Way-Too-Early WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 Match Card Predictions

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2019

Way-Too-Early WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 Match Card Predictions

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    Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.
    Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.Credit: WWE.com

    WWE Clash of Champions saw every champion defend their title at the pay-per-view, and while only a few belts changed hands, the results gave us a good idea of where WWE is heading with its storylines for the next event, Hell in a Cell.

    Sunday's event ended with a victorious Seth Rollins celebrating his win over Braun Strowman before being attacked by Bray Wyatt. The following night on Raw, The Fiend took out Kane before scaring the life out of the universal champion. They will do battle inside Hell in a Cell on October 6.

    We also found out Becky Lynch will be defending the Raw Women's Championship against Sasha Banks inside the dangerous structure, giving us at least two HIAC matches to look forward to.

    Tuesday's SmackDown did not give us any confirmed matches, but we did get a good idea of where several storylines are heading. Let's try to predict what else WWE will add to the card in the coming weeks. 

Chad Gable vs. Baron Corbin

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    Baron Corbin defeated Chad Gable on Raw to become the 2019 King of the Ring in what many would call The Lone Wolf's best match in his WWE career.

    The former Raw general manager may have come out on top, but it doesn't feel like this feud is anywhere close to being over. Gable has been built up as an underdog during this tournament and is going to want another chance to prove himself.

    Corbin is a great heel to pair with Gable because they are polar opposites. The Lone Wolf stands well over six-feet tall while his rival is one of the shortest male performers on the roster.

    Considering they showcased great chemistry during their showdown on Monday, WWE would be wise to keep them together to produce more fun encounters. 

The Viking Raiders vs. Anderson and Gallows

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    The Viking Raiders look to have finally moved on from facing enhancement talents every week, and their first feud appears to be with The OC.

    Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson spent time in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and so did Erik and Ivar, but WWE does not seem to be playing up their shared past.

    This feud is going to be all about putting the Raiders on the map. If WWE was looking to add a third Hell in a Cell bout to the card, this would be a great choice.

    These two teams would destroy each other and everything around them given the opportunity, so why not cage them up and see what happens?

Cedric Alexander vs. AJ Styles

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    It's kind of hard to tell if WWE is going to keep the program between AJ Styles ad Cedric Alexander going since The Phenomenal One picked up successive wins over the former cruiserweight champion at Clash of Champions and the next night on Raw.

    They might be done, but this could also be a case of WWE doing some long-term booking to get Alexander over as the next United States champion.

    Having him lose a few times will make his eventual victory much more satisfying than if he had simply beaten Styles for the belt on Sunday.

    These two have the potential to put on the Match of the Night against anyone, but their encounter at Clash of Champions was limited by time and ended up on the pre-show.

    If Alexander is going to take the title from Styles, it should happen after a more competitive match on the main show. 

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

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    Daniel Bryan finally responded to Erick Rowan's betrayal on this week's SmackDown and the former Wyatt Family member made his feeling clear: He is not looking to be friends with The Planet's Champion anymore.

    Luke Harper helped The Redwood take Bryan out. Roman Reigns tried to make the save, but he was also dispatched by the powerhouses.

    While it is unclear if the plan is to turn Bryan back into a babyface, it's pretty obvious WWE is going to pair him up with The Big Dog for a future tag team match.

    If WWE wants to get Harper and Rowan over, beating two of the biggest stars in the company would go a long way toward accomplishing that goal. But knowing WWE, Reigns and Bryan will likely emerge victorious.

Ali vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

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    Ali was scheduled to face Shinsuke Nakamura on Tuesday, but the intercontinental champion and Sami Zayn attacked him to prevent the match from taking place.

    Ali and Nakamura are going to be able to put on a great bout together, and it's great to see WWE committing to building newer talents such as the former 205 Live Superstar.

    Zayn has been great in his role as Nakamura's voice and will likely play a big role in this match if it happens at Hell in a Cell.

    If Ali is able to win the IC title, it will be the crowning achievement of his career and put him on the right path heading into 2020.

Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

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    Unfortunately, it appears as if Shane McMahon is going to continue being involved in major storylines, at least in the immediate future.

    The SmackDown boss was served with a lawsuit during Tuesday's show, with Kevin Owens claiming he was wrongfully fired and suing for $25 million.

    This is not going to end in a courtroom, obviously. This is going to end in the ring, possibly inside Hell in a Cell. KO wants his job back and McMahon is going to make him work for it.

    This feud has helped keep Owens in an important position while he waits to return to the hunt for a major championship, but this needs to be the final chapter.

    If they can settle their differences at Hell in a Cell, everyone can move on and SmackDown can have a fresh start on Fox. 

The New Day vs. The Revival

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    The New Day and The Revival are continuing to engage in a feud over the SmackDown Tag Team Championships that will likely lead to another title bout at Hell in a Cell.

    These two teams are complete opposites and that is why they work so well together. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are two old-school guys who think childish antics are beneath them.

    Big E and Xavier Woods might seem like jokers on the surface, but when the pressure is on, few tag teams in the industry can put on a match as exciting as they can.

    Whether The New Day regains the titles or The Revival keeps them, the WWE Universe is going to be treated to another great performance from two of the top teams in the business.

    What do you think WWE will add to the Hell in a Cell card?


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