Charles Barkley: Michael Beasley and Heat a Bunch of Cry Babies

Tuviere AkpogheneContributor IFebruary 26, 2010

This was truly funny. Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat said, "My name is not Tito Jackson."

Really? You could have fooled me!

That statement was made in response to a comment TNT broadcaster and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley made referring to the Miami Heat as a team with Michael Jackson (that would be Dwyane Wade) and a bunch of Titos, Michael’s brother and a background member of the famed Jackson 5 singing group.

From the article NBA’s Top 15 Best Players 2009-2010 : This is a no-brainer. Wade is nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately he’s playing for a very bad team and most nights his best effort has not helped his team win, and no one else on the team is helping either. (Click here to read the article )

Calling Beasley Tito Jackson is an insult to Tito, who was not just a backup singer in the Jackson 5 but a very vital component to the success of the group. Beasley has spent the better part of his time in the NBA doing his best to look good on and off the court, shying away from rebounds or hustle plays that could help them win games. His effort on the court is tantamount to the team's cheerleaders effort towards outcomes of games.

At 6'10'' 235 lbs, this kid is a giant amongst men, yet he plays like a punk on the playground. Beasley averages 15.8 PPG, 6.7 RPG, and 1.4 APG on a team that badly needs anyone to help Wade out on offense, defense, or any other way that could help this team win some games.

The real funny thing about all of these is that this comment was made before the season even began and was made in jest, one of those off-the-cuff remarks that make Barkley funny.

Heat forward Michael Beasley didn’t laugh nine months ago but was too afraid to talk then, as he didn’t know how their season was going to pan out. Then all of a sudden Mr. Beasley has something to say at the halfway point of the season.

It bothers Beasley so much he’s brought it up twice in the last month.

“It’s just disrespectful,” Beasley said after Monday’s practice. “Not disrespectful to Tito Jackson. The way Charles worded it, it makes us feel a little disrespected.”

“You don’t say things like that about people’s craft,” he said, “especially when you’re a playoff team.” Beasley added.

Playoff Team? The Heat is a .500 team and might finish the season that way. Though they currently sit in the seventh spot in the East, does that really makes this team playoff worthy?

If the New Jersey Nets can manage two more wins they too can make the playoffs in the East—will that make them a playoff team?

Beasley is another example of a lazy, tall athlete who thinks he’s a superstar because he’s playing on a bad team.

Barkley did call the collective team Tito and it might seem Beasley isn’t alone in being angry. After the Heat defeated Memphis, 100-87, in double overtime on Friday, veteran forward Udonis Haslem leaned over to Beasley and said, “Ask Charles Barkley if he knows our names now.”

I do—the Miami Heat’s varsity team. What a bunch of cry babies.

Wade, a.k.a. Michael Jackson, disagrees with his teammates. Wade, who has starred in T-Mobile commercials with Barkley for a few years, laughs off the entire deal.

“I don’t really worry about what Charles says,” Wade said with a smile. “To me it’s a bunch of gibberish. Use that word. It’s a bunch of gibberish.”

The Heat has been having fun with the comment since Barkley first uttered it prior to last season’s playoffs. Coach Erik Spoelstra has already spliced some Jackson 5 video into game film and he plans on doing it again.

“This kind of thing is playful,” Spoelstra said, “so we’ve joked about it. I’ve used it on some films and I’ve talked about it with the group a little bit. But it’s more in fun and it’s another thing that brings a group together.”

Now, that sounds like the best way to go with this whole fiasco instead of some overgrown rich kids crying that bad Chuck called them names.

Wade knows some of his teammates are angered by Barkley’s remarks. But he thinks they should chill out.

“I’m sure it bothers them,” Wade said. “I really don’t see why. Tito and the Jacksons made a lot of money. Barkley knows their names for a reason.”

Beyond that, Wade reasoned, his teammates should enjoy the 15 minutes of fame.

“If I’m them, I have with it,” Wade said. “You know who you are. You don’t want a comment like that to make everyone try to be Michael Jackson. You can’t have a team full of Michael Jacksons.”

Well with Wade’s sprained left calf injury, maybe Beasley and the rest of the gang will rise to the occasion and showcase the world’s first 12-man boy band with 12 lead singers.

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