DX Is Over: Shawn Michaels Screws Up Yet Again

Anakin SkywalkerContributor IFebruary 9, 2010

It’s been a while since Shawn Michaels has desperately wanted a rematch with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXVI and the magnitude of Shawn's obsession is such that recently he has screwed up almost everything he's been involved in.

Ever since Shawn was denied a rematch at Wrestlemania XXVI by The Undertaker, he became extremely obsessed day after day to end The Undertaker’s undefeated “Streak” and really believed that he could do it this time around.

Shawn’s obsession was, however, costing him a really hefty price. It started with his lack of focus in whatever he was doing and went towards a certain level of madness to get to The Undertaker some way or the other so that he could get just one more shot.

Ultimately, that lack of focus was more than enough to cost Shawn opportunities that wouldn't return.

His first major mistake came to surface at the Royal Rumble 2010. Shawn appeared to be disturbed, for obvious reasons, as he knew this was his road to Wrestlemania where he could fulfill his dream of defeating The Undertaker and break the Streak.

A sure shot to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXVI was by winning the Rumble and challenging The Undertaker, but as we all know that is not what happened.

In a Royal Rumble match, losing focus for a split second is sufficient enough that results in elimination, however, Shawn never appeared to be fully focused and thus got eliminated in an unorthodox fashion by Batista after having a tussle with The Rated R Superstar Edge.

After being out of the Rumble, it was clear enough to realize by the mood and actions of Shawn that he was pretty much self-destructing.

On Monday Night Raw, the next night, the Showstopper was convinced by Triple H to move on and so he planned to make things right by being part of the Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber PPV to win the WWE Championship.

Once again Shawn's lack of attention during the EC Qualifying match against Randy Orton cost him that opportunity too as we all know losing concentration in an important match against the viper has dire consequences.

In my opinion, the way Orton rolled over Michaels magnificently for the pin was a classical example that portrayed the importance of having focus during a match, which obviously Orton did but Shawn didn’t seem to have.

His blunders were further cemented tonight on Monday Night Raw during a Triple Threat Tag-Team match between DX, Show-Miz and the Straight-Edge Society for the Unified Tag Team Championships.

After CM Punk’s team was eliminated, a fully charged Triple H was ready to win the match and successfully defend the Unified Tag Titles, but then again that’s not what happened. An over-obsessed Shawn Michaels tagged himself in just to prove God knows what.

All that was needed to screw it up was for Shawn to once again lose focus, which of course he did at that crucial juncture and turned to argue with Triple H when The Miz finally took advantage of the situation and rolled Shawn over for the pin.

Triple H was in disbelief, and the look on Shawn’s face said it all. This time Shawn cost DX the Unified Tag Team Championship Titles.

There was a visibly disappointed Triple H after the match, but Shawn didn't seem to have learnt anything and was still obsessed over ending The Undertaker's undefeated streak and possibly going to Smackdown.

Now, chances are best that Shawn Michaels v/s The Undertaker rematch happens at Wrestlemania XXVI, but one thing is for sure that The Heart Break Kid seems to be losing his mind week after week and is likely to cause more trouble in the days to come.

But my question:

Is it all worth it? Is this over-obsessive behavior any good and if this match does happen would it live up to the hype and mark of the classical Wrestlemania XXV match?


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