Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin? I Know Who You Think is Better

j leonContributor IFebruary 26, 2010

There has been much debate about who the better player is.  Thus far Ovechkin has proved to be a better goal scorer and physical presence on the ice.  Crosby has proved to be better at setting up his teammates, won a Stanley Cup and perhaps will add an Olympic gold medal depending on how the Olympics play out this weekend. 

I personally like Ovechkin and believe him to be the best player in the world.  I will argue that Sidney's accomplishments are more team-based and that he simply plays on better teams. Crosby is a great player, however, and I don't want to minimize that.  I believe he and Malkin are very close to the top and I would not say anyone's opinion on any of the three would be wrong if they felt that any one of those players were the best. 

That being said I can't stand Crosby, he encompasses everything I root against.  Ovechkin, on the other hand, is everything I root for.  Crosby comes across as the teacher's pet, the kid at hockey camp that hangs out with the coaches and not the other kids.  Sidney never gets in trouble and always does the "right thing."  For some people that’s the way it should be.  For others it’s annoying.

Ovechkin strikes me as the type of person that does what he wants and doesn’t worry about what others think so much.  He has more a rebel vibe and it seems genuine.  This allows him to get away with things that others can't.  If he’s seen driving fast or drinking some vodka with three blondes, that’s OK, that’s just Ovie.  For some people that’s the way it should be.  For others it’s annoying.

Now that I've stated who I like better, I'll guess who you like better.  Do you like Duke? Yes? Then you like Sid.  For example, I was rooting for UNLV against Duke in '91.  If you were rooting for UNLV in '91, chances are you think Ovie is better.  If you were rooting for Duke chances are you think Sid is better.  It’s that simple. 

Now there are plenty of other choices that would let me know whom you think is better. Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? Manning/Crosby, Brady/Ovie.  Gordon or Earnhardt? I could go on and on. If you think Elf was a better Christmas movie then Bad Santa then you probably think Sidney is better then Alexander.

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Any other examples you can think of from another sport or in another field that would increase the probability of knowing who people like better between Sid and Ovie? 

No, Bird and Magic is not a good one. Ovie is a little bit of both and Sid is not like either one.

Also if you have a biased opinion, unlike my bias which comes from what player I like.  But you are rooting for a team because of geography or family tradition then your opinion would not pertain to this article.  Such as, you live in Indy and think Manning is better then Brady and Ovie better then Sid.  Chances are if you lived outside Indy you wouldn't like him.  Unless of course you like Duke, Sidney, and it took you nine months to "make" it with your girlfriend.


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