I'm Just Saying: Hulk Hogan Should Really Shut Up

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIFebruary 8, 2010

Like many my age (20), I grew up during the Attitude Era, which many still proclaim as the best wrestling era of all time.

One man led the charge in two different promotions during that time. His name? Hulk Hogan. He was iconic, the biggest name in wrestling at the time, and still is one of the most famous wrestlers of all time.

Hogan left the WWF in the early 90s, and it was mainly because he both wanted to do movies and take a break for wrestling. He also wanted time with his family.

He had young children, and he wanted to be around for them. This is, of course, understandable.

He was gone from wrestling, and the WWF was just fine without him. However, WCW needed some star power, so they contacted Hogan.

And, instead of making him a big babyface (good guy) like he was in the WWF, Eric Bischoff wanted Hogan to be a bad guy. He also offered Hogan a ton of (Ted Turner's) money.

During this time, Hogan was highly competitive. He did every shoot interview asked and put down the WWF with the best of them.

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However, when WCW went under, largely due to Hogan and Bischoff's terrible business decisions, he went back to the WWF. Vince McMahon owned WCW by this time, and could use the NWO name.

WCW seemed to never want to let the faction go, and for a while it looked as if the NWO was its own promotion.

When Vinny Mac brought it back, he knew of the politicking the lot did. Heck, two of the people in the group (Hall and Nash) were a part of something called The Kliq with Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

The Kliq basically ran the WWE, and they got their way on many issues. And because they were so good at their job, and the fans seemed to love them, they had something over everyone there. They were the top guys in the company, and it's not a wonder when Nash and Hall went to WCW, they wanted similar power.

You add Hogan to thatβ€”a man who also loved powerβ€”and you had another Kliq in WCW. However, because they didn't have a guy like Vinny Mac to keep them in line at least a little, they ran the promotion into the ground.

Knowing this, Vince didn't want the NWO to be the same faction it was in WCW. It came back out of nowhere, and the fans seemed to be in favor of it. However, it started to get bigger. Adding people such as Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Booker T, and X-Pac.

Vince saw that this may get out of hand once again, so he ended the NWO out of nowhere. The fans seemed to hate it at first, but Vince knew what he was doing.

Hogan stuck around through all of this though, on SmackDown. He even became Undisputed Champion at one time. But, then he left the WWE once again. He made sporadic appearances with the WWE afterward and was even rumored to be at Wrestlemania 25 until he had to get back surgery just a month or two before the show.

And then, all of a sudden, he signs on with TNA. Many thought this would be good because of his star power. Adding him as an on-air character would be good for them. Then adding Bischoff to do something similar, and everything looks good for TNA.

But not so fast, my friend, TNA didn't sign them for that, oh no, they signed them for business reasons. You gave Hogan and Bischoff the reins of your company? Two men who took down one of the most popular promotions of all time?

While I was not for that, I thought we should just take a wait-and-see approach. But then, I waited and saw the crap they did. Already bringing in people like the Nasty Boys, a team that is so old, Al Davis said they need to get a place in "the home."

It seemed everyone from the tour was there too. Ric Flair, Val Venis, Orlando Jordan, etc.

Flair is a good on-air character; he may be the only shining light they have. Flair is there to strictly be a mic guy right now. If he does wrestle, it won't be much. People love to hear Flair talk, but wrestle? Not so much nowadays.

Hogan has not just made terrible business decisions, but he won't shut up about the WWE. Seriously, why does a promotion have to talk about another promotion every single show?

They claim it's that speaking of the competition is good; it gets the fans around them to help them get bigger and better. But that is not the case you complete retards!

Look at the WWE, TNA. Do you even hear them talk of TNA? Not once have they ever mentioned TNA on air. Yet at least four or five times an episode of iMPACT, the WWE is mentioned.

The place seems to be a place of either WWE rejects or old, tired vets. Meanwhile, you can't understand why TNA's young talent is not getting their names out there more.

How can you when you have such a crowded roster full of old timers from the WWE?

And then you have Hogan talking crap in interviews, saying if he could help WCW beat the WWE, then he can do it with TNA. WRONG, YOU ICONIC MORON!

I think I have said this plenty of times, but maybe, just maybe, it will sink in this time, TNA.

You're on Spike TV, a channel that averages mid-1s or 2s on its best shows. It's owned by Viacom, a company that has many big channels, yet even its best channels in MTV and Nick don't make massive numbers per episode.

MTV went down because they didn't live up to their name of Music Television. It's the home of crappy Reality TV Shows, and less music. They might as well be called RTV.

Nick has been beaten severely by Disney in kids programming over the years, even when they have popular programs like Spongebob and iCarly.

In 2008, the two programs just mentioned were No. 1 shows in certain demographics, mainly younger kids, but in 2009 that changed. However, even with that high demographic, the overall rating was still not huge.

Case and point, Viacom may be a "cable giant" but it seems to be nowhere close to NBC Universal. Overall, ratings are what actually matter, certain demographics mean something to networks who clamor to that audience.

And Nick does do well there, but when overall ratings come in, they still don't get the biggest numbers.

WWE RAW alone beats every show Spike has by at least 1.5 more in overall ratings. Even UFC, the most popular MMA company in the world, doesn't beat them.

Back in the '90s, WCW was on TNT, a very well known network in many homes. WWF RAW was on USA, another well known channel. TNT could realistically beat USA's shows.

Why does Spike lose every time? They forget one of the most important demographics out there, the one that adds more to ratings than men, and that's women. Women are a huge number they don't care for, which is why many women don't watch Spike.

But, there are other numbers that play parts too, such as younger men under 13 and older men over 32. The people between that mostly watch Spike, which is good for Spike, but with all those demographics lost, it's not a wonder why Spike sucks in ratings. Heck, TNA alone does the same thing it's network does mostly.

Hogan and WCW beat the WWE at the time because of the fact they were on a well-known network in TNT, owned by the same owner of WCW, Ted Turner. It's still a very well-known network.

USA, meanwhile, still flourishes and WWE RAW is one of the highest-rated shows on cable right now. You're going to take it down on a channel like Spike? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Hogan can talk all the crap he wants, but in the end it means nothing. Talk crap about the WWE, Hogan. Tell the fans that their opinion doesn't matter. At the end of the day, TNA will lose and Spike's ratings will still suck because of what you have done.

Hogan is going to kill this company; he's simply in the process of lighting the fire to burn it down. Soon, it will be a massive blaze.

The once-promising promotion of TNA now got Hoganized, which basically means, it got screwed for Hogan to get a paycheck. I'm just saying.