$200M Payroll + No World Series Title = Failed Season For Yankees

Bill Robbins@bill_kc28Correspondent IOctober 23, 2009

The 2009 New York Yankees came into the regular season with a lot of hope and promise. They splurged big time in their off-season by signing ace CC Sabathia, another ace in A.J. Burnett, and slugging first basemen Mark Teixeira.

This was beginning to look like the most talented lineup and pitching staff that the Yankees have ever put out on the field. And, indeed it has been.

New York has accomplished a lot this season with a plethora of talent. The pinstripers cruised through the regular season by winning over 100 games and leaving all their division foes in the dust. They have, for the most part, cruised through the playoffs, and could close out the LA Angels with a win tomorrow night.

Now, throw all of these accomplishments aside, there is still something big that is missing from this New York Yankees season.

This one thing is of course a World Series Title.

Now I know that they haven't had a chance to win it yet this season, but you have to admit, as a perspective baseball fan, if the New Yorkers don't win it this year, it would be a major choke-job on the half of Joe Girardi and his enormous amount of talent on the roster.

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I mean, seriously, its not like every team can just have Alex Rodriguez come up and bail them out time and time again with a game-tying home run.

Most teams don't have a stud starting pitcher like CC Sabathia towing the rubbber every fifth day, that can just flat out blow away major league hitters whenever he feels like it.

More importantly, teams would love to have talent like this on their respective rosters, but the way baseball is, many teams just can't afford it.

I am by no means writing this article to banter and complain about how the MLB should get a salary cap for teams like in the NFL, I just think it is too bad that what many call "America's Team" has been on a streak of trying to buy championships with great players for years now.

All I am saying is if they end up winning the World Title this year or not, I hope that other owners around the league look at this example that New York has set and do not choose to follow it.

Personally, I have grown up a fan of small market teams, as my favorite team has always been the Kansas City Royals.

Maybe, just maybe, if the Yankees pull a choke-job this year, then the Steinbrenners will think about running a franchise a little differently, possibly along the lines of building a team instead of buying a team.

Either way, I'm sure we will all be hearing about it on ESPN, if the beloved Yanks pull it out or not.

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