NBA Free Agency: Does Three Stars Equal an Instant Dynasty For Miami

Bhemis ParksAnalyst IJune 29, 2010

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The Miami Heat are currently the only team in viable financial position to land three of the so called MAX players set to hit the free agent market on July 1, 2010.

Steven A. Smith cited sources that told him the Miami Heat will land Chris Bosh and LeBron James , plus retain it's own top three player (Dwyane Wade ). 

Smith was on 790 The Ticket (Miami, FL based radio show ) yesterday to confirm and discuss the truth in his reports. He also stated that a team consisting of the three players would usher in a new NBA dynasty.

I, on the other hand, disagree. The formation of a Wade-James-Bosh trio would not be better than a Boston Celtic or Orlando Magic team. Heck, it might not be better than  the Chicago Bulls if they can land Joe Johnson and a Carlos Boozer or Amar'e Stoudemire.

Landing the top three players would force the Heat to build around their core through future draft picks, and with a low budget, would be forced to acquire lesser skilled players for minimum salary.

When the NBA free agent frenzy begins this Thursday. The Miami Heat will have only Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers on its roster. That means they must use the $44 to $45 million they may have in cap to sign 10 players.

They will need at least 48 million to sign Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James (giving each player at least $16 million a year) . This would also lock the Heat up in salary limbo for the next five or six seasons.

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That means they will have to dump the super talented Michael Beasley and his $4.9 million dollar contract in a trade deal. That would leave them with just four players and no cap space to go after a center to fill out it's starting five of Chalmers, Wade, James and Bosh. 

So let's just say they sign the rookie center from Texas into the starting five (not going to happen...not if they want to contend for a title next season ). They would still need to sign seven to nine players to fill out the roster.

So how do they do that, while still putting together a team that can compete for a title next year ?

Well I did some research and found out that the Miami Heat has three cap exceptions for this upcoming season. They have a Bi-Annual ($1,999,000), Mid-Level ($5,854,00), and a Trade exception ($1,050, 387...Chris Quinn deal with New Jersey.)

That gives the Heat about 9 million to sign seven players to fill out its bench. Do keep in mind that they can't just sign any player. Those players have to fit a need. They have to be able to keep the floor balanced and spread. If not, teams will simply load up on Wade, James and Bosh.

Any team that has Dwyane Wade or LeBron James, needs to be flooded with shooters that are willing defenders. Now imagine having both of them on the floor together. That means you need knock down shooters at two of the three other positions(center, power forward and point guard.)

The problem isn't so much Chris Bosh. It's having Wade and James on the floor with no outside shooting. Teams will simply pack it in. You have to spread the floor for them to be their most effective.

Adding James to Wade would likely lead the Heat to keeping Beasley. His outside shooting is better than that of Bosh and he's only a $5 million cap guy next season. That would give the Heat an additional 11 million to add to it's nine million in cap exceptions.

Now imagine what kind of team they could yield with Wade, James, Beasley, Chalmers, Pittman and 19 million in cap space still available. 

They could land a John Salmons and move James to the point position if they like. Or they can add a Brendan Haywood and Luke Ridnour and Travis Outlaw. Their options would be tremendous. 

Wade, James and Bosh on the same team. Yes, it's a novel idea, but in reality, the Miami Heat will be better served with just two big names and a balanced roster. The Lakers just proved it once again. The Bulls did it the tune of a three peat. Riley knows this. Hopefully the fans will see the logic in such a move.

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