Golden State Warriors Update: Anthony Randolph Trade Rumors

dan germanContributor IJune 7, 2010

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 15:  Anthony Randolph #4 of the Golden State Warriors shoots over Lamar Odom #7 and Andrew Bynum #16 of the Los Angeles Lakers on December 29, 2009 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.   (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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Management Throws Its Fans a Bronx Cheer on the Way Out

“Kiss me.  While I’m being f**cked, I like to get kissed a lot” – Al Pacino, Dog Day Afternoon

I guess they figure it hurts so much, the fans don’t feel pain anymore.  So as a parting shot, throw one last below-the-belt sucker punch and it won’t matter.

They, of course, refer to the de-synapsed brain trust of the Golden State Warriors, the soon to be ex-management and ex-ownership (quick poll: how many Warriors fans think they can’t leave town fast enough? We thought so…).    

And the sucker punch they might throw is the potential trade involving Anthony Randolph. 

Can’t happen.  Shouldn’t happen.  Should never happen.

You see, the thing is the Warriors have not seen talent like this since Rick Barry’s 1978 departure.  

Yes, Curry is very good (offensively) and Monta is fast as lightning and can score by the boatload.  But neither comes close to Randolph’s natural abilities, the one roster player with true superstar potential. 

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Yes, Randolph has a permanent “if you take my lunch money, I’m gonna cry” look on his face and is a goofus on the court at times.  And he has his fair share of Ron-Ron low hoops-IQ bonehead plays.  And yes, he is slow to learn the play sets.

But, you see, he is really talented.  We mean really, really talented.  Like “oh-wow-did-I-just-see-that-on-a-basketball-court?” talented.  Like “I-wouldn’t-trade-him-for-anyone” talented (OK, well, if you gave us Lebron. But you know what we mean…).  And did we mention he added another 20 pounds of muscle this off-season, to compliment the 20 pounds of muscle he added last off-season?

What is rumored is moving Randolph to Minnesota along with the #6 pick for the T-Wolves #4 pick, so the Ws can draft Demarcus Cousins.  Now that is rich.  If L’il Bobby Rowell, GM-in-training Larry Riley, and Maui Nellie think Randolph needs an attitude adjustment, Cousins may take them to a new level.  Here is a guy who, at pre-draft workouts, decided to blow off a pre-arranged, agreed upon 30 minute interview with an NBA club.  Cousins said sorry, talk to my agent, and then went off to play video games with his friends. 

Not that the Warriors don’t want Cousins, warts and all.  They do.  In fact, he is precisely what they need: a true center with size, great footwork, soft hands, good moves, defensive presence and a natural rebounder and shot blocker.  Just not at this price.  

Under what circumstances would the Ws want to trade Randolph to the T-Wolves?  Almost none.  But just for fun, lets consider broadening the trade: lets add Biedrins and Al Jefferson.

Think about it from the Warriors viewpoint:  A front court of Cousins and Al Jefferson (along with a combo of  Maggette, Wright, and Azubuike at the 3) to go with Curry and Ellis.  Solid rebounding, shot blocking and low post scoring to go with a blindingly fast backcourt that and score and pass. Looks a lot more promising than the last few rosters.

The Warriors would give up, Biedrins (or really, dump his bloated $40 mil, 4 year contract), Randolph (did we mention that he put on another 20 pounds of muscle this offseason?), and the #6 pick, presumably Aminu – a swingman with athleticism, a huge wingspan, good defensive instincts, great finisher on the break and no jump shot (think Iguadala without the shot).  

Minnesota now admits what we all knew at the draft 2 years ago – Kevin Love plays Al Jefferson’s position, and they only need one of them.  So the T-Wolves keep Love and add three youngsters up front – Randolph, Biedrins and Aminu.  Add that to a backcourt of Jonny Flynn and Corey Brewer, and, in another year, Ricky Rubio.  

It might work.  But we ask, do the Warriors have to trade Randolph? 

Of course, in the end, what the Warriors have is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight; perhaps senior management and ownership are tired of seeing themselves lambasted by the fans and the press, so they figure: why not give them one last Bronx cheer on the way out of town?


An NBA Finals Note:  Is the fix in?  Did Stern lean on the refs to make sure the series gets back to L.A. for games 6 and 7?   It’s not new that Rondo’s blatant travels go uncalled, and Pierce and Ray Allen are rewarded for flopping.  But the two phantom fouls on Kobe and the lack of calls on the Celts bigs in the forth quarter were suspicious.  The clincher, though, was the out of bounds call with 1:43 left.  Without replay, it looked off Garnett, but the refs called it Celts way.  When the refs went to slow motion replay for review, it was quite clear – and Breen, Van Gundy and Jackson all agreed – that it was irrefutably off KG.  Still, the refs awarded the ball to Boston. That’s when we knew…


And a final goodbye to John Wooden, one of the great basketball minds and great people of our lifetime.  Thank you for all you have given to our world.


As always, Go Ws!


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