Mapping out How Bayley Can Be an Effective Heel in WWE Alongside Sasha Banks

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 12, 2019

Bayley and Sasha Banks attacking Becky Lynch.
Bayley and Sasha Banks attacking Becky Lynch.Credit:

Bayley has been with WWE since December 2012 when she signed with NXT, and until she attacked Becky Lynch on the September 2 episode of Raw, she had been a babyface for her entire run with the company.

The Hugger is one of those people who seemed like she might spend her entire career working as a heroic character like Ricky Steamboat, but her recent turn opens up a lot of new possibilities for her character.

However, her post-turn promo did not do enough to justify her new attitude because she was still acting as if she was the hero of this story.

She knows Sasha Banks has a villainous streak but refuses to acknowledge it out of what she calls loyalty despite the two having worked several matches and feuds in the past.

If WWE wants this heel turn to work, it is going to have to make some changes to Bayley's overall persona.


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Lose the Side Ponytail

For as long as anyone can remember, Bayley has been known for having a side ponytail. It was a unique part of her character that helped her connect to the younger fans and convey the good-natured person she was.

She can always use it again if she returns to being a face, but for now, she needs to ditch the childish hairstyle and change it to something more appropriate for her character.

Bayley doesn't need to dye her hair blue like Banks or do anything complicated. Even if she just lets it hang down naturally, it would make a big difference for her image.


Get New Entrance Music

Bayley's current entrance only works for a babyface. The reason Sami Zayn was able to keep his same music and dance around as he always has is because it makes him look like a cocky jerk.

The Hugger still comes across as someone trying to be friends with everyone, and while the current storyline might be about how she still thinks she is a good person, she can't keep using the same song once she goes full heel.

A remix of her current music or something brand new is needed to give her the kind of edge she will never get if she keeps coming out with wacky, waving, inflatable, arm-flailing tube men on the stage. 

For the time being, she can borrow Banks' music since it appears they will continue being a team while pursuing their own individual goals.


Turn on the Fans

Because The Hugger has built up years of good faith with the WWE Universe, certain fans will treat her like a babyface until they are given enough reason not to anymore.

By playing the part of someone who thinks they are still a good role model, she is sending a mixed message, especially to her younger fans who might not understand the nuances of the way this storyline is playing out.

One promo about not wanting to be looked at as the happy-go-lucky underdog anymore would do wonders for her if she plans to remain a villain moving forward.

Bayley's situation is similar to the one Bret Hart was in when he turned heel at WrestleMania 13. He had been a good guy for a decade, and many fans did not want to accept The Hitman had turned his back on everyone who made him into a megastar.

All it took was one speech from Hart to get everyone in the arena to boo him; and if it is done right, the same thing can work for Bayley. 


Make Sasha Banks a Bigger Influence

The whole reason for this heel turn is Bayley's love for Banks. The Boss seems to have a completely different attitude since taking a break after WrestleMania 35, but her friend can't, or won't, see it.

If this heel turn is going to take place slowly over the course of a few weeks, Banks needs to start becoming a bad influence. She should be encouraging Bayley to use a steel chair instead of The Hugger taking it upon herself.

The Boss is a natural at being a villain, but this is the first time The Hugger has been an antagonist. If Banks is going to be the catalyst for this heel turn, she needs to be the one pushing and prodding her friend to be bad.

This storyline could end up being a total flop and the exact opposite to what both women need to reinvigorate their careers. It's up to WWE to give them the best chance at success by making Bayley's transition from babyface to heel feel natural.

What do you think Bayley needs to do to be an effective heel?