WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Predictions

Ali Mashraf@http://www.twitter.com/MashrafAliCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2009

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WWE produces TLC:Tables, Ladders & Chairs which will take place on Dec. 13, 2009, at the AT&T Centre in San Antonio, Texas. These are my predictions for the pay-per-view.

Match 1: Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston (Singles match)

I think this match should have been a TLC because after losing the WWE title to John Cena at Bragging Rights, Orton blamed Kingston for the loss.

These two men fought against each other for several weeks till they were the captains for their respective teams at Survivor Series.

The week prior to Survivor Series, Kingston injured Orton after applying the Boom Drop on an unconscious Orton from a rail in the crowd. 

Kingston eliminated Orton at last to win the Survivor Series match for his team. The two men again fought against each other on the Nov. 30 edition of Raw, but Kingston lost the match after he was ambushed by Legacy.

I think this match will go out of the referees' control when Orton gets too angry on Kingston and at last, he punts Kingston in the entrance ramp.

But Kingston will fight as hard as he can before this attack and prove that in the upcoming year, he will be the No. 1 superstar of Raw.

My prediction: Kingston wins by disqualification and after the match, Legacy attacks him with a punt by Orton...

Match 2: John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship

At the end of 2009, I am seeing one match that would feature these two men in the same ring. Everybody knows about Morrison's in-ring abilities. McIntyre is the guy who will attract millions of fans after he wins his first singles title in WWE and thus prove to be the future of Smackdown.

I will like this match for the close counts, quick pinfalls and reverses. At the end, McIntyre will capture his first Intercontinental Championship after pinning Morrison with a Snap double underhook DDT.

My prediction: McIntyre becomes the new Intercontinental champion.

Match 3: Jeri-Show vs D Generation X for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship in a TLC match

Hmmm, I wanted this match ever since DX finished thier feud with Legacy. Jeri-Show has been holding the titles since Night of Champions and they proved thier capabilities  after defeating Legacy, Cryme Time, MVP & Mark Henry and lastly, Batista & Rey Mysterio.

They have made themselves unbeatable by their extraordinary performance.

On the other hand, DX defeated Legacy twice, once in a Hell In a Cell match and they have also pinned Jeri-Show twice which gives them the upper hand in the match.

No one can question the in-ring abilities of DX when both HBK and the Game are together in the same ring. But they have never won the Tag team championships.

With the TLC stipulations added in the match, the match will be more interesting to watch.

Will DX capture their first Tag titles or Jeri-Show once again deny DX from winning the Tag titles?

My prediction: Jericho turns on Big Show leaving him alone and HBK climbed the ladder to retrieve the belts and DX wins the Tag titles for the first time.

Match 4: John Cena vs. Sheamus in a Tables match for the WWE Championship

Is this the standard of Cena to face Sheamus for the WWE title? I know many people hate Cena but his standard isn't so low to face Sheamus.

Sheamus might have injured Jamie Noble, but he is no match for Cena. This match will degrade the quality of the WWE Championship....

Sheamus will exert all his efforts to win, but at last Cena will win the match and retain the WWE Championship.

My Prediction: Cena applies the Attitude Adjustment on Sheamus and Sheamus falls on the centre of the table injuring his back and Cena retains the WWE title. What a shame!

Match 5: Christian vs Shelton Benjamin for the ECW Championship in a Ladder match

This match is a million times better than the WWE title match. Benjamin is a born high flier and Christian knows what he has to do to retain his ECW title.

Since Night of Champions, the Instant Classic has proved why he is the company's best wrestler. He might not have faced tough opponents, but his ability to compete in Ladder matches is marvelous, as he has the experiences while being the partner of Edge.

On the other hand, Benjamin has contested in five of the six Money in the Bank Ladder matches at Wrestlemania. He has never won any of them. But, this is his turn to replace his failures of the MITB Ladder matches into winning the ECW Championship at TLC.

Will Christian once again retain the ECW title or will Benjamin win his first-ever World title at TLC?

My prediction: Benjamin wins the ECW Championship after shoving the Instant Classic off the same ladder and capture his first World Title.

Main Event: Undertaker vs. Batista in a Chair match for the World heavyweight Championship

Batista vs. the Deadman again? How many times have we seen this men against one another in the same ring since 2007? They have also won the Feud of the Year award in 2007.

Batista was denied from winning his sixth World Championship at Bragging Rights after losing to the Deadman.

He defeated Mysterio brutally at Survivor Series and Kane and in the process became the No. 1 contender for the world Championship.

In two consecutive weeks, he attacked the world champion with chairs leaving the message that he does not fear the Deadman and will do anything to become the new champ.

On the other hand, since his return, Undertaker defeated every single man, including CM Punk thrice, Rey Mysterio, Batista, Chris Jericho, and Big Show leaving the message that everybody will fall to the hands of the Deadman....

This match will also be a close one and it will spread bloodshed in the ring.

Will Batista become the new World Champion by defeating the Undertaker which he has never done or will he like all others fall fatal to the hands of the Deadman?

My prediction: Batista taps out from the Hell's Gate and thus Undertaker retains the World Heavyweight Championship.

TLC is the last pay-per-view of WWE in 2009 and I think it will be one of the best PPVs of the year. Don't forget to watch it on Dec. 13.


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