Bold Booking Predictions on the Road to WWE WrestleMania 35

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 22, 2019

Bold Booking Predictions on the Road to WWE WrestleMania 35

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    Big E and Xavier Woods celebrating with Kofi Kingston.
    Big E and Xavier Woods celebrating with Kofi Kingston.Credit:

    The Road to WrestleMania is an interesting time in WWE because the company always picks a few people it will push hard leading into the pay-per-view.

    Sometimes the company chooses to make one of its top stars a priority, but the most exciting pushes are the ones when midcard Superstars start being looked at as main event players.

    All you have to do is look at past WrestleManias to see which wrestlers were given a substantial boost and which ones were booked the same as always.

    Daniel Bryan became a true main eventer leading up to WrestleMania 30, and the same can be said for Shawn Michaels during the build to the 1996 showpiece and his famous Ironman match with Bret Hart.

    In order to pull off some of these storylines, WWE has to do unexpected things sometimes. This article will attempt to make some bold booking predictions for between now and the biggest show of the year on April 7.

Kofi Kingston Wins WWE Title at Fastlane

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    Kofi Kingston's recent push began as a result of his stellar performance in a Gauntlet match on SmackDown Live five days before Elimination Chamber.

    The fans have clearly picked the New Day member as their new golden boy, and after all of the years he has spent churning out amazing matches, it's a well-deserved accolade.

    He ended up earning a shot at the WWE title at the Fastlane PPV, but a lot of people expect The New Daniel Bryan to retain and headline WrestleMania.

    If WWE really wanted to surprise the crowd and give a Superstar a championship push at the same time, it will book Kingston to win the belt on March 10. 

    Not only would his victory be somewhat unexpected, but it would also be lauded by fans and critics alike.

    WWE is constantly criticized for being too predictable. It's about time it took steps to change that perception, and booking Kingston to win the title when few expect him to would help accomplish that goal. 

Shane McMahon Turns on The Miz

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    The Miz and Shane McMahon's partnership was never designed to be a long-term one. It's obvious someone is going to turn on the other, but it doesn't have to go down the way everyone thinks it will.

    The Miz is an outstanding heel who can make the crowd love or hate him at the drop of a hat, so naturally, everyone expects him to be the one who stabs McMahon in the back.

    Imagine how shocking it would be if it was actually Shane-O-Mac who became the villain. Nobody would see it coming, and it would completely subvert expectations.

    They are probably going to have a singles match at WrestleMania, but it would be far more interesting if it was The Miz fighting back against the tyrannical McMahon dynasty instead of him being the same heel he has been countless times in the past. 

    We know the former SmackDown Live commissioner can play a bad guy, and frankly, his character needs something to make him more interesting than just being the one nice McMahon in the family. 

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins Bury the Hatchet

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    Dean Ambrose's impending exit from WWE has clearly changed how he is being booked, but that doesn't mean the company is going to waste him during WrestleMania season.

    His feud with Seth Rollins no longer appears to be a priority. Their recent interactions indicate The Lunatic Fringe is no longer obsessed with taking out his former Shield brother, so there is a strong possibility they will reconcile before he leaves. 

    In fact, having Ambrose help Rollins defeat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship would be a great way to end his run with the company.

    Not only would it serve as a swan song of sorts for Ambrose, but it would also give fans of The Shield hope the group could reunite one day if he ever decides to return.

Mustafa Ali Chases the US Title

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    Mustafa Ali came to SmackDown from 205 Live and immediately started gaining momentum by facing some of the biggest stars in the company, but an injury leading up to Elimination Chamber derailed him a bit.

    When he returns, he is going to need something to do. Going after the WWE title is out of the question right now, so his next best option is pursuing the United States Championship.

    A feud like this would obviously help Ali, but it would also be beneficial to R-Truth. Since winning the title back from Shinsuke Nakamura, he has barely appeared on WWE television.

    Putting two amazing performers like them in the ring is practically guaranteed to produce a great match and continue the push Ali started before being injured two weeks ago. 

    What do you think will happen on the Road to WrestleMania 35?