The Real Winners and Losers of WWE TLC 2019

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 16, 2019

The Real Winners and Losers of WWE TLC 2019

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    WWE TLC was built to be a night when stars shined through. The end of the year is rapidly approaching, which means the start of WrestleMania 36 season, and a single win could decide a wrestler's future.

    King Corbin vs. Roman Reigns was a battle for supremacy on SmackDown that might change the direction of both men in WWE.

    Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair managed to find an accord to team together against Asuka and Kairi Sane. However, despite being great individually, they were running into the best women's tag team in the company, The Kabuki Warriors.

    The Miz challenged Bray Wyatt with the hope he could make him pay for what The Fiend had done to Daniel Bryan, but he knew he was up against a truly unpredictable opponent.

    The Revival battled The New Day in a ladder match that had a chance to define the careers of both teams. They just needed a spotlight.

    Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black were both looking to redefine WWE Raw by rising up the ranks, but only one promising star could take the next step.

    These matches and more helped define WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2019 and decide who came out with big wins and major losses.

Loser: King Corbin

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    King Corbin was given a huge spotlight at TLC. He was fighting against SmackDown's top star in Roman Reigns and needed to prove he could hang with him as a top star on SmackDown.

    While the match itself was solid, the contest devolved once Dolph Ziggler got involved. Reigns and Corbin never got to hit top gear. The Revival helped out as well, but it made little sense that no one helped The Big Dog.

    The Lone Wolf may have won, but the cost was that no one bought the victory. Reigns will get his win back soon, which will leave Corbin in a spot where no one truly believes in his in-ring ability despite flashes of top-level talent.

    Reigns was protected far too much in this match. If it was just The Showoff helping, that would have been enough. Corbin should be able to defeat The Big Dog on his own especially with some cheap tactics or a timely assist late in the contest.

    This match will largely be forgotten in a few months, but it could have been Corbin's time to shine.

Winners: Asuka and Kairi Sane

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    Becky Lynch agreed to team with Charlotte Flair, and the two managed to work cohesively in their TLC match.

    Asuka and Kairi Sane came in with a better game plan than their opponents, though, and overcame the top stars to retain the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.

    While this match occasionally got overly sloppy, it was a satisfyingly physical contest. The Kabuki Warriors did the work to define themselves as a team, and their strategy was great.

    At this point, it is clear The Kabuki Warriors are the best team in the division. Even the two best female wrestlers in the company together could not defeat them.

    The win for Asuka should also set her up to challenge The Man for the Raw Women's Championship soon.

    Arguably the best female wrestler in the world is back.

Losers: The Revival and Possibly Kofi Kingston

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    The New Day and The Revival went all out in a ladder match in which both teams got close to the win.

    However, Big E hit the Big Ending on Dash Wilder off a ladder before Kofi Kingston sent Scott Dawson off the ladder, leaving him alone to pull down the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

    The SmackDown tag division continues to grow, and Kingston stands at its head with Big E. While New Day may be the best tag team in WWE, it still feels like a waste because The Dreadlocked Dynamo should be in the main event scene. He earned that this year.

    The team that has suffered most for New Day's reign of dominance on SmackDown has been The Revival. Dawson and Wilder deserved more of a chance to shine as champions. They may disappear completely into the background now.

    The Revival may have joined King Corbin's court, but that hasn't helped Dolph Ziggler or Bobby Roode. Tag teams at the level of Dawson and Wilder do not come around often, and an argument could be made that they should leave WWE.

    It would have likely been better for everyone involved if The Revival had won. That doesn't mean the situation cannot work out for all involved, though. The match was great and should give all involved more opportunities.

Winners: Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy

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    WWE has so much talent that much of it can be lost in the shuffle. The rise of Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black has been welcome because it feels like talent is being rewarded. Still, it will take more opportunities to show that worth.

    This match was strong because the two men involved got time to shine. The physicality of the contest was on point, the two connected on kicks that had weight, and they kept the focus of the story without losing the pacing of the match.

    Clashes like this even make stars out of the loser. While Black took a clean victory, Murphy showed up in a big way and pushed The Dutch Destroyer to his limit.

    Raw was built to rely on fresh talent. Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan and more all went to Friday Night SmackDown, leaving the red brand in need of incredible stars who have yet to get a real spotlight.

    These two should get more chances to compete and take strides to the top of the card.

Loser: The Miz

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    The Miz promised he would make Bray Wyatt pay for all his mind games...but failed.

    He dominated the contest but then went down to a pair of Sister Abigails. Daniel Bryan arrived and planted Wyatt after the match with a running knee.

    While The A-Lister told a good story with the universal champion, this match was way below the level of the talent involved.

    Few Superstars feel as wasted as much as The A-Lister. He's a movie star in the making and has talent in every aspect of wrestling. He's an absolute star, but WWE never seems to quite see it.

    In the end, The Miz was brought in at the last minute to extend Wyatt's feud with Bryan. He was never really a challenger, which is a shame. He could be so much more, even on a stacked blue-brand roster.