WWE No Mercy 2017: 6 Most Memorable Moments in Event's History

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2017

WWE No Mercy 2017: 6 Most Memorable Moments in Event's History

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    Credit: WWE.com

    No Mercy is one of the longest-running and well-established pay-per-view shows on the WWE calendar besides the traditional heavyweights such as WrestleMania and Survivor Series.

    The 2017 event on September 24 will be a Raw-exclusive show and will see Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar collide for the WWE Universal Championship.

    Most of Raw's other championships are certain to be on the line as the company looks to add this year's edition to the long list of impressive shows in No Mercy's history.

    With that in mind, here's a look back at the event's most memorable moments.

6. Chris Jericho's Crowning Glory (2001)

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    By the time No Mercy 2001 had rolled around, Chris Jericho's WWE career was starting to pick up momentum.

    He had started slowly since switching from World Championship Wrestling in its latter years before that company's demise, but he had begun to improve as the years went on.

    However, fans were continually asking whether Jericho could ever get over the line and win WWE's biggest prize—the world title.

    That dream finally became a reality for Jericho at the 2001 edition of No Mercy.

    That night, he would fight The Rock after a lengthy rivalry with the WCW Championship on the line.

    It was a great moment for Jerichaholics across the world as Y2J played his part in a great contest, eventually putting The Rock away in one of the standout bouts of 2001.

    Suddenly, Jericho had scaled the mountain. He would remain there for years to come, too. 

5. Clash of the McMahons (2003)

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    The McMahon family has never been shy of taking a bold step forward when it comes to booking, as No Mercy 2003 proves.

    That pay-per-view saw Mr. McMahon clash against none other than his daughter, Stephanie, in an "I Quit" match. 

    Vince, as is tradition, played the role of the demonic heel throughout the feud, taunting his daughter before eventually stepping into the ring with her at No Mercy.

    Amazingly, Stephanie put on a brave, courageous effort, refusing to buckle at any point throughout the contest.

    She would not give in, but her mother Linda had to eventually relent, throwing in the towel for her and allowing Vince to win.

4. Tag Team Magic (1999)

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    The inaugural edition of WWE No Mercy remains one of the best in the event's history, and in part, it is due to what the tag team division provided for fans that night in Manchester, England.

    It was a star-studded card from start to finish, and The Hardy Boyz battling Edge and Christian did not disappoint, more than playing their part in WWE's first-ever tag team ladder bout.

    It was, no question, incredible. 

    All four men would push themselves to the extreme and put their bodies on the line for the entertainment of the fans, and it would not be the last time they would do that.

    Eventually it was The Hardy Boyz who won the battle, but the war would wage on for a good few years afterward.

3. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels (2008)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Around the time of No Mercy 2008, both Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels were on a real roll.

    Now well-established members of the WWE roster, and main event stalwarts to boot, it seemed obvious that the two would have a great match for the World Heavyweight Championship at the pay-per-view.

    Throw in the fact that WWE added ladders to the equation, and there was one thing guaranteed: a five-star mat classic.

    It was bloody, action-packed and nonstop from start to finish. It became genuinely unpredictable which man would emerge with the title, but it was quickly obvious that both would play their part in one of No Mercy's greatest matches.

    Jericho would eventually prevail but not before Michaels had pushed him every step of the way.

2. The WWE Championship Changes Hands 3 Times (2007)

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    After WWE champion John Cena was lost to a pectoral injury in 2007 going into No Mercy, little did fans know what level of anarchy would follow.

    Immediately, the decision was made to hand the belt to Randy Orton without any question. It was a decision that caused confusion and frustration among WWE fans, perhaps with many suspecting there would be a tournament to decide the new champion.

    However, almost instantly, Orton was booked to defend the WWE Championship against Triple H in the opening match of the night. He lost, and HHH was the new champion.

    But his night's work wasn't done, and neither was Orton's. After HHH defended the belt against Umaga, he was booked for a Last Man Standing match against Orton.

    Amazingly, Orton would win the belt back, the third title change in the same night. 

1. Chyna Breaks New Ground (1999)

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    WWE is usually hesitant to create big, standout moments outside of the United States.

    However, when the first No Mercy pay-per-view was held, you suspected the company would have something special up its sleeve.

    And that certainly proved to be true as Chyna created a moment of wrestling history.

    That night, Chyna beat Jeff Jarrett to win the Intercontinental Championship—the first time a female wrestler had won a men's title in WWE.

    It wasn't a one-time thing, either. Chyna and Jarrett had been feuding for months, with the obvious backdrop that Chyna, a woman, could not live up to Jarrett, a man.

    There was a strange stipulation: This was a Good Housekeeping match, where household implements were used as weapons.

    But it was Chyna who emerged victorious, and given the significance of the moment, it has to be No Mercy's most memorable moment in history.