Shawn Michaels; 26 Years Later This Is It

Eric CortesContributor IMarch 22, 2010

Shawn Michaels. He's the showstopper, the icon and the Heartbreak Kid. This is a man who started his career on October 16th, 1984. As a 19 year old boy Michaels was much different than what he is today.

One difference is his confidence. At 19, Michaels was scared, shy and timid about the business. Ironically Michaels persona on television would become a cocky, obnoxious and arrogant guy with a take no BS from anyone attitude.

This persona was none-other than the Heartbreak Kid. From The time he hit WWE with the dreadful blonde cotton puffy-like mullet, Michaels was a star in the making. Teaming up with Marty Janetty to make a tag team so rare at the time, by doing high risk maneuvers and excellent double team moves.

Shawn would go on to become his HBK persona and then he hit instant stardom. In 1995 he proved doubters wrong when he won the Royal Rumble match as the number one entrant. Later Michaels competed for the WWF championship with his good friend Kevin Nash (Diesel) and put on a tremendous showing. The next year Michaels got his. He beat Bret Hart in an hour long iron man match to win his 1st WWF Championship.

In 1998 his career was almost cut short when he broke his back. At the time Michaels was a emotional wreck inducing in pain killers and multiple drugs along the way.

Fast Forward 4 years and Shawn Michaels had a refreshed and redesigned personality. He came back better than ever and got better as a wrestler with age. Now here in 2010 Shawn Michaels stands as arguably the greatest in-ring performer in the history of wrestling.

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The Heartbreak Kid is without a doubt the most consistent wrestler in WWE history. When I say consistent I mean five straight years with the best match in the year and WrestleMania. Whenever the WWE calls on him to deliver in a big match, the Showstopper defends his honor, not only by stealing the show win or lose, but leaving something to remember. Not only should Shawn Michaels be in the Hall of Fame, he should have his own wing in wrestlings most famous hall.

But now I get to the real story. Michaels is likely to retire after WWE's WrestleMania XXVI. This Sunday Shawn Will take on the Undertaker with HBKs career on the line. With 26 amazing years that Shawn Michaels has wrestled it could end in one pinfall or submission. This isn't only the biggest rematch in WWE history, it might be the most important.

So whether Shawn wins or not a farewell is indeed near. If Shawn does lose sunday, it will without a doubt, bring tears to my eyes. Long Live HBK.

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