New York Yankees: We're Fans Too—A Defense of Yankee Fans

Matt CarterContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 06:  Derek Jeter # 2 of the New York Yankees, actress Minka Kelly (L, with hat), and Jorge Posada # 20 of the New York Yankees (on back left of float) celebrate on a float during the Yankees World Series Victory Parade on November 6, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)
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Every Yankee fan knows the feeling. Walk anywhere outside of New York wearing the blue and white, and we're greeted with chants of derision. However, unlike what fans of the Red Sox or Mets might endure, we endure insults that challenge not our team, but our fanhood.



People who have heard these sorts of insults know that they hurt more than other ones, such as "Yankees suck" or chants of that ilk. At least there is a reasonable comeback to that, and inane arguments about whose team is better are a major part of being a sports fan.

I'm going to try to dispel two of the myths surrounding the Yankees and their fans. While I'll certainly concede that the Yankees have their fair share of front-running fans (as you have probably seen with the number of Yankee hats popping up around you since the World Series), there are just as many of us who are fans through thick and thin.

Myth No. 1: Yankees Fans Only Root for the Yankees Because They Grew Up Watching Them Win

While I certainly wish this were true, I myself had to go through several years of Yankee losing, with only history to keep me going.

In fact, the Yankees didn't make the playoffs until I was 10 (1995), by which time I had most certainly already chosen my allegiance.

Also, it's not like the Yankees are our only team and we have only seen championships.

Odds are, if you're a New Yorker you're a fan of either the Knicks (don't get me started), the Rangers (one title in 1994 and a lifetime of 8-seeds), or the Jets (a top-5 most tortured franchise).

Myth #2: "It's No Fun Rooting For The Yankees, They Just Cheat"

Yankee fans have been bombarded by this one for a decade.

There is really no way to defend the fact that we have a lot more resources at our disposal due to the spending ways of the Steinbrenners.

However, I have two responses to this.

The first is that the impact of the financial disadvantage works out a lot less in theory than it does in practice.

This 2009 title was really the first title won almost exclusively by Yankees free agents.

Our entire 1996-2000 dynasty that people claim has spoiled us was almost completely won by homegrown talent (Jeter, Williams, Pettite) and discarded veterans (O'Neil, Brosius).

In fact, the gap between championships was mainly caused by our overspending on washed up veterans.

For the second response, I simply ask what you would do in our situation.

If, for example, Donald Trump bought your team and started buying free agents left and right, would you renounce your team for its capitalist ways and find a new one?

I think not.


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