Warriors GM Myers Comments on Rumor LeBron James Is Recruiting Steph Curry

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2021

Golden State Warriors president of basketball operations and general manager Bob Myers listens to questions about injured player Klay Thompson, during a news conference in San Francisco, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers isn't going to lose much sleep over rumors LeBron James spent All-Star weekend recruiting Steph Curry.

Myers appeared on The TK Show last week and said these types of rumors are the nature of being great in the NBA.

"I mean, we're never going to stop hearing this. It doesn't matter if the guy signs an extension or not anymore," Myers said. "Whether it's one of our guys or any guy, the drumbeat never stops. It's what people want, the rumors of the NBA, especially because you have such high-profile players, it's a little bit like they are celebrities and people can't get enough of rumors and gossip. I think rumors like that or any rumors about a great player will always be there as long as the player is great. All we can do is make our place of work somewhere people can show up and feel like they can compete.

"I think Steph has felt like we have given him a really good chance in his career and time with us to succeed individually and team-wise and that's what we are going to keep trying to do. So I don't really—you talk about my own sanity, I don't really give those things much credence or else I would have to get out of the business. Because that's today's rumor. They'll be another one tomorrow and the next day. I would say I think Steph is happy and I think he's in a good place and I think things are going to be fine with him."

ESPN's Brian Windhorst created a social-media firestorm when he said LeBron started to make inroads in his recruitment pitch to have Curry join him in Los Angeles. Windhorst said James feels there is potentially "some doubt" about whether Curry wants to remain in Golden State after his contract expires in 2022.

The Warriors are expected to offer Curry a contract extension before next season. A four-year deal would pay Curry around $215 million, which would give him the largest per-year salary in NBA history. 

Curry has been open about wanting to stay with the Warriors for the remainder of his career.

"Wearing the same jersey for as long as I can, that's a huge goal, for sure. It's an elite club of guys that you look at that have played with the same organization and been successful and achieved greatness in that respect," Curry told reporters before the season. 

While it's seemingly impossible to imagine Curry playing for any team other than the Warriors, we could have said the same thing about Tom Brady in New England a couple years ago. The nature of modern sports means to never rule anything out—even if it's four-time NBA Finals rivals LeBron James and Steph Curry as teammates.

The Warriors have struggled to retool their roster after making five straight Finals appearances and are currently a disappointing 23-26. While Klay Thompson is expected to return next season, it's hard to tell whether he will ever be the same player after suffering a pair of debilitating leg injuries and missing back-to-back campaigns.

If Thompson struggles to recapture his form, Curry's future will be something to watch—especially if he balks on signing the extension this summer.