Fantasy Football 2018: 5-Round Standard League Mock Draft, Potential Team Names

Elizabeth FinnyContributor ISeptember 1, 2018

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell (26) plays in an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Don Wright)
Don Wright/Associated Press

With Thursday's season opener between the champion Philadelphia Eagles and their NFC divisional-round opponent last year, the Atlanta Falcons, quickly approaching, so are everyone's fantasy football drafts.

In recent weeks, the NFL has seen trades and retirements that could affect fantasy football. As everything settles ahead of the first game, there's time for a clearer look at top fantasy picks, sleepers and players you need on your team.

To prepare for your draft, take a look at this five-round mock draft for 10-team standard leagues. Each round will be followed with a quick analysis. And if you're not feeling creative, take a look at some of our fantasy team name suggestions.


Round 1

1. Team 1: Le'Veon Bell, RB, PIT

2. Team 2: Todd Gurley, RB, LAR

3. Team 3: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, DAL

4. Team 4: David Johnson, RB, ARI

5. Team 5: Antonio Brown, WR, PIT

6. Team 6: Saquon Barkley, RB, NYG

7. Team 7: DeAndre Hopkins, WR, HOU

8. Team 8: Alvin Kamara, RB, NO

9. Team 9: Odell Beckham Jr., WR, NYG

10. Team 10: Leonard Fournette, RB, JAX


Round 1 Analysis

While Todd Gurley may seem like a contender for the No. 1 pick in fantasy football, his unpredictable six-touchdown 2016 season leaves room for doubt. Le'Veon Bell, on the other hand, has proved to be a consistent scorer when healthy, making him a good first pick.

Ezekiel Elliott and David Johnson follow, capping off the top running backs in the league. Johnson may prove to be more successful than Elliott this season if he is playing his top game, but after going down with a season-ending wrist injury in Week 1 last season, he may need some time to reach his potential once again.

There's plenty of top talent among running backs this season, with Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara and Leonard Fournette rounding out the first-round running back list. Kamara had a 13-touchdown rookie season, and with not many changes to the New Orleans Saints' receiving and running offense, success is in his future.

Barkley boasted two consecutive 20-plus touchdown seasons at Penn State, making him a top-two pick in April's draft. After an AFC title game berth last year, the Jacksonville Jaguars may be able to make another run, and they can't do that without Fournette in the backfield.

There are a few receivers who should be included in your first-round picks. There's no surprise that they are Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins and Odell Beckham Jr. Brown and Hopkins are no-brainers, but don't underestimate Beckham. Not only is he one of the best-paid receivers in the league, but he also had more than 1,300 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns in all three seasons in which he was healthy.


Round 2

11. Team 10: Julio Jones, WR, ATL

12. Team 9: Kareem Hunt, RB, KC

13. Team 8: Melvin Gordon, RB, LAC

14. Team 7: A.J. Green, WR, CIN

15. Team 6: Michael Thomas, WR, NO

16. Team 5: Christian McCaffrey, RB, CAR

17. Team 4: Davante Adams, WR, GB

18. Team 3: Devonta Freeman, RB, ATL

19. Team 2: Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN

20. Team 1: Rob Gronkowski, TE, NE


Round 2 Analysis

Another no-brainer comes in drafting Julio Jones. While the veteran wide receiver may not be producing as many touchdowns as he did in his first few seasons in the league, the Atlanta Falcon has caught for more yards as he's gotten older, ending last season with more than 1,400 yards. You can't beat Jones when it comes to consistency.

Receivers Michael Thomas and A.J. Green are also both good picks at WR1. While Green had double the amount of touchdowns last season, Thomas had him beat in yardage. Additionally, as a younger player than Green, Thomas still has a whole lot of playing in front of him and more to prove. He has the potential to produce a year reminiscent of his 2016 season, when he recorded nine touchdowns.

With the Carolina Panthers having a similar roster to last season, Christian McCaffrey should continue to be a safe running back option. As will Devonta Freeman with the Falcons. Davante Adams may not have broken that 1,000-receiving-yard ceiling yet, but his past two 10-plus touchdown seasons will keep your fantasy points rolling in.

The wild card in the second round may be none other than New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. With the Patriots struggling in their usually successful wide receiver positions, Gronk could be the go-to for receiving the ball from Tom Brady until Julian Edelman returns from his four-game suspension. If there's a season for a tight end to go in the second round, it's this one.


Round 3

21. Team 1: Keenan Allen, WR, LAC

22. Team 2: Mike Evans, WR, TB

23. Team 3: Jordan Howard, RB, CHI

24. Team 4: Joe Mixon, RB, CIN

25. Team 5: Stefon Diggs, WR, MIN

26. Team 6: LeSean McCoy, RB, BUF

27. Team 7: Travis Kelce, TE, KC

28. Team 8: Tyreek Hill, WR, KC

29. Team 9: Lamar Miller, RB, HOU

30. Team 10: Adam Thielen, WR, MIN


Round 3 Analysis

It's no surprise Keenan Allen is a WR1 after his almost-1,400-yard season in 2017. Despite the Los Angeles Chargers' inability to make it to the postseason, this year could be lucky for the Chargers, who analyst Warren Sharp says have the third-easiest schedule in the NFL (h/t Jared Dubin of If this happens, Allen could see himself become the top target for the team hungry to earn a first postseason berth since 2013.

After their appearance in the NFC Championship Game last season, where they lost to the eventual champions, the Minnesota Vikings are looking strong going into the 2018 season.

Kirk Cousins is still figuring his game out but had an obvious connection with Stefon Diggs, who will be the Vikings' go-to receiver. He has the potential to break 1,000 receiving yards this season and increase his touchdown production as well. Adam Thielen will see action as well, but Diggs should be Cousins' No. 1 receiver. That said, you can count on Thielen to rack up yards for your team.

Other players who have the potential to score touchdowns but who can also be counted on to provide offensive yards are the Chicago Bears' Jordan Howard, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Mike Evans and the Buffalo Bills' LeSean McCoy. With more than 1,000 yards each overall and varying touchdown production, these three players are solid third-round picks.

You may be surprised to see Lamar Miller in the third round of a fantasy draft. With quarterback Deshaun Watson healthy again after suffering a torn ACL in November, the Houston Texans have the chance to put together a powerful offense this season.

Before getting hurt, Watson averaged 34.7 points per game in his six starts and almost 1,700 passing yards overall. As a dual-threat QB, if Watson is able to clear the lane, Miller could have plenty of chances to score big this season.


Round 4

31. Team 10: Zach Ertz, TE, PHI

32. Team 9: Amari Cooper, WR, OAK

33. Team 8: T.Y. Hilton, WR, IND

34. Team 7: Royce Freeman, RB, DEN

35. Team 6: Jerick McKinnon, RB, SF

36. Team 5: Alex Collins, RB, BAL

37. Team 4: Larry Fitzgerald, WR, ARI

38. Team 3: Doug Baldwin, WR, SEA

39. Team 2: Kenyan Drake, RB, MIA

40. Team 1: Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB


Round 4 Analysis

Alex Collins and Kenyan Drake both have similar potential for their teams. After the Miami Dolphins traded Jay Ajayi in November, Drake had some breakout games and showed what he could do in the backfield for the team.

Despite having to split carries with Frank Gore, which could decrease his fantasy potential, expect him to make waves in the fantasy world. Similarly, Collins will shine with the Baltimore Ravens and has even less competition than Drake. Expect him to break 1,000 rushing yards this season.

Denver Broncos rookie Royce Freeman is someone to watch for this draft season. The running back out of Oregon had monster seasons in 2014, 2015, and 2017, with rushing yards hovering around 1,500 average yards in each of those three seasons.

Despite a knee injury affecting his 2016 season, the former Duck had 60 rushing touchdowns over his four years in Oregon. In the hole left by C.J. Anderson's departure, Freeman has the ability to shine this season in Denver.

Some stable picks include wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald, Doug Baldwin and Amari Cooper, who will produce consistently in the WR2 slot.

In the fourth round, Team 1 should look to take a QB since they won't have back-to-back selections again until the 60th pick. The Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers is a no-brainer. Yes, injury cut short his 2017 season. But Rodgers is a top-three quarterback when healthy. Just pick him.


Round 5

41. Team 1: Allen Robinson, WR, CHI

42. Team 2: Demaryius Thomas, WR, DEN

43. Team 3: Marshawn Lynch, RB, OAK

44. Team 4: Tom Brady, QB, NE

45. Team 5: Jay Ajayi, RB, PHI

46. Team 6: Jarvis Landry, WR, CLE

47. Team 7: Golden Tate, WR, DET

48. Team 8: JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, PIT

49. Team 9: Derrick Henry, RB, TEN

50. Team 10: Deshaun Watson, QB, HOU


Round 5 Analysis 

The Tennessee Titans have two options at running back: 2015 Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry and former Patriot Dion Lewis.

Henry cracks the top 50 rather than Lewis because of his two years of experience on the team and similar stats to the former New England running back. Lewis, on the other hand, has yet to perform in the same capacity as he did under the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Henry seems to be the safer pick as the Titans' go-to running back.

A couple other quarterbacks who should be picked up in the fifth round are Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson. Both these players have a lot of hype surrounding them and something to prove.

At 41, Brady is one of the oldest players in the league and is hungry to win his sixth title as rumors about his retirement swirl. Watson is the opposite of Brady, as he's at the beginning of his career. He went down with a season-ending injury last season, so he will also be hungry to show what he's made of this time around.

JuJu Smith-Schuster also breaks the top 50 despite his competing with Brown for touches. The Pittsburgh Steeler was able to pull off seven touchdowns, more than 900 receiving yards and a kickoff return for a touchdown in his rookie season in 2017.


Potential Team Names

Kenyan, Do You Love Me? For all those Drake fans out there who are In Their Feelings.

Hit the (Sa)quon. Who likes to Hit the Quan?.

JuJu on That Beat. Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance. Aye! How many pop culture references are too many pop culture references?

Golden Tater Tots. Who doesn't love a good tater tot while watching Sunday football?

Rolls-Royce. If you love cars and the Oregon Ducks, this is the name for you.


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