Arizona Diamondbacks Continue Rewarding Season Ticket Holders

Jeff SummersCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2010

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from the Arizona Diamondbacks Season Ticket Holder Services group. In the e-mail they outlined another new benefit for being a season ticket holder. In our season ticket holder package we received a voucher to be redeemed at Chase Field during any home game in April or May.

The voucher is good for a “Fan Loyalty Cup” and can be picked up at the Season Ticket Holders Area behind Sections 111-112. This cup can be refilled at most Chase Field concession stands for 32 ounces of soda for a reasonable $2 price.

As a fan that goes to 83 games a year, I can attest to the fact that it can be expensive at times if you choose to eat at the ballpark at every game. Add on to that the price of a drink and your concession bill can quickly become larger than the price you paid for a game ticket.

The cup is yet another way the Diamondbacks are rewarding their loyal fans making it more affordable to go to the game. With the cups, I believe I can cut my beverage bill in half for our two seats.

You will receive a “Fan Loyalty Cup” for each season ticket you have attached to your account. The Diamondbacks will not replace lost or stolen vouchers for the cup, nor will they replace the cups themselves, so be careful what you do with these.

As I received this e-mail, I happened to be talking to a friend of mine whom I take the Diamondbacks games on occasion. He is not a season ticket holder for the Diamondbacks but he does have season tickets to the Phoenix Suns.

The conversation turned to the e-mail, and as we talked I began listing off the other benefits we receive as Diamondbacks season ticket holders. After a while, he just shook his head and commented, “The Arizona Diamondbacks are much more loyal to their season ticket holders than the Phoenix Suns ever are.”

We began comparing notes, and clearly the Diamondbacks as an organization seem more concerned with adding and retaining season ticket holders than the Suns. From the economically friendly payment plans to the perks the team gives, the scales definitely favor the Diamondbacks.

From my family’s perspective there are several benefits we look forward to each season and have come to take for granted. The early entry on Friday and Saturday, when we can get into the stadium 30 minutes before the gates open is especially exciting since bobble head days always fall on Saturday. We can almost rest assured we will receive one of these game day giveaways.

I’m also a big fan of the discount card we get for merchandise at the stadium's Team Shops, as well as Friday’s Front Row Grill and Sliders. Even my wife Trina likes that, since at least she is able to save a little money on my Team Shop shopping sprees.

One of the benefits I am most looking forward to is the event for season ticket holders on July 30. The Diamondbacks will be in New York playing the Mets, but Chase Field will be buzzing. The team is hosting Diamondbacks Movie Night.

We attended this during the 2008 season and my family had a blast. The stadium was opened and the team played Field of Dreams on DBTV. There is just something amazing watching that movie on the high definition screen at Chase Field while the playing surface lay in shadow. I kept expecting to see Shoeless Joe Jackson step out of the dugout and take a bow.

While I will continue to lobby the Diamondbacks to see if they can soften the stance of MLB and offer a season ticket holder discount on MLB.tv, I can’t complain. The team makes it easy to be a season ticket holder.

We no longer feel like customers of the Diamondbacks, we feel like family. This was really brought to mind lately when my daughter began sending out her wedding announcements. She wanted to send one to the Arizona Diamondbacks since she was so close to so many people associated with the team.

While that is probably not normal, it does prove my point. The Diamondbacks are indeed the most fan-friendly organization I have had the pleasure being associated with. Now if I could just talk my daughter into having her reception at Chase Field.


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