Projecting Top Surprises, Most Shocking Results of WWE Fastlane 2019

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistMarch 10, 2019

Projecting Top Surprises, Most Shocking Results of WWE Fastlane 2019

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    WWE Fastlane 2019 has crept up, with The Road to WrestleMania in full swing. This show has a decent card with an uninspired build that mainly functions to set the stage for the Show of Shows.

    Still, that setup could lead to a night littered with surprises. Sunday's event should clearly set the path for the biggest remaining matches on the WrestleMania 35 card, and WWE has never been shy about flipping the script to get people talking.

    While it may seems obvious to say that champions like Daniel Bryan and Asuka will not lose their titles now, there are still ways that their stories can be changed between now and 'Mania on April 7. Fastlane could be the right platform for that change.

    The main point of this final major event before The Showcase of the Immortals is to get people excited about what is next. This means the matches on this card matter less than what comes after.

    These are the most likely twists and turns on the horizon at WWE Fastlane to set the stage for WrestleMania 35.

Shane McMahon Walks Out on The Miz

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    The Miz and Shane McMahon's story has been a roller coaster of conflicting emotions. It has had grand highs and frustrating lows, and the stage is set to shift this feud once more.

    The Best Tag Team in the World lost the SmackDown tag team titles after just 21 days for a reason. They are not going to get them back, but this story will likely lead to a key WrestleMania contest. That will come when one man turns on the other.

    The A-Lister would be the easy choice to turn on Boy Wonder. Miz has most often played the heel, and Shane's best moments have been as a babyface. However, the story is naturally leaning toward the opposite.

    If The Most Must-See WWE Superstar continues to fail as much as he did when they lost the belts, it would make sense for Shane to finally snap. He bet on Miz to help him win the tag team titles, but his partner only barely let him taste gold.

    This would set up a fascinating story for 'Mania. Moreover, the match would help The A-Lister to establish himself as a babyface by the end of The Show of Shows, with his father showing how much he respects his son.

John Cena Returns and Gets into a Fight with Samoa Joe Backstage

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    There is almost no doubt that John Cena will be around come 'Mania. Regardless of his busy schedule, he would not miss out on the biggest show of the year. However, it is still unclear who he will fight at the event.

    For a short time, it seemed WWE was building him up to fight Drew McIntyre, but that feud has lost most of its appeal. Now the more likely scenario is a match that has long been discussed as a potential dream encounter: Cena vs. Samoa Joe.

    It would be easy to sell this feud quickly by having The Cenation Leader return at Fastlane to scope out the competition and discuss 'Mania, only to get ambushed by Joe, who does not otherwise have a spotlight on Sunday.

    These longtime friends got into the business at the same time, and a match they had together was what got The Champ signed by WWE. It took The Samoan Submission Specialist much longer to get to WWE because of his perceived lack of star quality, but now they are ready to fight again.

    Cena has shown he is willing to put over talent, especially now that he has stepped away from the main wrestling scene. Joe needs a rub more than just about anyone in the business who is getting regular screen time.

    Put Joe's United States Championship on the line, a title Cena has often fought for at 'Mania, and you have the perfect match to get people talking about the show.

Lacey Evans Books Her 1st Match at WrestleMania by Confronting Asuka

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    Asuka vs. Mandy Rose is a fine filler match for SmackDown Live, but it is not going to carry on to 'Mania. Honestly, there are not any great options for The Empress of Tomorrow at The Show of Shows, but one wrestler has been built up for it.

    Much as she did in Asuka's first match with The Golden Goddess that set up the Fastlane title clash, it would make sense for Lacey Evans to attempt to overshadow this match. However, instead of costing Asuka her match, it would be a set up for The Southern Belle's debut one-on-one PPV contest.

    It is not uncommon for talent to come in around this time and wait until 'Mania before getting into the ring. While the results have rarely created a star, with such names as Fandango and Big E previously getting that spotlight, it is an effective storytelling device.

    Obviously, more deserving talent should take that spot, but Evans has mystery behind her that makes her a bigger star for this moment. According to, she has been penciled in as the replacement for Ronda Rousey once the Raw women's champion leaves  (h/t Robert Gunier of Wrestling Inc).

    If WWE is serious about Evans' future in the business, it would make sense for her to make her presence felt at Fastlane. Who else will step up to Asuka on the blue brand?

Dean Ambrose Turns on Roman Reigns, Setting Up Final Match at WrestleMania

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    Dean Ambrose could well be on his way out of WWE. Before he leaves, the company should do everything possible to convince him to stay. How about booking him against his best friend for only the second time ever in a heavily featured 'Mania contest?

    The Shield's latest reunion has been unnecessary and ignored The Lunatic Fringe's chance to finally play a heel in the company. Rather than continuing to limit him, WWE should embrace this final month of Ambrose by letting him play up his desire to leave.

    It would be a great bargaining chip to get him re-signed while also telling a great story, even if he does still leave. Ambrose and Reigns have never feuded despite working together since their main-roster debut in 2012, which feels like a complete waste.

    Imagine a scenario wherein The Big Dog loses his first match back by pinfall because his friend and ally betrays him. It's instant heat that would establish The Lunatic better than during the peak of his rivalry with Seth Rollins.

    While WWE may want to sell out house shows by continuing to market The Shield until their last day together, this heel turn would spark far more interest in the product over a short time.

Ronda Rousey Costs Becky Lynch Her Match with Charlotte Flair

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    Everyone has known for months that Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair would be the main event of WrestleMania 35, yet WWE refuses to admit that's the plan. The story continues to grow more complicated just to pass the time.

    Lynch vs. Flair is a classic scenario in which only one side can win. The Queen does not gain anything from a victory, while The Man would lose everything with a defeat. It seems impossible that The Irish Lass Kicker tastes defeat.

    However, a wild card in this match could give WWE a way out of the most predictable result. Instead of having The Man stand tall, The Baddest Woman on the Planet could run in and make sure her primary rival fails.

    The newly turned heel has shown already that she's grown frustrated and maybe outright scared of Lynch. She does not know how to deal with her. If Rousey interferes to cost The Irish Lass Kicker this match, she would be seemingly set herself up to only fight Charlotte.

    She would also be leaving a backdoor for Lynch to still be added. Stephanie McMahon has stated already that she is not happy with Rousey's actions and would likely be the first to step in if Rousey manipulated the outcome of this likely Fastlane main event.

    It would be a classic WWE move to do the unexpected to simply delay the inevitable, surprising people perhaps just for the night before a reversal on Raw to finally confirm the 'Mania headliner.


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