Kelly Oubre Jr. on Bill Self, Carmelo Anthony, Suns Top B/R AMA Quotes

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2019


Phoenix Suns forward Kelly Oubre Jr. sat down for a Bleacher Report AMA on Wednesday, answering questions covering a wide variety of topics from the NBA to Kansas basketball to his shoe deal with Converse.

Below is a look at the highlights of the AMA with the fifth-year NBA veteran, who spent the first three-plus years of his career with the Washington Wizards before being traded to Phoenix last December.


What are your thoughts on Bill Self potentially getting in trouble with the NCAA? (from @Vernstradamus)

Bill Self is a legend. The stories...I haven't read any of them. I personally did not get any compensation for going to Kansas, so I don't know where that's coming from. I know Bill Self runs a great organization. He'll be around for a while.


What would you have done differently in college had you had a chance to go back and experience it again? (from @ExtraSpicy47)

College for me was a blur. I was there for six months max. Just living that whole college experience. It was super fun. I was just going out there playing basketball, being a student and having fun.


Are you happy for Melo? (from @Louisana_LiT)

I'm ecstatic, man. He worked his ass off this summer. I got to see it. It's a long time coming. He's a HOF player. I want him to get a ring one day, because that will shut up a lot of speculation about how he is as a player.


What was your initial reaction to getting sent to the Suns? How has it felt to get off to such a good start? (from @LAXXPLAYER)

It was super exciting. To get to a new opportunity with a young team—I was on an older, veteran team—when I got to make the move, the weather was the most beautiful thing.


How does it feel to finally have a team to utilize your talent? (from @Cool_gt1)

It's a work in progress, man. Nobody is perfect. We're still growing. The opportunity I get in Phoenix is way different than in Washington, so I'm very grateful for that.


Do you think the Suns will make the playoffs? Would love to see Phoenix back in the postseason? (from @rafeecastronuevo)

Godspeed, man. I believe we can make the playoffs. Eighty-two games is tough, but we have a great team this year. I'm optimistic for sure.


Why did you make pushups your signature move after an and-1? (from @austinodom1)

If somebody knocks me down, I'm gonna get back up stronger. If you knock me down, I'm gonna flex on you. Peep how I get up, though.


What was it like in New Orleans when the hurricane hit? And favorite tattoo and why? (from @addymart10)

It was tough. I'll put it like that. It was tough for me, but it was the best moment I've had in my life. That adversity taught me to overcome the darkest things I could've been through. Favorite tattoo is the sacrifice on my stomach.


Best and worst thing about being an NBA player? (from @the303) 

It's all best. I get to play basketball for a living. It's a blessing, honestly. The worst thing is all problems get magnified times 10. All the things we go through.


A retired legend you'd like to play with? (from @westbreezy)

Dr. J. Michael Jordan. Kobe. Those three.


Who's the best in the league right now? (from @faridhernandez)

Kawhi Leonard.


How do you deal with haters? (from @gmoney55)

Ignore them. At the end of the day, they're not putting money in my pocket. Where is all this hatred coming from? Maybe you need to look at yourself. Haters hate. I don't like that word. I like love.


What's the best advice John Wall or Bradley Beal gave you as a rookie? (from @fudlystudly)

Continue to just be a dog. Two guys I used to look up to and hang out with them a lot. They take their job very seriously. No matter what their job is first and foremost. Just being a good person overall.


Who's a better leader? John Wall or Devin Booker? (from @DCsportsfan1)

One is a PG; the other is a SG. There are different ways to lead in different positions. Their name holds a lot of weight. They're always being watched, and they know that. They're both very hard workers. They both learned how to be the best players they can possibly be in this league.


When did you first meet [Suns teammate Devin] Booker? (from @Paidmarc)

Me and Book been playing against each other since we were 15 or 16. We played against each other, and he was getting buckets. We started going to these camps. We really got to talk around those times. We are TLS forever. Team Light Skinned forever. Me, Book and D-Lo.


Who's the hardest guy you had to guard? (from @miaa)

Jrue Holiday. When he makes any movement he doesn't waste a step, so when you guard someone who moves from point A to point B, it's tough. He's fundamentally sound.


Current KU starting five in the NBA? Are you the waviest player in the league? (from @mahomesless)

It's an obvious answer. Yes Devonte' Graham, me at the 2, Wiggins at the 3, Wayne Selden at the 4 and Joel Embiid at the 5.


UCLA NBA squad vs. Kansas NBA squad. Who wins? (from @js)

UCLA got Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, Lonzo Ball...man, I guess I'll take Kansas LOL, but I just gave y'all the scouting report so...


Thoughts on Boston fans chanting 'F you Oubre'? (from @DiehardBrownsFan)

They loved me. They love me, man. They had the whole arena screaming "F you." They gotta love me. Was like, wow, there's a lot of love in there.


Favorite moment on the Wizards? (from @Amaan444)

Being in the playoffs. It was amazing man just to feel the atmosphere and compete at the highest level. It was super dope to be a part of that.


Have any advice for someone that needs that next step to really take off with their game? (from @TatetheToT0617)

Just keep working, keep working, keep working. Block out all the outside noise.


Who would win in a street fight. You or Draymond? (from @Chinballer)

I'm not going to answer this. I have a blackbelt in taekwondo, though. I'll leave it at that.


Who would you want to take to a brawl with you? (from @fish5613)

DeAndre Ayton. He's huge.


Who is the funniest teammate you have had? (from @STLCards1999)

Sheldon Mack. Funniest dude I've ever met in my life.


Who's the locker room clown? (from @Freshlilmike)

I would say El Ocho. Frank Kaminsky. He's got so many nicknames. El Ocho. Frank the Tank. He's hilarious, man.


Best team plane gambling story? (from @BR_Betting)

I don't talk about that. People gamble, but I don't talk about that.


What is your favorite pregame meal and postgame meal? (from @lanmac)

Chick-fil-A pregame. Favorite postgame meal? Whatever my chef whips up that night. Pasta and protein.


Do you dress yourself or you got a stylist? (from @YGMeech)

I dress myself. I don't have a stylist and will never have a stylist.


Who has the best style in the NBA? (from @roothly)

At this point man...other than myself.. I'm gonna have to go with Jordan Clarkson. He's in Cleveland, so you don't get to see him a lot, but he can really put it together.


Will you bring back the Supreme sleeve? (from @lilsidthefnskid)

No. They told me I couldn't wear that thing ever again. They don't pay me. JR Smith actually got the deal after I did it!


Are you gonna trim your hair down a little? (from @Baghunter)

No. I would never cut my hair again. Last time I trimmed my hair was my freshman year in college. I was devastated. I will never do that again.


Where did the name wave Pappi come from? And is there a story behind it? (from @ah_6)

Waves are energy. I looked at myself as someone who really recognizes and appreciates energy. I just want to always be mindful of energy. That all comes back. Someone who is very mindful of the energy they put out in the world.


How did you and DeAndre come up with Valley Boyz? (from @DevinBooker)

We were talking about what we want our identity to be moving forward. We wanted to create a gang of people who relate to us. Valley boys and valley girls. It's super catchy, super trendy. The valley boys were born on the way home from a game.


Will you be having another valleyboyz popup shop or sell some merch online? (from @sHypnos)

Yes, looking for the next popup. Online store coming sooner than you think. Black Friday coming up.


What made you choose to sign with Converse? (from @jlafontaine)

I signed with Converse because it was the most organic collaboration I could've done. They came to me last out of every shoe company. They gave me the most creative control and a platform to be different than everyone else. I'm the only one flying the flag right now.


What is your favorite pair of shoes? (from @byufan1984)

Converse x Disney collabs. They got the red stripe on the back with the black fur on them.


Best shoe game on the Suns? (from @AzBirdGang11)

Book. Book is a Nike athlete. He knows rappers. He's got the plug.


Do you have a signature shoe coming? (from @orunychoi)



Who was your role model or inspiration growing up? (from @BlueDevil2)

My role model growing up has always been my dad. He's always put together; he always has a plan. Beginning, middle and end for everything he's doin'.


What position do you make your MyPlayer in 2K? (from @RandomWhiteMale)

I'm a playmaking shot creator and a three-way scorer.


Do you play any video games (other than 2K)? If so, which ones? (from @SCARYTERRY01)

Call of Duty, Fortnite. I grew up playing Call of Duty only. I just started playing 2K this year. Fortnite is super dope, super creative.


What's your favorite song right now? (from @greenjellyg0at)

"World Fall Down" by Lil Tjay. Lil Tjay's featured in the song.


What are your thoughts on your Instagram comments section? (from @Arizona)

No thoughts. No comments. It's ridiculous.


Is it true that you nearly gave up basketball at 17 to pursue a career in professional Scrabble? (from @RButterflykisses)



Favorite spot to eat at around Phoenix? (from @MayhemT)

Culinary Dropout. Slanted Rice. And blanco and tequila tacos.


What basketball city has the best food? (from @lebronsucks)

New Orleans.


Chick-fil-A or Popeyes? (from @krock35)

Chick-fil-A. Raising Cane's over all, though.


Favorite cartoon show? (from @rprince_)

SpongeBob. Kept it classy, kept it timeless, man. New episode coming out. SpongeBob and Patrick are gender neutral.


The 23-year-old added: "I appreciate the questions. Love you guys. Hope to do this again soon."

Oubre has played arguably his best basketball to date this season, averaging a career-high 17.0 points on 47.3 percent shooting while adding 5.7 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game. 

With Oubre's help, the Suns are off to a 7-6 start as they look to snap a nine-year playoff drought.