Best and Worst Booking Decisions from WWE TLC 2019 Results

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistDecember 16, 2019

Best and Worst Booking Decisions from WWE TLC 2019 Results

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    WWE's final pay-per-view of the decade—something it had no problems reminding viewers of all night—was a strange one. 

    The 2019 iteration of TLC featured some great matches and some not-so-great matches. A notable return, lack of build, good storytelling and even KFC in front of a mild crowd sums up Sunday night's card well enough. 

    Which isn't to say there weren't some great booking decisions tucked into the chaotic show. These were the best and worst decisions worth noting. 

Best: Asuka Keeping Becky Lynch in Check

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    The main event was a clustered mess, in both an entertaining and confusing way. 

    It was fun to watch The Kabuki Warriors take down an incredible duo like Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. But there were a ton of odd moments, like the random fire extinguisher and one of the Superstars tied to a rope like a cartoon character. 

    Silliness aside, one nice development seemingly lost in the mix was Asuka keeping a serious advantage over Lynch. This is how WWE can build an organic, serious threat to Lynch...that isn't Flair (thankfully). 

    Asuka has had her fair share of bad booking treatment over the years given her talent and capabilities. But getting the best of Lynch here could be a sign of things to come on the singles circuit. 

Worst: Extending Roman Reigns-Baron Corbin

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    Do we really need more scuffle between Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin? 

    These two have linked up an exhausting amount over the years and Corbin's fights with Seth Rollins this year don't fell all that much different. And WWE's attempts to make it edgy (Corbin tying Reigns to a ringpost and lathering him in dog food) and the multiple instances of the chaotic background fighting Sunday night feel staged, nothing more. 

    This whole thing is just tired. It isn't helping Robert Roode or Dolph Ziggler to act as Corbin's lackeys. It's not helping Reigns to have minimal storytelling in these matches, which is where his matches usually shine. 

    These two seem stuck in the mud and based on this result, that isn't going to change. 

Best: Aleister Black Taking Down Buddy Murphy

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    Aleister Black needs more ring time. He got it Sunday night against the up-and-coming Buddy Murphy.

    That's a win for everyone.

    And unlike a certain main event featuring a part-timer recently and a current champ, this batch of fake fighting between Black and Murphy was stellar. The moves were impactful, the damage inflicted was apparent and there was enough wrestling in it to keep it firmly grounded in the business instead of trying to come off as UFC-lite.

    Murphy is a star, undoubtedly. But Black catching him with the deadly finisher and picking up the win is more important right now because his potential heights are critical to carrying brands as a whole. They don't get more unique or skilled than him.

Worst: The KFC Match

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    One of the drawbacks of WWE's new approach of hardly booking matches before pay-per-views is a top tag team or two suddenly feuding around a table of KFC. 

    No joke. 

    The Viking Raiders held an open challenge and  The O.C. responded. They fought for less than 10 minutes, looped in some KFC and the match ended in a double countout. 

    Really, nothing else needs said. Literal viking warriors and two of the better international wrestlers on the planet just put in some promotion for a chicken company and their characters weren't the only one hurt either—this match only further diminished the Raw tag titles. 

Best: Daniel Bryan Going at the Bray Wyatt Again

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    It hurt to see the Daniel Bryan-Bray Wyatt feud end so early after their brief match recently. 

    WWE heard the fans, though. 

    Bryan is back and attacked Bray Wyatt after the Universal champ's win over The Miz, revealing his old-school short hair in the process. The reawakening of the dragon after a clash with The Fiend is good for everyone. 

    With the drop of a hat, WWE can reignite the Yes Movement and really spice up the main-event scene, which is what SmackDown desperately needs right now. A more violent, nasty Bryan to combat a demon like The Fiend is must-see material. 

    If done right, especially while weaving in the long history between the two, this could stretch well into WrestleMania season.