Bray Wyatt and 5 WWE Stars Who Desperately Need Strong WWE TLC 2019 Showings

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 15, 2019

Bray Wyatt and 5 WWE Stars Who Desperately Need Strong WWE TLC 2019 Showings

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    Bray Wyatt taunting The Miz.
    Bray Wyatt taunting The Miz.Credit:

    The annual TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view is usually a fan favorite, but this year's event has one of the strangest cards we have seen from WWE in years.

    Unless plans change before Sunday's show, management has only booked three title matches for TLC, and all of them are for sets of tag belts. No singles championships are being defended, which hasn't happened at a WWE PPV in many years.

    While this all sounds like a recipe for disaster, TLC has a solid lineup of contests. We have one ladder, one tables and two TLC matches to look forward to, in addition to some interesting standard matches.

    The main problem the company is facing with this show is the build. A few of the feuds did not have much time to make the crowd care, and the rest involve the same storylines people have been complaining about for weeks heading into Sunday.

    Let's take a look at the five Superstars who need to impress the crowd at TLC or risk becoming pariahs. 

Bray Wyatt

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    Bray Wyatt's reinvention into The Fiend has been the saving grace of his career. He went from being stagnant to winning the Universal Championship in less than a year.

    His Firefly Fun House segments have become must-see viewing, and he has been doing some of the best character work in the company. But there is an issue we have seen grow since he adopted this new persona.

    Wyatt is a gifted performer who can put on a good match with a variety of opponents, but WWE has chosen to book him in a way that is hurting him. The red light used during his matches has been criticized on social media more than anything. It makes everything harder to see and does not create the kind of atmosphere WWE thinks it does.

    The Fiend has also been making limited wrestling appearances. He has only had a handful of matches on television and PPV in recent months, and the contests he's had are not being talked about in a positive way.

    His match with The Miz at TLC is a chance for Wyatt to remind people how good he is between the ropes. Anyone can be booked to be an unstoppable monster who only performs a few signature moves. People need to see more from him if they are going to remain invested in his character.

    TLC could be a turning point for Wyatt in a bad way if WWE books another disaster like his Hell in a Cell match with Seth Rollins.

Bobby Lashley

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    Bobby Lashley is tall, built like a tank and has legit MMA and amateur wrestling experience. How has WWE failed to make this guy into a major star?

    He has everything people like to think CEO Vince McMahon loves in a pro wrestler. The perception among fans is The Chairman likes his bodybuilders, but if that is the case, why is a guy like Lashley struggling to get meaningful storylines and feuds?

    His angle with Rusev and Lana has garnered big numbers on YouTube, but the reactions on social media tell a different story. People are watching out of morbid curiosity, not genuine interest.

    However, one incredible match can make everyone forget how bad the storyline was long enough to appreciate what The All Mighty brings to the table. Rusev is an ideal opponent for a guy like Lashley because they have similar skills. Both men utilize submissions and strikes, and both of them are as powerful as can be. There are few limits to what they can do with each other inside the ring.

    As long as Lana is not screaming at ringside the whole time, Lashley and Rusev have an opportunity to remind the WWE Universe why they are making the big bucks.

King Corbin

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    What can be said about Baron Corbin that has not been said already by thousands of angry fans on Twitter? 

    The 2019 King of the Ring is a heel who is supposed to be booed, and he has proved he can generate enough heat to warm a small city. The problem is people are booing for the wrong reasons.

    He isn't getting jeered because people hate his character. He is getting bad reactions because people seem to hate him as a human being despite not knowing who he is as a person.

    The King has shown the world he can have good matches multiple times in recent months, especially during his feud with Shorty G.

    He has worked through many horrible storylines on Raw and SmackDown and still finds himself getting prime booking, so management clearly sees value in him as a performer.

    If he and Roman Reigns can tear down the house during their TLC match Sunday, it might be enough to make some people begin to appreciate what he has to offer. Once the tide starts to turn, Corbin is poised to become the biggest villain in the company.

Becky Lynch

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    Becky Lynch has had a wild 18 months. She was a babyface treading water on SmackDown before she decked Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam 2018. Within weeks of trying to turn heel, The Man had become one of the biggest stars in the company.

    Her recent run has seen her win both the Raw and SmackDown women's titles, hand Ronda Rousey her first defeat and main-event WrestleMania 35. Somewhere along the line, certain fans began turning on her. Maybe it is how WWE has booked her. Maybe it has to do with her relationship with Seth Rollins. Maybe it's just a matter of being overexposed.

    Whatever it is, Lynch needs to turn this around or she is going to end up joining Rollins in being a heel because that is the only choice WWE will have if people keep finding reasons to dislike her.

    Teaming with Flair to face The Kabuki Warriors for the Women's Tag Team Championships creates another opportunity for her to become Becky Two-Belts and win over some fans who may have forgotten why they cheered for her so hard a year ago.

    Lynch has everything a Superstar needs to succeed in WWE. If she can find a way to put everything back together, The Man will start getting the kind of pops she was receiving at WrestleMania 35.

Aleister Black

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    Aleister Black became one of NXT's breakout stars in 2018, but he has been having a hard time getting going on the main roster.

    WWE saddled him with a weird gimmick of sitting in a dark room waiting for people to challenge him instead of taking the bull by the horns and punching people in the face. For a guy who says he wants nothing more than a fight, he doesn't try hard to make it happen.

    Despite being used on Raw and SmackDown for the majority of the year, The Dutch Destroyer has yet to have that standout match he needs to impress the WWE Universe.

    The sad truth is the majority of WWE fans only watch NXT when the word TakeOver appears after it. Most of Black's work wasn't seen by the casual audience, so those fans have no reason to think he is anything more than a decent midcard talent.

    The good news is his opponent at TLC, Buddy Murphy, is one of WWE's most versatile performers. If anyone can bring out the best in Black, it's The Juggernaut.

    This could be a sleeper pick for Match of the Night. If they get 15 minutes or more, this could be a career-making performance for both Superstars.


    Who do you hope has the best match at Sunday's TLC PPV?