World Series Circa 2009: Yankees Vs. Phillies

Lorraine PerlaContributor INovember 4, 2009

Looking at the 2009 World Series matchup as the teams head into Game Six.

It was a concept that I first developed when the Baltimore Orioles were in the playoffs. Being a huge Bird fan, I discovered a way to ease the pain if they lost—I would bet against them.

I can’t remember the year this Yankees-vs.-Phillies/20091103115639630" title="World Series Circa 2009 " target="_blank">2009 World Series strategy first came to me, reason being less to do with my age and fading memory and more to the fact that the O’s have stunk for so long now that I’m not sure I could locate their last postseason appearance even with the research aid of the all-knowing Google.

The premise was simple—bet against the team I used to live and die with on every pitch. If they lost it was painful, but my bank account grew. If they won, I lost my bet, but was infinitely happier—I would gladly pay to see them win.

This scenario was never truer than when their playoff opponent was those rat bastards from New York, the best team that money can buy—the Stankees.

It is a betting strategy that carries over to today. I’m not alone—the world is full of Yankee haters. This is the US of Fukin A, and we root for the underdogs!

Of course, it’s a little harder to root for the dog when they’re the team whose fans pelted Santa with snowballs. Also, they’re underdogs in odds only because they are the reigning champs, and no one likes to see a team repeat, unless it’s that team’s hometown fans. But still...ANYBODY but the Yankees.

With their win last night, the Phillies closed the gap to three games to two. They only need to win two games now, which shouldn’t be too hard, right? After all, they won 93 games during the regular season. ‘Course, the Stanks won TEN more at 103, but who’s counting?

I bought NY in the series at -185 and don’t like my chances to lose (yes, lose).

In order for me to lose my money but win my happiness, Philadelphia has to:

Beat Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia.

Win two straight AT Stankee Stadium.

Win using Pedro Martinez, who is 0-2, 5.93 ERA in his last five postseason starts.

Win again, using Cole Hamels, who lost Game Three, giving up five earned runs in just four innings.

If you care to join me in some profitable Yankee hating, the current odds are only -850, meaning lay $850 to win back $950, your $850 bet, and a $100 profit!

OK, I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t do it either.

Unless they were playing the Orioles...

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