2010 FIFA World Cup: The Summer Football Died

Steve WatersContributor IIJuly 12, 2010

I made a point of marking down every game I have watched during the World Cup, and I have worked out that I have viewed over 40 hours of soccer. Out of those 40 hours, I can honestly say I have watched three, maybe four, hours of “good football,” but the rest was just horrible.

Many of the overpaid, overrated, egotistical, Narcissistic, diving players should all have a good look at themselves and be very ashamed of the contribution they have given to making the world's most popular sport a real embarrassment.

There were times where I wasn’t sure if I was watching a diving competition or a football one. Not only do they dive, but the players who flopped also have the cheek to show invisible cards to the referees to try and get the player who caused the “foul” cautioned.

A lot of people are saying that the best team won the World Cup. This may be true, but if you really look at it, it was the best team of a very bad bunch. Sure, they can keep the ball in the middle of the park, but they are professionals. Is being able to put passes together really that impressive? Maybe to the English it is.

As hard as it is for me to admit that Germany would have been more worthy champions, the Germans showed class, quality, and above all, good fair play.  They really are a young team that England  should certainly look at when building for future tournaments.

Spain’s squad won the World Cup scoring less goals then any other World Cup winning team, but also cheated a lot on their way to victory. Chile’s Marco Estrada was a victim of a pathetic Fernando Torres dive, during Spain’s 2-1 victory; Portugal was cheated in there 1-0 loss to Spain when they had defender Ricardo Costa sent off, thanks to some more acting, this time by Capdevila.

If they ever decide to make a second "A-Team" movie, then the Spanish team really should be considered for casting.

Diego Forlan of Uruguay was very deserving of his Golden Ball award for being the competition's best player, but it was a real shame that none of the “stars” showed up.

That, to me, is what World Cups really need. Wayne Rooney was arguably the tournament's worst player. Ronaldo continued to show that although he is considered by most as one of the top two players in the world, he just can’t cut it against decent opposition, and Messi was outshined by Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez.

The biggest star at this World Cup was Diego Maradona. He was just brilliant and on such great form throughout the whole tournament. His press conferences were 10 times more entertaining then anything seen on the grass, and his quotes deserve an article of their own.

The competition saw some poor refereeing that was not helped at all by the complete lack of technological support, which is making soccer look so dated compared to all other sports.

Other things that worsened the World Cup was the stupid Jabulani ball described by Brazil keeper Julio Cesar as “something similar to the cheap balls you buy in supermarkets.” It bounced too high, flew wildly off people's feet, and should have been replaced one week after it was so evidently hindering all the games.

After this World Cup, I have made a decision to not follow football anymore. It’s just a shame my lasting memories of the 2010 World Cup will always be of annoying vuvuzela horns, lack of goals, and terrible flopping.

I am really glad it is over...time for me to get my life back.


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