Lap By Lap: Johnson Wins Shelby American, Two in a Row

Ashley McCubbinAnalyst IFebruary 28, 2010

LAS VEGAS - FEBRUARY 28:  Jimmie Johnson, driver of the #48 Lowe's Chevrolet, leads Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 M&M's Toyota, and Carl Edwards, driver of the #99 Aflac Ford, during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Shelby American at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on February 28, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)
Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

6:09 PM Jimmie Johnson wins the race, Harvick second, Gordon third, Martin fourth, Kenseth fifth, Logano sixth, and Stewart seventh.

6:05 PM Kevin Harvick passes Jimmie Johnson as Kenseth battles with Logano for fifth.

Jimmie Johnson leads by 1.4 seconds over Jeff Gordon.

@RyanMcGreeESPN says Jimmie on radio: "Tell the 7 car (Robby Gordon) to please not hit the fence."

6:03pm @JeffGordonWeb says Jeff Gordon reports that he's plowing...worried now about third

6:01 PM Top 5: Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Mark Martin, and Matt Kenseth

@JG_Online says Jimmie Johnson leads

@JeffGordonWeb says Letarte: "Just keep usin' that air...make it hard for him, either way"

@JeffGordonWeb says #JeffGordon: "Oh man, not much we can do about the 4 tires but we're gonna give it all we got"

@JG_Online says Jeff Gordon (w. 2 tires) battling Jimmie Johnson for the lead w. 24 to go.

5:55 PM Top 3: 24, 48, 33

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@JeffGordonWeb says #JeffGordon leads after restart challenge by Johnson

@JennaFryer says 24 and 48 waste no time at all blowing by 33. 48 taking 4 tires is gonna give him this win

5:52 PM 34TG Top 4: Clint Bowyer, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson. I am watching the hockey game to see who wins so these will be mostly based off what I see on twitter.

@jeff_gluck says Bowyer leading with 34 to go on restart (stayed out)...Gordon-Harvick-Johnson behind. Green flag

Lap 233 restart

@SherryPollex says Took the wave around with other lap down cars to get back on the lead lap. Smart move. Hoping for a quick caution to get back in the game! on Martin Truex Jr.

@Kylebusch says Kyle will get the wave around. - Ryan

@jeff_gluck says Knaus to 48: "You're the first one with four tires on it. This one has got Jimmie Johnson written all over it.''

@kk9team says Pitted for rights. Had to come back down to serve a penalty for a hose violation

@AJDinger says PR-lap 230 pit. 4 tires, packers, rubbers, shock adj. Good stop for the changes.

@AJDinger says everything feels like it's hitting. Everything is vibrating in this car-aj

@JoeGibbsRacing says Denny Hamlin is p18, Kyle Busch p17. Hearing "Save fuel" over the radios.

@jeff_gluck says Kyle Busch says he wheel-hopped coming to pit road and had to get off the brake. "Sorry, guys," he says

5:47 PM Top 5 Off Pit-Road: Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Mark Martin

@JeffGordonweb says Letarte to Gordon: "Nice and smooth on the pedal...nice and easy on pit road."

5:43p PM CAUTION Kevin Conway gets into the wall

Top 5: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart pits - Gordon back to the lead

Denny Hamlin pits

Marcos Ambrose pits *really loose in, feels like right rear isn't planted well* and Kyle Busch was too fast entering

Kyle Busch pits - Stewart first, Ambrose second

Penalty on Keselowski for leaving pit b4 men back by wall

Logano, Mark Martin, Harvick *no adjustments*- Stewart leads

Regan Smith, Clint Bowyer, Kasey Kahne *felt like he was losing the nose*, Reuittman, Edwards, Earnhardt Jr. & Jeff Gordon *needs more rear grip on exit* pit - Harvick leads

Jimmie Johnson pits - good on exit, needs work on entrance and center

Greg Biffle pits - a little tight

Top 5: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch

@AJDinger says PR-lap 205. Green flag pit stop. 4 tires. Round out of lr

@kk9team says Lap 203 - running 6th. "These tires feel hard...back's getting a little free too." Will pit in a few laps.

@SherryPollex says MT not very happy

5:32 PM Top 5: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch

@JoeGibbsRacing says Kyle Busch now p4. Dave Rogers and Kyle talking about slight adjustments to air pressure and trackbar.

@jeff_gluck says Brian Vickers says the same thing has been wrong with his car all day, and whatever it is "makes it a beast to hold on to."

@JeffGordonWeb says #JeffGordon reports that the car has really freed-up on exit

@DelanaHarvick says slicing his way through lapped traffic right now. very quiet on the radio. mostly bill o talking. running 4th

@jeff_gluck says Kenseth: "you'd think they'd throw that caution for the debris in turn 2, but..."

@SherryPollex says Just can't seem to figure out what's wrong with car. MT doesn't like the front end at all. Think we missed the set-up on this one folks! ;-o

@JoeGibbsRacing says Denny still saying the late entry is giving him trouble. They aren't far off, just need that right adjustment.

@JeffGordonWeb says Jeff says he's losing grip, track getting slick

@JeffGordonweb says Despite reporting being extremely tight, #JeffGordon increasing his lead over Johnson with 90 laps to go

@RPMotorsports says At lap 170, the 9 car runs 7th, the 19 is 28th, the 43 holds down 24th and the 98 is running in 20th

5:17 PM Lap 177 Top 5: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick

@MartySmithESPN says Jeff Gordon complaining, real tight. Several drivers are mentioning tight conditions right now. Crew chiefs all in cheerleader mode. 

@jeff_gluck says Sam Hornish: "Whoever thinks this motor program is acceptable...where they pass you by two lengths down the other end, is retarded." 

Kevin Harvick was extremely loose earlier, went really tight though is not doing good

Clint Bowyer wants to run top, but still on bottom due to handling

@jeff_gluck says Sam Hornish, after penalty: "Whatever. There ain't no excuse. We can suck today. Terrible #$*)(* day." 

@jeff_gluck says Green flag pit stops are allll done with 100 to go. It's Gordon, Johnson, Kenseth, Burton, Harvick, Kyle Kahne, Smoke, Biffle, Martin 

@HomeDepotRacing says Green flag stop lap 163 for tires, fuel and a chassis adjustment. Little slow, tired rolled out of box. Quick recovery by crewman. 

@kk9team says Pitted under green on lap 162 for tires, fuel and an air pressure adjustment #nascar 

@kylebusch says Kyle stays out, gets 5 points for leading a lap and heads to pit road. - Ryan 

@JeffGordonWeb says JeffGordon very pleased with that green flag pit stop 

@JeffGordonWeb says 14 flat on the No. 24 pit stop 

@mw55 says #56 is loose in, tight in center, loose off. Sounds complicated

@MartySmithESPN says Jeff Gordon pits as leader. 13.4 secs.

5:11 PM Top 5: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick

Tony Stewart pits, handing the lead over to Jeff Gordon. Cycle complete. Brian Vickers, Elliott Sadler pit

Jamie McMurray - too fast entering

Kyle Busch pits *car is pretty well balanced, just not that fast*, handing the lead over to Tony Stewart

Clint Bowyer pits - car just not in the race track

Harvick pits *really loose at the beginning, air pressure adjustment as car is not bad now*—Kyle Busch to the lead

Jimmie Johnson pits, Harvick to the lead - Earnhardt Jr., Burton, Mark Martin pitted also

Carl Edwards, way too loose

Kasey Kahne, wedge adjustment

Jeff Gordon pits, handing the lead over to Johnson. Tight car, chassis adjustment

Top 5: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Burton, Kyle Busch

107TG: Harvick passes Burton for third, Keselowski and Scott Speed pit

@AJDinger says PR-lap 157. Pit. 4 tires. Air pressure adj

@JG_Online says Jeff Gordon clinched the additional 5 pt bonus for leading the most laps @ Las Vegas

@DelanaHarvick says look for pit stops to start in the next 10-15 laps

5:04 PM 116TG Top 5: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch

@kylebusch says Kyle says the car is not bad, just looking for more speed. - Ryan

@JeffGordonWeb says JeffGordon: "I've gotten real tight in 1 and 2"...Steve says they r 10 away from stopping

@JoeGibbsRacing says Kyle Busch - "Car's not bad man, just don't have the speed. The balance is spot on." #nascar 118 to go

@MartySmithESPN says Burton: "I feel like I've chewed the right-rear tire off of it." Running third behind JG/JJ.

@kk9team says Lap 147 - green flag stops have started with the #17. Still a few laps before the @kk9team plans to hit pit road

@JoeGibbsRacing says Denny Hamlin still struggling on entry and exit. RR just chatters he says. Mike Ford ready to make a big wedge adjustment.

@AJDinger says PR-clouding up and temp dropping

@kk9team says Kenny Francis is calling out lap times to @kaseykahne and let him know what line the leaders are taking

122TG: Matt Kenseth thinks he has a loose wheel and has fallen back to forth - comes down pit road

@JeffGordonWeb says #JeffGordon reports still being a little too tight

@AJDinger says PR-lap 140. "Don't know what to tell u mike. It's the same. I'm driving my butt off, but don't know what to tell u different."-aj

@jeff_gluck says Labonte almost tangles with Robby Gordon. Spotter to Labonte: "That's the way he is. Stay cool here."

4:57 PM JUST PAST HALFWAY Lap 135 Top 5: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick

@JoeGibbsRacing says Joey Logano - I'm tight in the center and free off - can't keep a good run thru the corner.

@jeff_gluck says I think Boris almost collided with Kenseth. MK: "Holy CRAP, was that close! He had NO idea I was there. WOW!"

@DelanaHarvick says @KevinHarvick reports the 29 is "real good right now"

@JoeGibbsRacing says Kyle Busch - Good on exit now, I need my good late-entry/center back. "10-4" says Dave Rogers.

@JoeGibbsRacing says Zippy has been working on the car. Up to p9. Joey still wants help with bite off the turns

@DelanaHarvick says amazing what cleaner air and not being in the pack will do for the 29

Burton and Harvick both pass Busch, meaning Burton to forth, Harvick to fifth and Busch to sixth

@HomeDepotRacing says Joey said the @HomeDepot car is driving the best it has all day. P9.

@JoeGibbsRacing says Joey says the car is decent - still not up to the way he'd like it. Kyle has moved to p4

4:50 PM Lap 123 Top 5: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Kyle Busch, Jeff Burton

Busch passes Burton for forth and Johnson passes Kenseth for second as Scott Speed falls like a rock

@jeff_gluck says How's this, Junior fans? RT @Laura_Scott88: #DaleJr happy with team: "I can tell we have reached another level since last year."

@JoeGibbsRacing says Denny Hamlin - "I'm loose now for some reason" - has been tight all race

Lap 116 - Matt Kenseth to second

Lap 115 - Johnson to second, Kenseth to third with Scott Speed now forth followed by Jeff Burton

Jeff Gordon passes Scott Speed for the lead on the restart


@jennafryer says Junior when he finds out Scott Speed is leading ``Bleeping Jimmy Elledge'' with a chuckle. Former brother-in-law.

@DelanaHarvick says looked like 24 pitted over the line with the gasman plugged up. although he backed up, the gas man was already engaged. hum...

@kk9team says Caution lights on again at lap 108. Pitted lap 110 for just right-side tires. "It's a lot better, but still not down on the splitter."

@JoeGibbsRacing says Kyle Busch having trouble with power steering. Doesn't appear to be a major problem at the moment

@HomeDepotRacing says "Car turned really well in the center, a little free off still.". Right sides only on the pit stop lap 109. P13.

@AJDinger says PR-lap 108 pit. Got stuck w/ 16 behind us. Aj apologized to 16. There was official in our pitbox aj tried to not hit.

@JeffGordonWeb says #JeffGordon on skidding too far in pit box: "My bad."

@JoeGibbsRacing says Denny says the car is starting to take off better at the start of a run

@AJDinger says PR-lap 107 yellow. Rear is better but not solid. Getting to point where we getting too tight trying to get it

@DelanaHarvick says little tight in the center this run for @KevinHarvick

4:41 PMScott Speed stays out so therefore he's the leader.

4:39 P Lap 110 Top 10 off: Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, Mark Martin, Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Biffle and Allmendinger have traffic jam on pit road

Gordon overshoots pit, has to back-up, fuel only

Johnson a little free

Kenseth a little loose

Lap 109: Top 5 - Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Burton

Travis Kvapil gets lucky dog

Kasey Kahne was really loose at the start of the day - taken big swings at the car - car is finally getting closer to being good to go

Lap 109 CAUTION for issue with caution lights

@jeff_gluck says Kyle reports: "Flat-footed in the center of the corner. Losing ground to everyone in front of me."

Lap 104: Biffle to third, Johnson to forth, Burton fifth, Edwards sixth - wait make that seventh as Stewart passes him

"He's trying to prove a point that he's the better racecar driver, but now he's ruined his day.....He's not doing himself any favors." - Juan Pablo Montoya

Lap 101 Greg Biffle passes Tony Stewart

Lap 100 Kurt Busch back in race,  3 laps down

Matt Kenseth spins tires a little, Jeff Gordon takes lead.

Restart Lap 98

@AJDinger says PR-pit lap 96. 4 tires. Track bar adj

@jeff_gluck says Dale Jr: "I got three of those spots back that we lost on pit road, damn it." McGrew (I think): "We're back even now."

4:28 PM Top 5 - Matt Kenseth, Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle

@kylebusch RT @SamSarcinella: Didn't gain, didn't lose any spots. Kbs spinnin tires tryin to leave bc pit is slippery

@JeffGordonWeb says Steve reports that it's packet time for #JeffGordon

@AJDinger says PR-lap 93 yellow. Contact in front of us. We got hit from behind by 83. lucky dog. Looks like not too much damage.

@JennaFryer says JPM says ``he runs straight into my a$$.'' Didn't hear what Jamie said.

Caution Lap 94 - Jamie McMurray spins collection Juan Pablo Montoya, collecting Kurt Busch also

Restart lap 93

@kk9team says Pitted under caution on Lap 90. Longer stop for big adjustments. Kahne said it feels like his front tires are cement blocks -- rock hard.

@JoeGibbsRacing says Kyle lost a couple spots on that stop. Slick pit road for our guys to run on

@DelanaHarvick says KevinHarvick said pit crew is doing fine, he's messing them up the way he has to swing into pit box to go around cars

@jeff_gluck says JPM defending decision to run the bottom instead of top. CC Brian Pattie: "I'm just giving you lap times, that's all. You're driving."

@AJDinger says    PR-lap 87 yellow. Nothing helping the rear.

@keselowskiweb says 4tires, gas and an air pressure adjust this pit.

@AJDinger says PR- pit lap 90m 4 tires. More rubbers and track bar adj

@KendraTeam5 says Speeds picked up later in run. Team still made slight adj to tighten it more

@SherryPollex says Nice stop again boys!! Whew they're on it today!! Let's hope we made the right adj's this time!  in reference to Martin Truex Jr.'s team

@kylebusch says Kyle talking to the crew about changes to make the car a bit better. - Ryan

@DelanaHarvick says minor adjustments this stop. @KevinHarvick seems fairly pleased with 29

@JoeGibbsRacing says Denny says car needs help with bite off the turns

@JoeGibbsRacing says Kind of a mystery in Kyle's handling - it's not handling poorly. Crew chief think they need to be looser to be faster

@JeffGordonWeb says #JeffGordon reports continuing tight conditions

@sherrypollex says MT(Martin Truex Jr.) not real happy w/car. something to do with "yaw" and pushing! Whatever it is, doesn't sound good

Top 10 off: Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Burton, Kyle Busch, Jamie McMurray, Juan Pablo Montoya. No. 48 Jimmie Johnson had lug nut fall on the right side

Caution - Sam Hornish cuts grass

4:16 PM Lap 80 Top 5 - Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle

@AJDinger says PR-lap 80 "how can we be this far off on our race cars?. So loose" -aj "what do I or you or we need to do differently?

@RyanMcGreeESPN says People are asking what is yaw? Airplane term. Axis thru roof, top to bottom. Opposite of pitch. We started seeing use of aeronautics terms coming in when the engineers started taking over. I blame Ryan Newman!

Carl Edwards passed Greg Biffle for forth

Carl Edwards says his teammate is an idiot "So the next time I'm behind him, I'll just remember to pod him out of the way."

@JoeGibbsRacing says Not much feedback from Kyle and Joey just yet - They aren't able to run as low on the track as some of the faster cars

@keselowskiweb says BK on the radio "No major complaints at the moment..."

@kk9team says "Still a little loose, but better" reports Kahne on lap 71. Currently P23

@KendraTeam5 says #MarkMartin says #GoDaddy car still needs to be tightened up some more.

@jeff_gluck posted Robby Gordon: "I was too tight before I hit the wall. I hit the wall because of understeer." You'll have that.

During commercial break, Jimmie Johnson passed Greg Biffle for third and Carl Edwards passed Kyle Busch for fifth while Jeff Gordon still leads

@AJDinger says PR-lap 70. Car better but still way off on rear.

@JeffGordonweb says Jeff says the car is good but just a little tight getting in

@DelanaHarvick says the 29 is a little too tight on this run

@jeff_gluck reports Radio report from @jamiemcmurray: "Realllly loose here." He's 11th right now

4:06 PM Top 5 Lap 68 - Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch

Matt Kenseth passes Greg Biffle for second

Lap 67 - Jimmie Johnson passes Kyle Busch for forth - "atta-boy" was Chad's words

McMurray is loose in through the middle and wants forward bite off the corner

@JoeGibbsRacing posts Radios are quite at the moment. Most of the pack is single file

"I need to be able to turn better then this, I need more air on the nose as it feels like it's in yaw." - Dale Jr., lap 64

Kurt Busch almost gets into wall on lap 60, so it's now Gordon, Biffle, Kenseth, Busch and Johnson

@RPMMotorsports posted "43 pits for fuel, a track bar adjustment and spring rubbers in the left rear on lap 56. Car is loose" with reference to the previous pit stop

Lap 59 Robby Gordon into wall "pretty hard" though no caution while Kenseth passes Kurt Busch for forth while Jeff Gordon, Greg Biffle and Kyle Busch run ahead of them

Gordon takes the lead

RESTART Lap 57 Biffle takes inside

"The feeling I've had hasn't felt like anything I've felt here." - Johnson said, though Knaus said it's probably due to the traffic and you'll probably be okay now that you're up higher in the field and the wedge adjustment.

@AJDinger posts PR-lap55 pit. 4 tires. Rubber lr, track bar adj.

@AJDinger posts PR-"let's put some wedge in it. Or rubbers. It's just wiggling all over the place. Need to get it in the track some. Like a death wiggle"-aj

@DelanaHarvick posts Harvick said he got in a bad spot on the restart there...

3:57 PM Lap 53 Top 5 - Greg Biffle, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards

CAUTION Lap 53 for issue with caution lights WOOTI-DOO

Greg Biffle takes the lead from Jeff Gordon as Gordon falls to forth

Restart lap 53 Gorodn takes outside

@DelanaHarvick posts solid stop by 29 guys. tire wear looks good according to crew chief gil martin.

@KendraTeam5 (Mark Martin PR) posts #GoDaddy car real loose on first run. Team made a few changes to tighten it up.

@MartySmithESPN posts Knaus -- "No issues on the left front whatsoever bud." JJ: "I can see where I hit the 17."

@kk9team posts based on past pit stops - Kahne pitted on lap 48 for tires, fuel, wedge, & track bar adjustments, spring rubber in and packer out...BIG changes

@kylebusch posts Small adjustments for the M&M's crew, Kyle back out 3rd. - Ryan

@JeffGordonWeb posts #JeffGordon rolls off pit road first after 14.4 second stop

3:52 PM David Gilliland too fast exiting pit road.

3:50 PM Matt said pit stall was slick so had a hard time getting out, ran Jimmie Johnson into the grass—no big issue since.

Lap 48 Jeff Gordon wins race off pit road followed by Greg Biffle, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, Kurt Busch

@AJDinger posts: gonna take wave around and try to catch quick yellow. "Car so far off we're not gonna get laps back by ourselves."—AJ

@DelanaHarvick posts Kevin Harvick is very, very loose. making some big adjustments this stop.

Kurt Busch—track bar adjustment.

@JeffGordonweb reports Jeff Gordon says the car is "bad to the bone"

Lap 46—Caution - Mike Bliss wrecks.

Lap 45—Dale Earnhardt Jr. passes Kurt Busch for fifth.

Lap 44—Carl Edwards passes Kurt Busch.

Bobby Labonte with motor issue.

Michael McDowell and Almirola to the garage *S/P*

@AJDinger posts the rear of car we just keep missing. (Changes) helped, but it's all over the place.—AJ

@HomeDepotRacing posts Joey said car is really loose on the exit of 4, that's where he is getting beat the most. Lap 35 p11.

3:38 PM Top 5—Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Greg Biffle, Ryan Newman

@DelanaHarvick says Kevin Harvick is starting to get pretty loos.

Kyle Busch passes brother Kurt Busch for second.

@MartySmithESPN says Halfway through this fuel run, Junior tells McGrew he's fighting tight into the corner and slides the right rear off.

@kylebusch posts Lap 25, Kyle currently p3. Not much being said on the radio about the car.

Greg Biffle passes Ryan Newman for fourth. Looks like No. 16 is on the move.

@kk9team reports "Pretty loose" is the report from @kaseykahne on lap 20. Currently P23.

@JeffGordonweb says that Jeff Gordon increases his lead over second place Ku. Busch by over 2.5 seconds.

@DelanaHarick says Kevin Harvick has really good lap times from 29 right now...almost 2/10 better than the leader.

Jeff Gordon says car is loose.

@MartySmithESPN says Kahne tells Easy Kenny Francis he's fighting loose badly. Easy says big changes coming on the first stop.

@AJDinger PR reports that A.J. think debris in grill. Temp hot.

Lap 24—Greg Biffle passes Dale Earnhardt Jr. for fifth.

@AJDinger PR reports that A.J is saying car is loose almost losing it as he makes a mighty save.

@DelanaHarvick reports Kevin Harvick a little free but not too bad.

@JeffGordonweb reports that Jeff Gordon tells Steve it hasn't tightened up much at all...just a little bit in the middle.

Ryan reports on @Kylebusch that Kyle currently in third, says the car is loose off of turn 4 right now.

@DelanaHarvick reports Kevin Harvick is quiet on radio and picking them off one by one...

Lap 12—@JeffGordonweb reports Jeff Gordon is loose on exit.

Lap 11 Top 5—Jeff Gordon, Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

According to Ryan, Kyle Busch's PR on Twitter (@KyleBusch), Kyle says the track is pretty slick right now.

Dale Jr. to Crew: "She's slick out here." (Lap Seven)

Restart at lap six.

Kevin Conway down a lap as he tried to speed to beat the leader off pit road and got caught speeding.

3:22 PM Some people at the back pit.

According to @JeffGordonweb (Gordon's website people), Gordon says there is not a lot of grip.

CAUTION Lap Two—Kevin Conway spun

Darrell Waltrip gives the command of "BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY" and green flag is out as Jeff Gordon leads lap one due to a run under Kurt Busch coming off turn four.

A.J. Allmendinger to the back with an engine change.

Kurt Busch chose to start on the outside due to how people got runs off the outside yesterday.

David Gilliland PR people (@DGilliland2010) posted a picture of David before the race.

3:14 PM Carroll Shelby just gave the command to start engines as Kim Kardashian stood by his side. @JoeGibbsRacing continues to post updates to their Twitter as there's a video of Joey Logano standing by his car before they started the opening ceremonies and Kyle Busch talking with sponsor reps. Jeff Gluck (@jeff_gluck), NASCAR journalist, posted a picture of the flyover. Hermie Sadler (@HermieSadler), reporter for SpeedTV, posted a picture of his brother Elliott Sadler getting buckled into his car.

2:57 PM Joel Edmonds (@16_spotter), spotter for No. 16 Greg Biffle, posted on his Twitter page a picture of what the track looks like from his perspective. David Gilliland (@DGilliland2010) posted a picture of himself with Travis Kvapil and Kevin Conway before the race while @JoeGibbsRacing posted a picture of Kyle Busch's car on pit road and a picture of Joey Logano's car on pit road. NASCAR on FOX's Darrell Waltrip is picking Kevin Harvick to win the race while Jeff Hammond is going with the long shot—Sam Hornish Jr.

2:47 PM On NASCAR on FOX's coverage, Jeff Hammond did a one-on-one interview with Jeff Gordon who said he's been working out to minimize black problems, Kurt Busch spoke about racing go-karts against locals, and Mark Martin says he's thinking about "Suitcase Jake" who died earlier this past week.

On Twitter, @kk9team (No. 9 team PR) posted a picture of Kasey Kahne's car on pit road.

2:40 PM Already on Twitter, there are updates from race teams. @JoeGibbsRacing, which is a good team to follow for live updates during the race, has a picture posted of Kyle Busch's pit box with guys getting ready to go and Denny Hamlin's car on pit road while @BestBuyRacing (A.J. Allmendinger's team PR), shares a picture of a driver intros from the inside view.

Looking for up-to-date race updates that include notes from the race and from Twitter? Well, you've hit the right place. Like the Nationwide race yesterday, I will be broadcasting live updates from the race about what's going on.

Kurt Busch starts on pole today for the Shelby American at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Jeff Gordon second, Ryan Newman third, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. fourth.

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