathetic. One would expect better creativity than that from MLS's leading scorer.

48' - They aren't doing themselves any favors with these poor looks, the Galaxy aren't.

Yellow card 4 Omar Gonzalez
Los Angeles Galaxy

Gonzalez has been in heaps of trouble with the cards, and here it is again. And Wondolowski should have made it 2-0 Quakes. This is bad finishing from both sides.

50' - Cornell Glen with the handball. Speculative pass down field.

51' - Stephenson is going to feel that one in the morning from Buddle. Franklin had to make that clearance.

52' - Back come the Quakes. This back line is showing LA how it's done.

53' - Sam Cronin butchered that pass in the front. That pass went a bit too long.

54' - Yellow card 10 Arturo Alvarez
San Jose Earthquakes

Now that was a rash challenge, and it will be a free kick for dissent.

55' - Bruce Arena, a note: do not let Juninho do free kicks ever again.

56' - Franklin with another clearance, but the Quakes surround.

57' - We are 57 minutes in the contest, and it's 1-0 San Jose (3-2 on aggregate) thanks to Wondo's wonder goal. Goal kick, Jon Busch.

58' - Some good passing in the back; too bad they can't replicate that in the middle or the front.

59' - Here's another goal kick for Busch. 

Substitution Los Angeles Galaxy
IN 6 Eddie Lewis
OUT 18 Mike Magee

61' - Good delivery from Sean Franklin, but no one was in the vicinity. It's hard to be consistent when you can't finish.

62' - The G's are going to have to figure something out at this juncture of the match. 

63' - Gee whizniks, Vaughn decided to play advantage to San Jose again. NorCal bias in the works.

64' - Busch takes his time as he delivers this goal kick.

65' - San Jose will have this back in possession. They have a 1-0 lead and will look to consolidate.

66' - Unbelievable lack of communication in the front, and Ricketts nearly got carded as per the DOGSO rule.

67' - The LA supporters who made the trip aren't pleased with this. They shouldn't be.

Substitution Los Angeles Galaxy
IN 88 Alex Cazumba
OUT 26 Michael Stephens

68' - Cornell Glen missed his marker, but Donovan Ricketts watches that go for a goal kick. This backline is making "sleeping" an art form. It's uncanny.

69' - Alex Cazumba, with the clearance. And Bobby Burling clears the chance for Donovan. Corner. Blown apart. 

70' - Another save from Jon Busch. And another one off the shot bey Gonzalez. Los Angeles is the paying the price for not being creative enough in the attacking third. Where is the intensity/ Where is the pace? And to make matters worse...here comes Geovanni.

72' - Substitution San Jose Earthquakes
IN 77 Geovanni
OUT 13 Cornell Glen 

It's not like he will need to do too much at this point. 

74' - Another save by Busch on Donovan? This LA Galaxy team is running on kryptonite right now, and teams running on kryptonite rarely win matches, if ever.

75' - Ricketts had to dive for that one. 

76' - Lousy delivery in the front. Here's Geovanni.

77' - And he had space in the front. This Los Angeles Galaxy back line continues to pay the price for melting in the back.

Well, they almost did there.

Substitution San Jose Earthquakes
IN 19 Ryan Johnson
OUT 10 Arturo Alvarez

78' - To be honest with you, Long Beach State's women's soccer team are off to a start from hell, and they can pass better than the Galaxy are today.

79' - Corner, Los Angeles. Donovan to take. Busch with another tip. And another poor corner, this time from Eddie Lewis. 

80' - I'm telling this right now: Landon Donovan is not himself today. He is not himself today. Bad form, bad touch, bad shooting, bad everything. And that's putting it nicely. 

81' - Arturo Alvarez looks on, thinking, "My job's done here for today."

82' - Goal kick Jon Busch.

83' - Another foul on the Quakes.

84' - Edson Buddle butchered that shot. Now he is not feeling like himself.

85' - Service from Bobby Convey is cleared for a throw-in. I must admit this: Alex Cazumba needs to get better cleats. He's not getting his footing right.

86' - Ryan Johnson misses his marker, but fails to hit the mark.

87' - 87 minutes in, and San Jose is close to winning, for the first time since 2005, the California Clasico. Corner cleared by Busch.

88' - Here's another. And this is another Jon Busch save.

89' - Ryan Johnson is not doing himself any favors with 
his latest miss. It will be a corner.

90' - Geovanni should have converted that.

91' - Four minutes of stoppage time. Buddle is shaken up a little. And they were not set up on that sequence. 

93' - Another miss from Eddie Lewis. This sums up how bad the Los Angeles Galaxy have played today.

94' - And that is a wrap.




Chris Wondolowski 4'

After a long period of dominance by the Galaxy, the Earthquakes finally one-up their rivals. Stay tuned for my take on the match on the View from Victoria Street and on Bleacher Report.


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