Twitter Reacts to Seth Rollins Win, Bray Wyatt, More WWE SummerSlam Results

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistAugust 12, 2019

Credit: WWE.com

WWE SummerSlam 2019 was a night when the stories shone through. While few contests surprised, the booking impressed as stars emerged through their in-ring work.

Whether it was the performance of Seth Rollins or the appearance of Bray Wyatt, young talent established itself throughout the night.

It was the right moment for WWE to make clear who the top stars of the brand are with definitive victories, though not everyone got that sort of spotlight.


Rollins Earns His Title of The Beastslayer

In a contest always meant to solidify The Architect, Rollins earned a definitive victory over Brock Lesnar. Despite his injuries, he refused to slow down, and he ended up connecting with The Stomp three times for the victory.

This was as clear cut a star-making match as WWE could deliver. The Beast Incarnate gave him all he had, but he was seemingly outmatched at every stage.

The victory of Rollins was an impressive display that had fans talking:

Gorilla Position @WWEGP

AND NNNNEEEEEWWWWWWWW Universal Champion, Seth FREAKING Rollins!! Loved that match. And bloody love a bit of pyro too! #SummerSlam https://t.co/FYgCf1yRqT

Nicholas Sankarsingh @N_Sank

Seth Rollins is everything Roman haters claim Reigns is. Seth Rollins is the new Cena. Disgusting.

Salvatore 🇨🇦 @SaikyoGroove

Rollins is now a legit star. He pinned Brock clean, while (kayfabe) injured. Now, it’s up to WWE to book him correctly, and rewrite the wrongs of his first reign. #SummerSlam

The match itself was also celebrated. After years of Lesnar largely rushing through contests for a quick paycheck, he stuck it out in a contest that went 13 minutes. That may not be typical main event length, but every second mattered:

Alfred Konuwa @ThisIsNasty

Brock Lesnar is the undisputed King of making you forget that you didn't want to see his match. #WWE #SummerSlam.

Cody Conlin @CodyConlin1

A very good main event with Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. Seth in my opinion won the Toronto crowd tonight after the big ovation after his win. We’ll just have to see after Raw tomorrow night. Although SummerSlam was really really boring and bad #SummerSlam

It was a great ending to a night that didn't always deliver on its promises of definitive endings. The Beastslayer earned his nickname, and hopefully now we can all move on from Lesnar as champion.


Kofi Kingston Loses It on Randy Orton

Kofi Kingston got his hands on Randy Orton finally, but he could not hold it together.

The two fought close to the finish before The Viper caught the New Day man with an RKO off the top rope dive. The WWE champion rolled outside with Orton getting distracted taunting Kofi's family.

The two got counted out before Kingston went off on The Apex Predator. He attacked him viciously until Orton was laid out. This finish got people talking as a way to keep the feud going:

PWI @OfficialPWI

Kofi-Orton ends in a . . . DOUBLE COUNTOUT? Crowd is justifiably upset at this absurd finish. The 2 had been out of the ring much longer in other parts of the match. #SummerSlam #AC

Adam Pacitti @adampacitti

I'm used to slow Orton matches but that was something else. Actually really feel for Kofi here; he was harmed the most by that load of bollocks. #SummerSlam

Rex @RexSparx2077

Honestly, Kofi is STILL the best booked champion coming outta Mania. Becky's lost so much steam and Seth well, we all know just as Mox and Ospreay. #SummerSlam https://t.co/2BBk6SfC4v

While it was a solid overall performance from both men, this was a heated rivalry that deserved a bigger spotlight at SummerSlam. It felt like WWE just putting off their fight for later.


Trish Stratus Shows She Still Has It

In her final match in WWE, Trish Stratus gave Charlotte Flair a fight she will never forget. She pushed The Queen to her limit, even locking in the Figure Eight on her and nearly taking a submission victory.

Despite all that, The Queen walked out victorious with her own tap-out win. However, fans were absolutely appreciative of the effort from the multiple time women's champion:

Scott Fishman @smFISHMAN

Holy crap...@trishstratuscom is not playing. #WWE #SummerSlam https://t.co/1StajnScjY

Turnbuckle Topics 🎙 @TT_4You

Trish doesnt know the definition of “ring rust” #WWE #Summerslam https://t.co/mesPeQHk5a

Noelle Foley @NoelleFoley

WOW @trishstratuscom still got it!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #ThankYouTrish #SummerSlam

Ultimately, Stratus might not be able to compete at the same level as the new best female stars or be able to fight at this level each week. Still, no one should doubt the greatness of the WWE Hall of Famer and the incredible work she put in so far removed from in-ring action.


Wyatt's New Gimmick and Entrance Impresses

In his return to action, Wyatt showed off in enthralling fashion. The Fiend introduced a remixed theme and frightening entrance that no one was quite ready for.

With the lights out and the arena mainly lit by the cellphones of fans, he stalked to the ring in intimidating fashion. He felt more of a star than he has in years, and everyone had something to say about it:

R.Dream @WWERDream

The Fiend came to the ring with a Bray Wyatt face with a lamp inside of it & to Brays old theme song with a new singer. WWE has actually nailed it. Speechless. #SummerSlam https://t.co/siM7WW8Kba

Angel - WrestlingNews.co Owner @AngelAramboles

Here's the Bray Wyatt entrance from #SummerSlam. I will bet that there's not one person who didn't think that was awesome. Hopefully, WWE doesn't give up on him this time. He is a main eventer. https://t.co/VNhCs1oKpt

Hairy Wrestling Fan @hairywrestling

What I love about Bray Wyatt’s repackage is that none of it was rushed. They kept him away for a while, brought him back with something nobody saw coming, then just let him be creative for a few months before putting him in a ring again. One of the best things in WWE #SummerSlam

The Eater of Worlds ended up defeating Finn Balor in expected fashion, but it was more his presence that stood out. This may be the opportunity he needs to shine.


Becky Lynch and Natalya Open the Show in Style

The Man and The Queen of Harts wasted no time, opening their match with slaps and quick submissions. They worked each other over and locked in their signature finishers until both were on their last leg.

Lynch, cheered on by the Toronto crowd, ultimately took the win by locking Natalya in the Dis-arm-her. This was a great match that helped right the direction of her title reign.

The reaction to the match was largely positive even given the somewhat lackluster build the contest had going in:

Mark @WrestlingJebus

Really good submission match that in my opinion! I think Natalya is better than some people give her credit for. Good start to #SummerSlam

Kim @kimberlasskick

🔥📷 @NatbyNature and @BeckyLynchWWE with a killer opener! So proud of them 🙌 #SummerSlam #WomensWrestling https://t.co/AA6PiAldKD

David LaGreca @davidlagreca1

This is awesome! @NatbyNature @BeckyLynchWWE #SummerSlam https://t.co/LtcAqBYbQJ


Goldberg Spears Dolph Ziggler Off Pay-Per-View

Much as expected, Dolph Ziggler had no chance going into a fight with Goldberg.

After two quick superkicks only got two, The Showoff walked into a Spear and Jackhammer for a predictable sudden loss.

It was a one-sided squash emphasized by Ziggler calling the WWE Hall of Famer back to the ring to hit him with two more Spears. It was a burial The Showoff is likely never to recover from.

Fans had a lot to say about the interaction but did not seem all that concerned about what it will mean for Ziggler's future:

Cageside Seats @cagesideseats

I’d be cool if this was three hours of Dolph Ziggler getting speared over and over again tbh. #SummerSlam

NoDQ.com: WWE Summerslam 2019 news #Summerslam @nodqdotcom

Ziggler selling like a champ! #WWE #Summerslam https://t.co/iRuv7SNruS

In fact, most fans were most interested in what Matt Riddle had to say as he continued to talk down Goldberg working at 52 years old and taking down young talent:

JJ Williams @JJWilliamsWON

"I'm not your bro." Bill Goldberg 8/11/19 @SuperKingofBros https://t.co/NN036cW3la

Ryan Satin @ryansatin

Matt Riddle threw his shoe at the TV during the Watch Along after Goldberg beat Dolph Ziggler.

With this show's combination of celebrated veterans returning and current performers making their mark, Goldberg was the only one who got the rub on both sides.