49ers' George Kittle Talks NFL's Best Trash-Talker, Super Bowl, Gronk in B/R AMA

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistApril 10, 2020

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle wears a shirt showing quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo as he speaks at a news conference after the NFL NFC Championship football game against the Green Bay Packers Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020, in Santa Clara, Calif. The 49ers won 37-20 to advance to Super Bowl 54 against the Kansas City Chiefs. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)
Ben Margot/Associated Press

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle has become one of the best players in football in just three seasons. 

After setting an NFL record among tight ends with 1,377 receiving yards in 2018, Kittle was instrumental in helping the 49ers win 13 games and reach Super Bowl LIV last season. 

Kittle took on a new challenge Friday by participating in a B/R AMA. The two-time Pro Bowler answered questions about a variety of topics, including playing in the Super Bowl, his favorite NFL play and a few thoughts on wrestling. 


@Ryanmurph9: Who is the best trash talker in the league?

Harrison Smith is fun to talk crap to. Cam Jordan is fun too. Those two are a blast.


@kingmjd610: You vs. Gronk steel cage match. Who's winning?

I'm going to pick myself because I don't want to lose. It'd be a long match but I'd definitely let him throw me off the top of the cage.


@BananaSplooge: What do you feel went wrong in the Super Bowl this year?

Plenty went wrong on both sides. You gotta take adv of your opportunities and we just didn't do that. When you're playing a team like the Chiefs, explosive players all over the field, they won the game. Our offense didn't close it out. Our defense didn't either. They just played a great game.


@ryanmagill: Who are the top 5 greatest tight ends of all time?

Clark. Gronk. Gonzalez. Gotta put Kelce up there just because four 1,000 yard seasons in a row is just incredible. Nobody's done it before. I'm gonna go with Gates, he's just an absolute monster. He runs some of the cleanest short, stick, return routes. Nobody moves like that. I like watching Jimmy Graham too, especially when he was with the Saints. He was just balling.


@GrizzlyBear: What tight end did you model your game after?

Growing up I always watched Dallas Clark. Tony Gonzalez. When I got to college I watched a lot of Gronk. Kelce. Ertz. Those are some of my favorites. I get every TE from the league, top-10 guys. Run game, pass game. Try to pull stuff from guys here and there. Kelce runs fantastic routes in man-to-man. Ertz always incredible at the top of his routes, catching the ball. Why he set a record on it. It's always pull a little from these guys, those guys. Try to watch Gronk but he's like 3 inches taller than me, so it doesn't really apply LOL. 


@BaySean: Is it annoying having to constantly defend Jimmy G in interviews or on shows like First Take?

It is what it is. When there's not a lot going on people like to stir the pot. Is it annoying? Yes, because I feel like Jimmy has proven himself week-in and week-out. First season as starting QB we went to the Super Bowl. No. 1 in 3rd down conversion rate, not bad. People just like to stir the pot. It's okay tho.


@BAaaaaDaGoat: In your opinion who is the GOAT TE?

Dallas Clark, Gronk and Tony G. are my three favorites.


@kingmjd610: Favorite WWE match of all time?

That's a good question. Favorite that I saw in person was NXT in Brooklyn. Gargano vs. Adam Cole, it was like a 30-minute match.


@Geoges: Every great wrestler has a song while walking out to the ring. What would your walk out song be??

Stone Cold's. The glass breaking is such a pop. As soon as people hear it they just lose their minds. I would definitely steal that one.


@nfldraftscout: How well do you get along with Travis Kelce? Is there a rivalry there?

Kelce has been someone I've looked up to since college. Modeling my game after him. Being able to meet him and talk to him, just enjoy the time. He's an amazing football player, that's why he was on the all decade team. It's fun to have a relationship with a guy like that. 


@vic4life: How did it feel to make the Super Bowl?

It was incredible. It was an amazing season. Won a lot of games, was a great ride. Super Bowl was a dream of mine sincere i was a little kid. Just gotta to get back and win one.


@Vernstradamus: Would you have traded DeAndre Hopkins?

Lol, I knew him as one of the best WRs in the NFL. I wouldn't trade the best players. That's just my opinion, but I'm not a GM, I just play the game.


@Ryanmurph9: What is the most hostile environment you've ever played in?

Seattle's incredible because they're loud the entire game. New Orleans was awesome because it was a 12pm kickoff and it felt like a night game. The hardest place to play in college is Purdue. It's not always packed so it's enough to lull you to sleep.


@pajamapete: On a scale of 1-10 how many Jimmy G shirts do you keep in your locker?

I think I have four.


@BR_Wrestling: If you could Stone Cold Stunner any wrestler right now, who would it be and why?

That's a good question. Gotta think who will sell it the best too. The Rock always sold it the best, would just throw himself out of the ring. I'll pick The Rock.


@Steve_Perrault: What have you been doing during the quarantine?

Turned my garage into a fully functioning gym. Dabbled in a little cooking in the kitchen with my wife. We kept our tradition alive and grilled the Easter ham. Also we'd really like to thank all of the food service workers during this crazy time.


@JCTheLit: Would you consider MMA fighting?

No idea. Pass.


@AndrewMayer777: Out of anyone on the team who would you let cut your hair?

Wow...hmm...Jimmie Ward. He's got a good haircut all the time. Either one of our safeties, him or Jaquaski.


@tackofall_99: Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?

So controversial. Growing up I did pineapple sausage a lot. I have not had pineapple on pizza in probably five years, it's a personal decision but I usually stay away. I'm a supreme pizza type of guy.


@lizribordy: What's your favorite Kirk Ferentz memory? GO HAWKS

Ohhh! A KF quote. Wow, I got a lot. One of my favorites was after 2015 season, after we beat Nebraska at Nebraska for the third straight year, finished the season 12-0. The speech he gave us, came in the locker room and said: 'You know what, I have no idea what to say to you guys. I've never been 12-0 in my life.' You can just tell how much it meant to him. When you make you HC proud, it's pretty special. Especially someone like that. 


@DumbDingus: Popeyes or Chick-fil-A?

Chick-fil-A. Honestly, there's a CFA less than a block away from my house and the sauce is a top-three sauce in the world. I'm a Cane's guy tho. That's who i am through and through. I'd put that on absolutely everything.


@Kittle4MVP: What's one aspect you would like that another receiver in the league has?

It'd be cool to run a 4.18 forty like Marquise Goodwin. Or have a vert like Hopkins. That'd be pretty cool.


@Not_RudyGobert: What's your go-to quarantine snack?

Eggo Waffles with blueberry jelly.


@Not_RudyGobert: What's the best part about San Francisco?

Honestly, I've been in SF four times since I've been a 49er. Since I live in San Jose. But the Golden Gate Bridge is my favorite. It's an absolute masterpiece. 


@TROLLINGU: Who is the hardest CB to work against?

Sherman. He locks me up in practice. But I don't really get that many corners. Safety wise Vikings safeties are great. Harrison Smith is always good.


@amikk: #1 sexiest QB in the league?

JIMMY GAROPPOLO. Have you seen that chin line?


@mikeyoung345: Who was your celeb crush growing up?

Halle Berry.


@DumbDingus: If you could play a sport other than football what would it be?

Hockey. I can't skate to save my life, but if I could I would love to play. I want to drop the gloves.


@finko: George, absolute pleasure to watch you play. You seem like a team-first guy and you've earned every cent of a gigantic payday. But you also know that the more you get the harder it is for the GM to put the team in a position to win championships. Is that something you think about and talk to your agent about or do you just let your agent handle 100%?



Q: Favorite play of his career:

Saints play was pretty fun on 4th and 2. That was a wild ride.


Q: Go-to pre-game song or soundtrack?

I listen to Post Malone on my way to the stadium, but once I get to the stadium I don't listen to anything.


Kittle is in the midst of a fantastic start to his career. The 26-year-old is the only tight end in 49ers history with at least 1,000 receiving yards, a feat he has accomplished in each of the past two seasons. 

Expectations are going to be sky-high for the 49ers following their surprise success in 2019. Kittle will once again play a huge role for the offense as they look to over the final hurdle in the Super Bowl next season.