Heel Miz Turns on John Morrison, Bobby Lashley's Next Feud, More WWE Raw Fallout

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistAugust 24, 2021

Heel Miz Turns on John Morrison, Bobby Lashley's Next Feud, More WWE Raw Fallout

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    Following up on SummerSlam, WWE Raw had a show that tried to match the same level of intensity and excitement. The August 23 edition featured multiple twists and turns toward the future.

    The Miz and John Morrison have been inseparable since Johnny Drip Drip returned to WWE in January 2020. They won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, and Miz won his second WWE Championship to complete the first double Grand Slam. However, The A-Lister decided to end their association with a shocking turn on Monday night.

    Bobby Lashley ran through Goldberg at SummerSlam and needed fresh challengers. The first man to step up was Damian Priest. But the United States champion found Sheamus still in his way as well as Drew McIntyre.

    Karrion Kross has fallen down a rabbit hole with each appearance on Raw. This week, he debuted a new mask and attire that divorced him even more from his fine work in NXT.

    Alexa Bliss stepped in to challenge Charlotte Flair, setting the stage for a major clash of styles and gimmicks. Little Miss Bliss has earned a chance to take the next step forward after years away from the women's title.

    Monday's show set some impressive stages for future stories to come. Now, it's all down to whether WWE can build on those foundations.

The Miz and John Morrison Breakup Should Benefit Both

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    It has been a long run for John Morrison alongside The Miz since Johnny Drip Drip returned to WWE in early 2020. He has played mostly second fiddle to The A-Lister as they became more of a comedy act despite their in-ring talent.

    Morrison is a star who has never reached his peak in WWE. While he won world championships outside the company, he has not gotten the same respect within it. This is despite him putting in some of the best matches of his career recently.

    Hopefully, Miz's turn will be the catalyst to launch Morrison to new heights. He has the talent and move set to make a splash as a top babyface and could even go after Bobby Lashley if WWE takes him seriously.

    While The A-Lister will remain a heel, he can also benefit. Without back-up, he will need to pick up more victories where he previously skated by on charisma. We may finally see him return to the work that has gained him so much respect over recent years.

    Together, Miz and Morrison were a fun team that made for reliable TV, but their story has passed. It's time to let both men fly solo to remind everyone they are among WWE's most exciting performers both in and out of the ring.

Bobby Lashley's Slate Is Wide Open for Fresh Challengers

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    Bobby Lashley wiped his slate clean when he crushed Goldberg at SummerSlam on Saturday, although his attack on the Hall of Famer's son, Gage, may ensure he hasn't seen the last of the veteran.

    On Monday, though, the WWE champion was waiting for his next challenger...and Damian Priest stepped up.

    However, the new United States champion should not be double-dipping at this point. He just won his title from Sheamus at the weekend and has unfinished business with The Celtic Warrior.

    Drew McIntyre also got in Lashley's face, but he is unable to challenge for the title due to the stipulations put in place for his Hell in a Cell contest with The All Mighty in June.

    Ideally, none of the above should face The All Mighty next, though, which begs the question: Who can? Jeff Hardy and Ricochet have recently been embarrassed by Karrion Kross. Keith Lee has already lost to The All Mighty. John Morrison, Randy Orton and Riddle are busy.

    It may be that the only one set up for Lashley is Priest. As U.S. champion, he is established as one of Raw's best. He has put on great matches and continues to rise to every occasion.

    Lashley needs an interesting opponent, and his next challenger should be someone special. And Priest is the special talent who can challenge him, even if it does feel rushed.

Karrion Kross Did Not Need New Look to Stand out

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    Karrion Kross has been a booking mess for WWE since debuting on the July 19 edition of Raw.

    Every week sees a new wrinkle added to his ensemble; this week, it was an odd mask and a bizarre overall style that included suspenders.

    While The Herald of Doomsday remains dominant, wiping the slate clean after his embarrassing debut loss to Jeff Hardy, he has yet to capture the attention of the audience.

    This new look will only get him more bad chants. No one is going to view him as a competent threat when his helmet is a dollar-store addition to his ring attire.

    Kross did not need any of this. If he is going to become a monster heel for Raw, he just needs to be allowed to talk. Scarlett is important to his character, but The Herald of Doomsday can speak on his own. He just requires the right story for his words to shine through.

    Squashing Ricochet on Monday is far from what he needs to thrive. It was a small step in the right direction for Kross, but it made a potential title contender look like an afterthought. Both men deserved better.

Alexa Bliss Ready to Join Women's Championship Scene

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    Alexa Bliss has avoided the title scene for years, and her last run as Raw women's champion ended in August 2018. Concussions and neck issues led to a slow build back to gold, but The Goddess has made it work.

    Drawn from the work of Bray Wyatt as "The Fiend," her character has made her the talk of the town. She is dangerous in a way few others can be. Otherworldly power has made her unstoppable when it matters most.

    Charlotte and Bliss have unexplored chemistry, and this is the perfect time to let it loose. The Goddess has earned her chance to be a champion again, while The Queen, as always, is a transitional champion padding her stats with runs.

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. How many strange stories will come into play to seal Bliss' dominance? Once she wins, will she be unstoppable or fall quickly to avoid oversaturating the title scene?

    This is a chance to explore the present and future of the women's division. Let two of the favorites of WWE prove why they are among the best again soon.


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