4 Things WWE Has Done Perfectly with 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt So Far

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 26, 2019

4 Things WWE Has Done Perfectly with 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt So Far

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    Bray Wyatt, looking directly into your soul.
    Bray Wyatt, looking directly into your soul.Credit: WWE.com

    Bray Wyatt returned to WWE in April after almost a year away from the ring and instantly became one of the most interesting characters in the company.

    The Fiend is easily the creepiest gimmick we have seen in years, and it is the best version of Wyatt's character to date. He is almost playing himself with multiple personality disorder, which is a staple of horror movie characters.

    His Firefly Fun House segments are something fans look forward to every week. It looks like WWE has given Wyatt a lot of creative freedom, and he is taking the opportunity and knocking it out of the park.

    WWE gets a lot of flak for how it writes promos and storylines, but this is one instance when nobody seems to have any complaints because every segment has been television gold.

    Let's look at all of the ways WWE has perfectly booked Wyatt as The Fiend.

Production Value

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    When WWE decides it wants something to look good, it has the best production value in all of television and live sports.

    Sometimes a video package will be so good that you end up caring about a storyline more than you did during the weeks it was taking place.

    When it comes to episodes of Firefly Fun House, WWE has allowed Wyatt to spread his wings creatively. Each one of his puppet friends has a deeper meaning than it seems on the surface, especially Abby and Huskus.

    WWE CEO Vince McMahon has even allowed himself to be portrayed as an evil puppet. That's a sure sign of how much he believes in this gimmick. 

    Every segment is filled with the kind of sound effects you would expect to hear on a normal children's show. The theme song sounds like it is right out of a Nickelodeon program.

    The editing, set design and directing have all been top-notch. In fact, this fake show for kids looks better than most programs meant for children.

Less Is More

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    Since he returned as The Fiend, Wyatt has had one match—against Finn Balor at SummerSlam. Every other appearance has either been an episode of Firefly Fun House or an attack.

    Keeping Wyatt away from the ring has added to his mystique, and his attacks against WWE legends have turned him into a true villain.

    We are beginning to see him show up in the arena more often leading up to Hell in a Cell on October 6, but that is to be expected before a title match.

    It's going to be interesting to see how he is used should he win the Universal Championship, but as long as he continues to have a presence every week, the fans might not care how much he wrestles.

The New Legend Killer

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    Speaking of attacking legends, Wyatt taking out stars such as Kane, Jerry Lawler and Mick Foley has become one of the best parts of his gimmick.

    He hasn't taken out every legend who has appeared on Raw recently, making his attacks feel more random. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin escaped unscathed, but it's unlikely WWE would have asked him to put over Wyatt the same way everyone else has.

    Randy Orton used to own the trademark on being a Legend Killer, but the title has passed to The Fiend. If you have a WWE Hall of Fame ring, you need to watch your back.

    Going after retired wrestlers was meant to turn Wyatt into a bigger heel, but the fans have been cheering whenever he shows up because WWE has made him into such an interesting character.

    If the company can turn those cheers into boos, Wyatt will be the perfect villain.

Best Wrestling Mask Ever?

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    A big part of Wyatt's new persona is his mask. Hollywood horror legend Tom Savini helped to craft it for him, and it is every bit as disturbing as anything you could imagine.

    Masks in pro wrestling have mostly been associated with luchadors, but plenty of other Superstars have worn one to make their character stand out.

    Sami Zayn wrestled under a lucha mask as El Generico for years, Rowan wore several as a member of The Wyatt Family, Kane has had a few different designs and Mick Foley had one of the weirdest and best masks as Mankind.

    Giving The Fiend such a distinctive look has provided his character with a new level of creepiness. It evokes images of The Joker, the Titans from Attack on Titan and every scary clown that has haunted your nightmares.

    The level of creativity is off the charts, and it's one of many details that make Wyatt a unique character in a business where originality is hard to come by.


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