Ohio State Top Target Braxton Miller Set To Announce College Choice

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The Ohio State recruiting class of 2011, which already appears to potentially be a top 10 group, could get an enormous ratings boost Thursday (June 3) around 12:00 noon.

Wayne (Ohio) quarterback Braxton Miller, considered the top prospect in the nation according to Scout.com , will either confirm what every Buckeye fan has hoped for and suspected for nearly two years and choose Ohio State, or he could break our hearts and select from his other finalists—among them, Alabama, Florida, and USC.

Unconfirmed reports are saying that a source close to Wayne head coach Jay Minton has indicated Miller will indeed announce that he has chosen the Buckeyes.

A few things working in favor of the Buckeyes

  • Even though 2010 will be starter Greg McElroy's last at Alabama, Tuscaloosa is very far from home, plus Tide coach Nick Saban might bolt for another job at any time after swearing on your life that he's not going anywhere.
  • If you have ever heard of Tim Tebow (or Chris Leak, or Jesse Palmer, or Danny Wuerffel...), then you know that Florida doesn't exactly develop or prepare quarterbacks for the next level very well.
  • I think it's safe to say that USC can be eliminated, considering the NCAA is set to announce possible serious sanctions against the Trojans on Friday, the day after Braxton will make his announcement.

Also, Miller hasn't taken an official visit to any of his other suitors listed above, so perhaps that too bodes well for Ohio State.

They say to never count your chickens before they hatch, but what about your quarterbacks? Is it too soon to count Miller in?

Maybe, but it sure sounds like he will end up as a Buckeye, and from what we have been hearing ever since Ohio State told Braxton that they wanted him to be Terrelle Pryor's successor, he will confirm that he is going to be—and always was—a Buckeye.

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