Pac-10 Expansion: Could Superconference Be Awarded Two Automatic BCS Bids?

Derek SmithCorrespondent IJune 11, 2010

With the Pac-10 expanding to 16 teams or more, almost everything and every scenario is being talked about or considered, but what about the BCS bowl games?  Big 12, Pac-10, or Big Ten, who gets an automatic bowl?  Who doesn't?

While it is still not clear exactly which teams will go where, it is certain that the Big 12 will lose several teams to the Pac-10 expansion.

The teams that are not going to the Pac-10 are all trying to find a new home in the Big Ten, SEC, or elsewhere.

The Pac-10 and Big Ten winners each receive an automatic bid to play in the Rose Bowl.  Some reports indicate that Big 12-powerhouse Texas is interested in joining the Big Ten, which would likely knock Ohio State out of contention, if the move happened this year this year.  Some sources are saying the realignment won't be finalized until 2012 though.

Ohio State will be plenty stacked this season with Terrelle Pryor coming into his own, but I just don't think the Buckeyes have the endurance to hang with Texas for 60 minutes.

Oklahoma, usually running second to Texas in the Big 12, is said to have petitioned the SEC for entry.  It's safe to say at this point that the Big 12 will soon cease to exist.

The conference winner of the Big 12 plays in the Fiesta Bowl.  If the Big 12 no longer exist however, who gets the bid?

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With the Big Ten and Pac-10 both set to expand, the BCS selection will have to be altered.  If the Rose Bowl selection stays the same and Texas does enter the Big Ten, this year's game will probably host USC and Texas.

The Big Ten will probably not exceed 14 teams, so I do not expect it to be considered for two BCS bids—the Pac-10 expansion could, however.

A 16-team superconference is something NCAA football has never seen before. 

Each conference has a powerhouse, a team that is always in the limelight.  Now, some of the historically greatest teams in the country will play in the same conference.

Awarding multiple BCS bowls to one conference, no matter how big, will create controversy, and the kind of publicity no one wants.  I think the BCS knows this and will be cautious not take that route.

I do believe the BCS bowl selection will need to be adjusted, and we might see TCU, Boise, and/or Utah become eligible to receive automatic bids.

When the dust finally settles, I hope you find your team in a favorable position, and a conference you can be proud of.

Signing off and Roll Tide,

Derek Smith


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