Final WWE NXT In Your House Picks for Bron Breakker vs. Joe Gacy and More

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistJune 4, 2022

Final WWE NXT In Your House Picks for Bron Breakker vs. Joe Gacy and More

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    NXT 2.0 mostly focuses on special television episodes these days, but Saturday offers a rare exception with the 2022 In Your House pay-per-view.

    All the titles are on the line and a few matches have extra stipulations to make things even more interesting.

    Who will walk away victorious? Which champions are in the most danger? How will the roster change shape following this event?

    Let's break down the card and toss out some last-call predictions before the show.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Legado del Fantasma vs Tony D’Angelo, Stacks & Two Dimes

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    The mob war of NXT is coming to a head with a six-man tag team match after which the losers will join the other faction.

    That stipulation makes this tough to call, as neither group should be able to sustain working alongside the other, no matter who is in charge.

    Since they're the younger, fresher stable, Tony D'Angelo's crew will likely be the ones taking charge. It would be odd to undercut that group so soon after the debut of Channing Lorenzo and Troy Donovan, particularly after so much fuss has been made about its leader calling himself The Don of NXT.

    There has also been more of a groundswell of support for Legado del Fantasma to possibly turn babyface as of late. With D'Angelo calling the shots and possibly bullying Santos Escobar and his allies, that could spark an official character shift.

    Prediction: D'Angelo, Stacks and Two Dimes win.

Toxic Attraction Defends All Their Titles

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    All of Toxic Attraction's titles will be on the line when Mandy Rose defends the NXT Women's Championship against Wendy Choo, and Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne put their NXT Women's Tag Team Championships up for grabs against Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.

    It's a shame WWE didn't make this a Winners Take All six-woman tag team contest. That would have been more intriguing than splitting it into two segments with predictable outcomes.

    These belts are staying with Toxic Attraction. None of the challengers have momentum on their side.

    Choo is too silly in her gimmick to hold the top title, while Chance and Carter have spent most of their careers on the sidelines and aren't coming across too threatening even with a title opportunity.

    This all seems like a minor detour for Toxic Attraction before they fight the truly dangerous competitors who will put their titles in jeopardy: Nikkita Lyons for Rose, and the team of Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez for the tag titles.

    Prediction: Toxic Attraction win both matches.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Pretty Deadly vs. The Creed Brothers

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    The Creed Brothers seemed poised to be the next tag team champions for some time, only for multiple bumps in the road to displace them. One of those was Pretty Deadly scoring a lucky last-entrant placement in the gauntlet to crown the next champions after Julius and Brutus Creed ran through everyone else.

    Now, the Creeds have a chance to settle the score in an even contest, but there is more on the line than just the gold. Tensions with Roderick Strong have added a new stipulation to the match, and The Creed Brothers will be out of Diamond Mine if they come up short on Saturday night.

    Considering how the faction has undergone so many changes since its inceptionMalcolm Bivens is now in All Elite Wrestling and Strong seemingly wants out of his contractthat may be the bigger story to track than who walks away with the titles.

    For that matter, The Creed Brothers could win this and quit Diamond Mine to fulfill both outcomes, or they could boot Strong out of the group and take charge on their own.

    There are more heel options in the tag team division for the Creeds to feud with going forward than for Pretty Deadly. It's no certainty, but that may give them the edge.

    Prediction: The Creed Brothers win.

NXT North American Championship Match: Cameron Grimes vs. Carmelo Hayes

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    Both Cameron Grimes and Carmelo Hayes are great, but since they've been feuding for months alongside Solo Sikoawho is already set up for the next title shotit feels like the North American Championship is stuck in a loop.

    Logically, Grimes should win and then either beat Sikoa and start a fresh feud, or drop the belt to him and head to the main roster.

    However, WWE frequently ignores logic, so it's possible Hayes wins and there's another Triple Threat match to come, or the company won't do babyface vs. babyface for Sikoa's future title shot.

    The match itself should be one of the better contests of the night, but the future Sikoa match for the title matters more. This particular bout is just a way of stalling.

    Prediction: Grimes wins.

NXT Championship Match: Bron Breakker vs. Joe Gacy

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    Joe Gacy has already lost to Bron Breakker, but he has an easier path ahead of him for his second attempt. That is because the NXT champion cannot get disqualified in this match or he'll forfeit the title.

    This story would have worked far better if their previous match had ended in a disqualification. Now, it just seems like a lackluster stipulation to stretch this feud out.

    Given WWE's propensity for dragging things out, that may well be the next step so this can go on several more weeks. In a better feud, it would mean Gacy would win the title so Breakker has an uphill battle to climb. However, since he already dropped the title to Dolph Ziggler and struggled to win it back, it would only harm him to play hot potato with the belt again this year.

    Instead, this seems rather straightforward. Gacy will try to goad Breakker into losing his cool several times throughout the match. He'll almost do that, but the titleholder will regain his composure and pull the win out to retain and hopefully move on to a new challenger.

    Prediction: Breakker wins.


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