Yankees Make Postseason Unwatchable

Leslie MonteiroSenior Analyst IOctober 27, 2009

Wednesday night provides this viewer some options to watch. He can either watch the first game of the World Series or take in couple of pro basketball games by couple of sorry basketball teams that play in New York and New Jersey.

Watching the Knicks and the Nets is a better option that watching an American League team buying its way to the World Series.

At least, both of those teams offer comic relief when it comes to playing basketball especially in the fourth quarter when they come up with innovative ways of letting leads slip away. It makes one wonder why would LeBron James even considering playing for a New York team.

This postseason can be described as boring. The Yankees overwhelmed the Twins and the Angels while the Phillies exposed the Rockies and the Dodgers as frauds.

Besides the Philly Phanatics and the Yankee Universe, how can anyone be excited about the World Series and what has happened so far in October?

The Phillies are likable at least. It's hard to hate anyone on the team, and these guys play like warriors every time in a contest.

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They expect good things to happen when they play out on the field. They know they are going to win even when they trail late in the game.

What is there for a baseball fan to like the Yankees?

New Yorkers love them because they win. If they lost, they turn on them in a New York minute. Just ask the Jets, Knicks and the Rangers.

For the rest of us, this is our national nightmare. How can anyone enjoy watching a team featuring billionaires?

Those guys are making millions, but with endorsements, they make even more millions so that's good enough for them to be considered billionaires. Plus for them, it's chump change to pay rent or buy whatever they want.

How can we relate to those Bronx Bombers especially in an economy where people continue to lose jobs every year? Even New Yorkers need to ask themselves that question even if the winning jades them from thinking that way.

Those players are unlikable too. They act like it's a chore to talk to the fans whether they are at home or on the road, and they come off unpleasant when they talk to the media by offering boring cliches.

Their current manager acts like he knows more baseball than anyone just by the way he conducts himself in the dugout and in press conferences. His pitching changes reflect his ability to convince people that he is a genius.

For Pete's sake, they make the Spurs look entertaining when it comes to charisma.

They make winning look depressing. We expect them to win and blow out opponents like they have done so far in the second season.

What excitement can a fan get from seeing a Yankee hit a home run?

Don't expect things to change in the World Series. As good as the Phillies are, it's easy to play well in a junior-varsity league otherwise known as the National League.

They are now facing the big boys, and it isn't going to be pretty.

Unlike the Rockies and the Dodgers, the Yankees feature great hitters and wily pitchers.

The Phillies match up well with the Yankees when it comes to offense, but when it comes to pitching, there's no comparison.

This series looks like a mismatch just like it was in the ALDS and the ALCS. This has a making of a four-game sweep, and it's going to happen.

The sooner this series ends, the better off America will be.

The Yankees can please everyone by ending this series on Sunday.

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