Big E and 4 WWE Stars Ready for a Big Push Heading into WrestleMania 37 Season

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 22, 2021

Big E and 4 WWE Stars Ready for a Big Push Heading into WrestleMania 37 Season

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    WrestleMania is undoubtedly the biggest event of the year for WWE, but the weeks leading up to the pay-per-view are just as vital for its Superstars.

    This is the time of year when it seems like management puts more effort into everything it does. We get bigger stories, better feuds and usually see at least one person get a monster push heading into the The Show of Shows.

    Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Drew McIntyre and countless others have received the biggest pushes of their careers during the Road to WrestleMania.

    This year, WWE is hoping to have fans in attendance for the PPV after the coronavirus pandemic caused the company to hold its first crowd-less 'Mania in 2020.

    While every Superstar wants to make an impression, there are some who are clearly in line for a push over the next few weeks. Let's look at some of the names WWE will heavily feature between now and April 10-11. 

Big E

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    The New Day are one of the most successful tag teams in WWE history but Kofi Kingston is the only member who has received a massive solo push.

    When management put Xavier Woods and Kingston on Raw while keeping Big E on SmackDown during the draft in October, it became clear the powerhouse was about to be given a chance to succeed on his own.

    So far, Big E has been killing it. He won the Intercontinental Championship from Sami Zayn on the Christmas Day edition of SmackDown and has continued to be just as entertaining as he was with his partners by his side.

    Whenever he gives a promo or joins the commentary team, he grabs your attention. He has a magnetic personality that has really started to shine.

    He might not win his first world title at WrestleMania, but he will still end up in a high-profile match and likely leave the PPV with his reign intact.

    Big E has deserved this push for a long time, and everything seems to be falling into place for him. Let's hope WWE doesn't drop the ball. 


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    Bayley had a rough second half of the year in 2020. She lost the SmackDown women's title to Sasha Banks, she lost the WWE women's tag team titles to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, and she lost her best friend.

    However, none of this has done anything to slow The Role Model down. If anything, she seems poised to make the most out of her current situation.

    She debuted a new talk-show segment called "Ding Dong, Hello" on the January 15 edition of SmackDown and has been involved in some highly entertaining exchanges with her fellow wrestlers recently.

    Bayley is the kind of Superstar who has so much versatility that WWE can use her in just about any way and she will make it work. That is why she appears to be on the cusp of a new push.

    The Royal Rumble PPV will give us a better idea of what we can expect from her during WrestleMania season. She may even win the women's match to earn a title shot against her former friend, Banks. 

Charlotte Flair

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    Charlotte Flair is the most successful woman to step foot in a WWE ring, and that doesn't look like it will change anytime soon. 

    The one thing that indicates The Queen is going to be one of Raw's focal points heading into WrestleMania is the fact that she is regularly getting more screen time than Asuka.

    They are the women's tag team champs, but The Empress of Tomorrow is also the Raw women's champion and should not be playing second fiddle to anyone.

    Love or loathe her, Charlotte is the measuring stick for the entire women's division, and WWE is not about to push her into the background just because a few fans have expressed a negative opinion about her on social media.

    It almost feels like WWE is setting her up to win the Raw Women's Championship at WrestleMania in April, which means she and Asuka would face off at the biggest show of the year for the second time.

    It will be a good match but if The Queen beats The Empress again, there are going to be quite a few angry fans out there.

Daniel Bryan

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    Before Roman Reigns began feuding with Kevin Owens, it seemed like his next rival was going to be Daniel Bryan. There was even a few weeks where The Yes Man was fighting The Tribal Chief and Jey Uso before he moved on.

    KO is a great rival for the universal champion because they are so different, but nobody has less in common with Reigns than Bryan. Their feud is worthy of a WrestleMania main event, and it looks like that might be exactly what we get.

    The Yes Man has been talking recently about how much he wants to win the men's Royal Rumble match. It's one of the few things he hasn't done in his career yet, and since he recently told BT Sport of his desire to become a part-time performer, WWE might want to give him one final push as a world champion.

    Not only is Bryan one of the most technically proficient wrestlers to lace up a pair of boots, but he has also grown into becoming one of the most beloved just by being himself.

    He has an everyman quality that appeals to a lot of people, and his sense of humor has allowed him to be just as funny as he is serious. 

    There is a strong chance he will win the men's Royal Rumble match and headline WrestleMania one more time, against Reigns. 

Rhea Ripley

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    Between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, WWE always brings up a couple of people from NXT and gives them a strong push to test their ability to be a top star.

    Last year, Rhea Ripley was primed to join Raw or SmackDown after her showdown with Charlotte for the NXT Women's Championship at WrestleMania, but the company instead put the belt on The Queen and kept the Australian in NXT.

    This is the perfect time to rectify that mistake. Ripley has proved time and time again that she is one of the most physically dominant women in the industry. If WWE waits much longer, she might see what other promotions have to offer when her contract expires.

    Whenever WWE is about to take somebody from NXT and put them on Raw or SmackDown, that person goes out putting somebody else over. That appears to be what we saw happen with The Nightmare and Raquel Gonzalez during the New Year's Evil episode of NXT on January 6.

    Gonzalez defeated Ripley in a Last Woman Standing bout that was highly praised on social media. That one loss could be the biggest indicator that WWE is about to do something with her.

    Ripley had a good showing during the 2019 women's Rumble match, but this year will likely see her win the whole thing. 


    Which Superstars do you think deserve a big push heading into WrestleMania season?