Sammy Sosa Sports a New Face: Michael Jackson's Disease or Medical Procedure?

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IINovember 8, 2009

LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 04:  Former baseball player Sammy Sosa (R) and guest arrives at the 2009 Person Of The Year Honoring Juan Gabriel held at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on November 4, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Sammy Sosa arrived at the Latin Grammy awards on Nov. 5, 2009, and nobody could recognize the former Major League slugger. It wasn't that he has aged and started to wrinkle; Sosa was as white as a ghost! 

Over the last few months, Sosa has become frighteningly white. Some say that this could be because of a cosmetic procedure, steroid side-effects, or even Michael Jackson's disease, also known as vitiligio. But Sosa's friends say that Sammy has undergone a procedure to bleach his skin tone.  

The last time that the paparazzi was able to get snapshots of Sosa was in May 2009 (see image below, courtesy Life.com). Now there are several speculations that Sosa's health may not be where it used to be. The difference in Sosa's skin tone should be alarming to his doctors, unless they know what is going on with the former Cubs slugger.

Sosa's close friend said that he is "not trying to be Michael Jackson," according to the Chicago Tribune, and that the procedure Sosa underwent is to rejuvenate his skin. People around Sosa said that they were surprised that the procedure left him that pale and white but that he could soon return to his normal shade.

The friend, former Cubs employee Rebecca Polihronis, said Sosa asserted that he doesn't look the same as the picture photographed of him at the Latin Grammy Awards. It was just bad timing to go out in public in the middle of a procedure that had him looking very white, she said. Other people say it was just the lighting around the cameras that produced an effect on the photo.

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Polihronis said the former baseball player underwent several of these procedures after retiring because he was concerned that his skin was damaged after playing under the sun for many years. 

Sosa approaches his 41st birthday and says that he still can play baseball. Sosa retired from baseball with 609 homers, and, according to several reports, he was on the list of 104 players that failed steroid tests in 2003. He has never officially retired from baseball; he just hasn't played since 2007. 

He has been sporting a new look this year that includes green eyes to go with his lighter skin. Someone call the fashion police on Sammy Sosa! The look is not working for him. He doesn't look as tough as he was when he played baseball. He looks like one of those stupid Twilight vampires with the pale skin and green eyes.

Coming soon to a theater near you: Sammy Sosa in Twilight 3: Eclipse.

You can already see fans lining up at theaters like they use to at Wrigley Field to take a look at Sammy Sosa! 


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