Early Predictions for Entire WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Match Card

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 1, 2018

Early Predictions for Entire WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 Match Card

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    Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan, The Miz and Maryse.
    Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan, The Miz and Maryse.Credit: WWE.com

    WWE's themed B-level pay-per-views are always a little more exciting, and the way the company has set up the card, Hell in a Cell should be no different.

    The event does not take place until September 16, but management has already put together six matches. Here is a rundown of everything booked so far, according to WWE.com:

    • Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse
    • Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss (Raw Women's Championship)
    • The New Day vs. TBD (SmackDown Tag Team Championships)
    • Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton (Hell in a Cell)
    • AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe (WWE Championship)
    • Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (Hell in a Cell, Universal Championship)

    Let's go through each match and make some early predictions.

The Miz and Maryse vs. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

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    Bryan lost his big showdown with The Miz at SummerSlam, but we all knew their feud wasn't going to end there.

    These two will be fighting on and off until one of them retires, and the next chapter of their story will include their wives in a mixed tag team match.

    Since Bryan lost the singles match, there is almost no way WWE is going to have him lose again. The most interesting part of the outcome will be who takes the loss on the other team.

    If WWE still wants to protect The Miz's image, having Maryse get pinned or made to submit by Brie would be the best way to accomplish that goal.

    She is not a full-time talent, so taking losses means nothing to her overall career at this point because she serves as more of a manager than anything else.

Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss (Raw Women's Title)

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    Little Miss Bliss will get her rematch against Rousey for the Raw women's title at Hell in a Cell. On paper, this should be one of the easiest matches to predict.

    Rousey just won the title at SummerSlam on Aug. 19, so WWE would be foolish to take it away from her a month later, especially when she is getting so much mainstream media attention from being the champion.

    She may be part-time, but she has made more regular appearances than Brock Lesnar ever did to plug an upcoming match during his reign as universal champion. 

    Rousey will get the win, but we may get a twist involving Natalya turning on her friend. WWE needs matches for the upcoming Evolution pay-per-view, and The Queen of Harts would be a perfect candidate to face Rowdy Ronda.

    Natalya has been chummy with Rousey since she debuted, but it would be easy to write a story about her being fed up with everyone paying attention to the former UFC champion instead of her. 

The New Day vs. TBD (SmackDown Tag Titles)

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    The New Day will face the winners of a mini-tournament on SmackDown to find new No. 1 contenders, but it doesn't matter who wins it.

    Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E just celebrated becoming five-time tag champs, and while a few other teams on the blue brand deserve a run with the belts, it wouldn't make sense for The New Day to lose them right now.

    The Bludgeon Brothers were built up into monsters who decimated anyone they faced, so The New Day beating them was supposed to look like an underdog story.

    If someone else comes in and beats them right away, it would kill all the momentum they just spent several weeks establishing. 

Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton (Hell in a Cell)

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    Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton have been going back and forth for the past couple of months, so Hell in a Cell should be their last encounter in this feud.

    Putting them inside the cage will give them an excuse to choreograph some violent stunts, but the actual outcome is a bit harder to predict than most of the other matches in the card.

    Hardy has been a great asset for SmackDown in recent months, but this feels like Orton's time to shine. He has been at the top of his game since returning as a heel, and granting him a win over someone as popular as Hardy would help give him even more heat.

    Many are expecting The Charismatic Enigma to do something wild like jump off of the cell. Having him miss the mark would give The Viper the perfect way to defeat him.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe (WWE Championship)

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    WWE has done a great job making the feud between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles feel as personal as it can be without having access to their years of history from Impact Wrestling and other small promotions.

    Bringing Styles' wife, Wendy, into the storyline has given Joe the opportunity to act like a truly reprehensible human being, and he is excelling beautifully in the role.

    The Phenomenal One has been wearing his emotions on his sleeve as Joe has gotten under his skin, and Hell in a Cell feels like the best chance WWE will have to make him into the WWE champion he deserves to be.

    WWE hasn't booked this as one of the bouts to take place inside the cell, but it wouldn't be surprising if the stipulation was added in the coming weeks.

    Styles has had a great run with the title, but this is Joe's moment of glory. 

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman (Hell in a Cell, Universal Championship)

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    Strowman turning on Reigns during their tag match against Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler won't make the WWE Universe boo him any more than it will make fans cheer for The Big Dog.

    However, positioning Strowman as someone who has clearly thought out his plan ahead of time instead of the mindless monster he can sometimes appear to be during his feuds will benefit him in the long run. 

    The Money in the Bank contract was supposed to be his chance to take his place at the top of the WWE mountain, but that would cause The Big Dog to look weak after finally dethroning Brock Lesnar as the universal champion at SummerSlam.

    Sticking them inside the cell is supposed to take The Shield out of the equation, but we have seen people break in and out of the cage before, so anything is possible. 

    Strowman might win, but The Big Dog is a slightly safer bet at this point. 

Possible Additions to the Card

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    Hell in a Cell still has room for a handful of matches to be added, and recent storylines developments give us a good idea of who will be featured at the PPV.

    Becky Lynch and Charlotte need to have a showdown over the SmackDown Women's Championship after what we have seen during their past few interactions.

    Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson have definitely earned themselves a shot at the Raw tag titles, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Drew Gulak get another chance to win the Cruiserweight Championship from Cedric Alexander, even if they are put on the pre-show again.

    Whether it's a singles or tag team match, McIntyre and Ziggler will have some kind of fight against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. 

    Elias will likely attempt to perform a song at some point, but don't be shocked if someone interrupts him to create an on-the-spot matchup. 

    What are you Hell in a Cell Predictions?