WWE WrestleMania 37: Predicting Most Likely Swerves

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistApril 6, 2021

FILE - In this March 29, 2015, file photo, Brock Lesnar makes his entrance at Wrestlemania XXXI in Santa Clara, Calif. While real sports have shut down in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, WWE has pressed on and is set to run this weekend its first WrestleMania in an empty arena. WWE stood firm that the show must go on and largely moved a card highlighted by stars Brock Lesnar and John Cena to its performance center in Orlando, Florida. (AP Photo/Don Feria, File)
Don Feria/Associated Press

One of the most exciting aspects about WrestleMania is that seemingly anything can happen, and the potential for surprises is undoubtedly present this year.

The WrestleMania 37 card is essentially set, and some of the matches seem fairly predictable on the surface. But WWE always finds a way to pull off something the fans aren't expecting.

When the top Superstars in WWE go to battle on The Grandest Stage of Them All this weekend at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, here are a few swerves that could add even more excitement to the event.


Lesnar Appears After McIntyre vs. Lashley

It has been one year since Brock Lesnar last appeared on WWE programming, as he dropped the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre in the main event of WrestleMania 36.

The Scot will look to win the title back at The Showcase of the Immortals this year when he takes on Bobby Lashley in one of the top matches on Night 1 of WrestleMania 37.

While Lesnar has not been seen in a year, McIntyre has been mentioning last year's win over The Beast Incarnate quite often recently, which could be a sign that the former MMA star is in line to make his highly anticipated return.

Assuming McIntyre beats Lashley for the WWE Championship and gets his big moment in front of the fans after being robbed of it last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be the perfect time for Lesnar to resurface by attacking him.

Not only would The Beast be coming back in the biggest spot possible and in front of a live crowd, but he would also be getting revenge for last year's loss to The Scottish Warrior.

That could then set the stage for a revival of the singles feud between Lesnar and McIntyre, or perhaps even mark the beginning for a three-man rivalry with Lashley also involved.

There's plenty of unfinished business between McIntyre and Lesnar, plus fans have been clamoring for Lashley vs. Lesnar for quite some time, meaning it makes all the sense in the world for The Beast to get involved in some way.


Logan Paul Helps Owens Beat Zayn

The longtime rivalry between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will come to a head at WrestleMania 37 when they clash in a singles match on the biggest stage in wrestling for the first time.

The pair have been close friends in real life for years, and they have both fought each other and together on numerous occasions during their time in WWE.

Currently, their feud is based around Zayn's theory that the company is conspiring against him. In recent months, he has been followed around by two cameramen who have been documenting the apparent conspiracy.

In an effort to get more eyes on the alleged conspiracy, Zayn began reaching out to YouTube star Logan Paul. After Paul responded on Twitter, Zayn invited him to the red-carpet premiere of his documentary trailer.

Paul is seemingly on Zayn's side entering WrestleMania 37, and he could play a role in his match against Owens, especially since he is being advertised to appear as Zayn's guest.

The Paul situation has the makings of what happened with Mike Tyson entering WrestleMania 14. While the former boxer was aligned with Shawn Michaels and D-Generation X prior to the event, he ended up helping "Stone Cold" Steve Austin beat HBK for the WWE Championship in the main event.

Zayn's character may go into WrestleMania with the expectation that Paul will help him, but the YouTuber will instead aid KO in beating The Great Liberator, which will add even more fuel to the fire regarding his conspiracy theory.


Murphy Spurns Rollins vs. Cesaro

Seth Rollins and Cesaro have engaged in one of the most personal rivalries in WWE recently, and they will aim to settle their differences at WrestleMania 37.

The Swiss Cyborg has gotten the better of Rollins on a few occasions already by swinging him, and it stands to reason that the diabolical heel will look for every advantage and short cut possible to get back at him.

One possible wild card with regard to their match is Murphy, who was formerly a disciple of Rollins and seemed to express interest in joining forces with him once again a few weeks ago.

Murphy faced Cesaro a couple of times leading up to WrestleMania in an apparent attempt to impress Rollins, who interfered on one occasion by taking the Swiss wrestler out with a Stomp.

There was no real finality to the angle between The Messiah and Murphy, as Rollins took time off for the birth of his daughter with fiancee Becky Lynch and the Australian's storyline with the Mysterio family simply vanished.

Going back to the well with Rollins and Murphy after WrestleMania would make sense because of that, and match between Rollins and Cesaro at The Show of Shows could be a good way to set it up.

Perhaps Rollins will think The Best Kept Secret is there to help him, only to aid Cesaro instead, thus revitalizing the Rollins vs. Murphy program.


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