4 Most Likely Booking Options for The Rock on WWE SmackDown's Fox Debut

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2019

4 Most Likely Booking Options for The Rock on WWE SmackDown's Fox Debut

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    The Rock will be on hand Friday night to help WWE start a new era for SmackDown when it switches over to Fox—as he should be.

    It goes without saying, but Dwayne Johnson is a legend on an almost untouchable level, was a presence on the blue brand and his immeasurable global reach will help get more eyeballs on the product.

    In turn, Rock's return gives the premiere a borderline WrestleMania feel, which can only be a good thing for everyone—more viewers means more attention on full-time talents ahead of the WWE draft on October 11 and 14.

    Here are the likeliest encounters Rock might partake in when he's on set for the big event.


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    Come on, right? Elias is in the ring doing his thing on the guitar, and The Rock—known for his vocal cords and strumming of his own—comes on down to the ring and gives a rendition about his rival's overall terribleness. 

    Elias' character is built for stuff like this, though. He's not doing much and hasn't been for a while, largely because his character is way too good and one-offs for special occasions. Consider that time he dropped the keyword "deadman" and got interrupted by The Undertaker. 

    This would be a funny throwback-era segment with Rock eventually getting the best of Elias. It's memorable and doesn't impact anything running on either program, too. Boom. 

John Cena

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    We haven't heard anything officially about a John Cena appearance for Friday, but he wasn't at the season premiere of Raw on Monday and quite a few of his most memorable moments occurred on the red brand. 

    And he's done a few things with The Rock, too. 

    Kidding aside, these two have their history in WrestleMania events and otherwise. They always spar well on the mic together, and if they get into it beyond that, it will be both memorable and not have any impact on the current product. 

    This is a no-brainer, provided the stars can align and WWE can get both guys on the same show. Given the weight of the event, it shouldn't be totally unexpected. 

Roman Reigns (and Maybe The Usos)

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    Roman Reigns has been kept away from the title scene to the point that Kofi Kingston is tasked with fighting Brock Lesnar to retain his title. 

    In the interim, The Big Dog has gone at it with a variety of guys, including Shane McMahon and the "who done it?" storyline that continues to eat up air time (in a good way). 

    The ongoing storyline is built for something like this, and even Reigns would say a feud makes sense

    The Reigns-Rock connection is no secret. Besides the history there, the two were working on a movie together while the former universal champion spent some time away from WWE. Now he's embattled in a two-on-one feud with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. 

    And Rowan, by the way, had the epic loss to Rock at WrestleMania 32. Yes, that was a real thing

    A feel-good moment for Reigns and Rock makes loads of sense and might have the best odds outright of anything on here. Look for The Usos to potentially get involved, too. 

Bray Wyatt/The Fiend

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    This is the riskiest item here, but it might also be the most meaningful thing WWE could do. 

    Bray Wyatt's The Fiend character is the hottest thing running in the company right now and on a path to a Universal Championship clash with Seth Rollins at Sunday's Hell in a Cell, but he hasn't hesitated to take out legends in his way. Would The Rock be next?

    On one hand, it's odd to think about Rock using perhaps his only appearance for a long time to put over The Fiend, and even more so on the blue brand when it seems Wyatt will spend his time on Raw. 

    On the other, this is WWE, land of the wild and unpredictable. Given the popularity of The Fiend, which is arguably the best thing the company has done in years, it can't go without a mention.