Why Nebraska Will Be The Most Rooted For Team in America This Year

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJune 20, 2010

Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fla.) Nobody is picking Nebraska to be one of the nation's top two teams this year to fight for the BCS trophy, but the Husker's could be, for this year anywhere, America's team.


They, and Colorado, had the nerve to finally stand up to Texas and tell them they could take their personal conference and shove it.

A lot of people really like Nebraska's new "Pluckiness".

And given the arrogance of Texas in deciding whether the league stays or folds, who gets what revenue and more, nothing would be sweeter to see Nebraska take Texas to the woodshed one last time and take a conference trophy home with them as an adios gift.

The Pac-10, or Pac-12 now, would love to see Texas and Oklahoma be beaten by Nebraska after they toyed with them and then decided to stay.

The Big Ten, or whatever name they'll go to, would love to have their newest member come into their conference as a champion. That would only make their conference appear to be stronger.

Plus Bo Pelini is a big ten man himself

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The SEC would love for the Huskers to pile it on the Big 12. They would have loved to have had Texas A&M join the SEC, but Texas put pressure on the Aggies by blackmailing them by saying they'd never play them again if they left.

So the Aggies lifted their skirts and bent over yet again so the Longhorn's could once again have their way with them and put them in their place.

The SEC would love to see the Huskers take down that conference.

Nebraska is certainly an able team, they did beat Texas last year until a mystery second was added to the clock. And while they may not be able to fulfill the dreams of payback that fans everywhere want to see, they will certainly have a lot of new support in hoping it happens.

Truly like the words from the ancient Arab proverb, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." 

Texas has made a lot of enemies, and Nebraska suddenly has a lot of new friends.

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