2010 NBA Mock Draft: The Sports Dish's Mock Draft Picks 16-30

Hamza AhsanCorrespondent IJune 22, 2010

With the NBA draft coming up on Thursday there seems to be a big question to who will be a non-lottery draft pick. Many teams in the later first-round have multiple players and multiple positions to fill with these picks. It seems as if there is no right answer to who will be picked up in the Mid-Late first round. Now, The Sports Dish will be attempting to try to make a reasonable first round draft. Without further ado this is The Sports Dish's mock draft of picks 15-30.

15)  Milwaukee Bucks (from Chi): Larry Sanders (PF, VCU, Junior)- With the Milwaukee Bucks being set at most positions, their draft pick will most likely be someone who could help them off the bench and Larry Sanders seems to be the most logical pick. Sanders will help the Bucks by providing them with someone who could help Luc Richard Mbah a Moute at the Forward.

16)  Minnesota Timberwolves (from Cha via Den): Patrick Patterson (PF, Kentucky, Junior)- The Timberwolves will draft the best available Forward that will help their frontcourt from day one. Patterson was a strong player at Kentucky and will give the Timberwolves a player that will play well off the bench in their already young frontcourt.

17)  Chicago Bulls (from Mil): Avery Bradley (G, Texas, Freshman)- The Chicago Bulls are in need of a guard that can actually score and Bradley provides them a player who is a threat from the perimeter. Another reason the Bulls like him is because he can provide the Bulls with a great defensive guard now that Kirk Hinrich's status is uncertain with all the rumors about him leaving.

18)  Miami Heat: Eric Bledsoe (PG, Kentucky, Freshman)- The Heat will pick up one of the best Point Guards in the draft in Eric Bledsoe. Bledsoe will be an improvement over current Point Guard Mario Chalmers and will help the Heat from day one.

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19)  Boston Celtics: James Anderson (SG, Oklahoma State, Junior)- The Celtics have concerns whether or not Ray Allen is going to return and in the meantime the Celtics will improve their bench by drafting James Anderson. Anderson is arguably the best shooter in the draft and will provide the Celtics with a scoring threat off the bench.

20)  San Antonio Spurs: Daniel Orton (F/C, Kentucky, Freshman)- The Spurs will be looking to draft a big center that will come off the bench and provide the Spurs with not only a strong scoring threat but will help them on the rebounding end as well.

21)  Oklahoma City Thunder: Solomon Alabi (C, Florida State, Sophomore)- The Thunder will look to draft a Center they can trust to start in the near future since Nenad Kristic is not getting the job done. Alabi is a strong defensive player and will improve with his 7-1" frame with scoring and rebounding.

22)  Portland Trail Blazers: Damion James (SF, Texas, Senior)- The Trail Blazers will be looking for a scoring threat at the Small Forward position because Nicolas Batum only gives them 10 points per game. The Trail Blazers will draft the athletic and one of the best scoring Forwards in Damion James.

23)  Minnesota Timberwolves (from Utah via Phil): Elliot Williams (G, Memphis, Sophomore)- The Timberwolves are very unpredictable when it comes to their draft tactics, but I feel as if Elliot Williams will be the pick because he will provide the Timberwolves with a scoring threat off the bench.

24)  Atlanta Hawks: Dominique Jones (G, South Florida, Junior)-  With Joe Johnson not likely to return, the Atlanta Hawks are in need of another scorer to complement Jamal Crawford. Luckily, Dominique Jones is available. Jones will help the Hawks immediately by helping out Jamal Crawford, who is set to replace an aging Mike Bibby.

25)  Memphis Grizzlies (from Den): Mikhail Torrance (G, Alabama, Senior)- The Memphis Grizzlies will be looking to add to their young team by drafting one of the best combo guards in Mikhail Torrance. Torrance will give the Grizzlies a big (6-5") Point Guard that can also play Shooting Guard just as well. Torrance gives the Grizzlies a great scorer as well off the bench.

26)  Oklahoma City Thunder (from Pho): Devin Ebanks (SF, West Virginia, Sophomore)- The Thunder will get a steal here with Ebanks going this low. Ebanks is a smart and a tough player that will fit well within the Thunder organization and the arrival of Ebanks will help their already young team.

27)  New Jersey Nets (from Dal): Jordan Crawford (G, Xavier, Sophomore)- The Nets are going to land the player who is most well known for dunking on LeBron James. Crawford will add a monster scoring threat to the Nets and with Courtney Lee having a disappointing year on the scoring end, the Nets will look to improve that by adding Crawford.

28)  Memphis Grizzlies (from LAL): Hassan Whiteside (F/C, Marshall, Freshman)- With the Grizzlies addressing their Guard and Small Forward need so far in this mock draft, we will be looking to get them a big man for the future. No one better than Hassan Whiteside out of Marshall to help the Grizzlies disappointing Center situation. Whiteside will help last year's pick Hasheem Thabeet off the bench and with Thabeet struggling than maybe Whiteside will have a chance to start.

29)  Orlando Magic:  Willie Warren (G, Oklahoma, Sophomore)- The Orlando Magic will address their backcourt by selecting one of the most NBA ready players in Willie Warren. Warren, who stayed in school for one more year, is a player that is very athletic and has a high potential for success in his future, both things that the Magic will look for in drafting this pick.

30)  Washington Wizards (from Cle): Gani Lawal  (PF, Georgia Tech, Junior)- Finally, the Washington Wizards will draft someone who can help them build around new PG John Wall and someone who will help them get passed Antawn Jamison. One player, Gani Lawal, can help them immediately because of his athleticism that him and No. 1 pick John Wall both have. Lawal was a solid player at Georgia Tech and has the potential to be an solid Forward for the Wizards in the future.


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