Fantasy Football Big Board Heading into Final Week of Preseason

Matt Camp@TheMattCampFantasy Football Lead WriterAugust 30, 2017

Fantasy Football Big Board Heading into Final Week of Preseason

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    David Johnson is the man in Arizona.
    David Johnson is the man in Arizona.Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

    The important part of the preseason games is finally behind us, and in just over a week the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots will open the 2017 regular season, although they’ll do so without Spencer Ware and Julian Edelman, respectively. Those two were casualties of meaningless preseason action, but that means their teammates have to fill the void, like Kareem Hunt and Brandin Cooks. 

    If you had your draft at any point in the last three weeks and owned the No. 1 overall pick, you probably held your breath whenever David Johnson was on the field. Luckily, he escaped what little preseason action he saw without injury and can now focus on preparing for Week 1.

    In addition to obvious rankings shifts related to injuries, you may notice some changes at running back and wide receiver, specifically in the RB2 and WR2 ranges. Those are the result of reassessing where players fit in and how I feel about teams going into the regular season compared to the start of preseason. Truthfully, I didn’t have a great grasp of every situation at the beginning of August but have learned more in the last few weeks.

    This is the final preseason Big Board article, but I’ll continue to update rankings until the opening week of the regular season. You can bookmark this page to see the latest changes.

    Note: All ADP data from Fantasy Football Calculator. All fantasy stats used to calculate finishes from FantasyPros. All advanced stats calculated using data from Pro Football Reference. All stats are based on points per reception (PPR) format.

Top 100

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    It doesn't get much more fantasy-friendly than Tom Brady and the Patriots.
    It doesn't get much more fantasy-friendly than Tom Brady and the Patriots.Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

    When I need a tiebreaker to pick between two players, I consider who is in the better situation. Does he have a good quarterback? Who else does he have to share touches with in his own backfield or receiving corps? Will his offense get more chances because his team has a poor defense? Do I trust his coach? 

    Considering those questions, here are the teams that are the most fantasy-friendly and the ones I’d like to avoid (with certain exceptions).


    Fantasy-Friendly Teams

    New England Patriots

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Oakland Raiders

    New Orleans Saints

    Green Bay Packers

    Atlanta Falcons

    Tennessee Titans


    Teams I’d Like to Avoid (If Possible)

    New York Jets (besides Bilal Powell)

    Buffalo Bills (besides LeSean McCoy)

    Jacksonville Jaguars (besides Leonard Fournette)

    Chicago Bears (besides Jordan Howard)

    Los Angeles Rams (besides Todd Gurley)


    2017 Top 100 PPR Rankings

    #Player (Team/Bye)Pos
    1David Johnson ARI (8)RB
    2Le'Veon Bell PIT (9)RB
    3Antonio Brown PIT (9)WR
    4Julio Jones ATL (5)WR
    5Odell Beckham Jr. NYG (8)WR
    6Jordy Nelson GB (8)WR
    7Mike Evans TB (11)WR
    8A.J. Green CIN (6)WR
    9Michael Thomas NO (5)WR
    10LeSean McCoy BUF (6)RB
    11Devonta Freeman ATL (5)RB
    12Brandin Cooks NE (9)WR
    13Melvin Gordon LAC (9)RB
    14DeMarco Murray TEN (8)RB
    15Jay Ajayi MIA (11)RB
    16Jordan Howard CHI (9)RB
    17Christian McCaffrey CAR (11)RB
    18Amari Cooper OAK (10)WR
    19Doug Baldwin SEA (6)WR
    20Leonard Fournette JAC (8)RB
    21T.Y. Hilton IND (11)WR
    22Dez Bryant DAL (6)WR
    23Stefon Diggs MIN (9)WR
    24Terrelle Pryor WAS (5)WR
    25Kareem Hunt KC (10)RB
    26Todd Gurley LAR (8)RB
    27Ezekiel Elliott DAL (6)RB
    28Danny Woodhead BAL (10)RB
    29DeAndre Hopkins HOU (7)WR
    30Travis Kelce KC (10)TE
    31Rob Gronkowski NE (9)TE
    32Golden Tate DET (7)WR
    33Joe Mixon CIN (6)RB
    34Alshon Jeffery PHI (10)WR
    35Tom Brady NE (9)QB
    36Aaron Rodgers GB (8)QB
    37Martavis Bryant PIT (9)WR
    38Davante Adams GB (8)WR
    39Marshawn Lynch OAK (10)RB
    40Isaiah Crowell CLE (9)RB
    41Larry Fitzgerald ARI (8)WR
    42Demaryius Thomas DEN (5)WR
    43Jamison Crowder WAS (5)WR
    44Mark Ingram NO (5)RB
    45Dalvin Cook MIN (9)RB
    46Drew Brees NO (5)QB
    47Keenan Allen LAC (9)WR
    48Carlos Hyde SF (11)RB
    49Pierre Garcon SF (11)WR
    50Allen Robinson JAC (8)WR
    51Greg Olsen CAR (11)TE
    52Jimmy Graham SEA (6)TE
    53Jordan Reed WAS (5)TE
    54Russell Wilson SEA (6)QB
    55Ty Montgomery GB (8)RB
    56Bilal Powell NYJ (11)RB
    57Tyrell Williams LAC (9)WR
    58Willie Snead NO (5)WR
    59Tyreek Hill KC (10)WR
    60Lamar Miller HOU (7)RB
    61Michael Crabtree OAK (10)WR
    62C.J. Anderson DEN (5)RB
    63Frank Gore IND (11)RB
    64Matt Ryan ATL (5)QB
    65Theo Riddick DET (7)RB
    66Jarvis Landry MIA (11)WR
    67Kyle Rudolph MIN (9)TE
    68Jeremy Maclin BAL (10)WR
    69Emmanuel Sanders DEN (5)WR
    70Zach Ertz PHI (10)TE
    71Terrance West BAL (10)RB
    72Doug Martin TB (11)RB
    73DeSean Jackson TB (11)WR
    74Kelvin Benjamin CAR (11)WR
    75Sammy Watkins LAR (8)WR
    76Adrian Peterson NO (5)RB
    77Ameer Abdullah DET (7)RB
    78Tevin Coleman ATL (5)RB
    79Brandon Marshall NYG (8)WR
    80Derek Carr OAK (10)QB
    81Marcus Mariota TEN (8)QB
    82Duke Johnson CLE (9)RB
    83Adam Thielen MIN (9)WR
    84Hunter Henry LAC (9)TE
    85Tyler Eifert CIN (6)TE
    86Jameis Winston TB (11)QB
    87Kirk Cousins WAS (5)QB
    88Darren Sproles PHI (10)RB
    89Delanie Walker TEN (8)TE
    90Kenny Britt CLE (9)WR
    91Chris Hogan NE (9)WR
    92C.J. Prosise SEA (6)RB
    93Andrew Luck IND (11)QB
    94Devante Parker MIA (11)WR
    95Cam Newton CAR (11)QB
    96Mike Gillislee NE (9)RB
    97Thomas Rawls SEA (6)RB
    98Jordan Matthews BUF (6)WR
    99Mike Wallace BAL (10)WR
    100Cole Beasley DAL (6)WR


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    If you wait for a QB, target Marcus Mariota.
    If you wait for a QB, target Marcus Mariota.Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

    Significant Change in Rankings

    10. Andrew Luck (down five spots)

    This is an obvious move, but one I was waiting to make with the hope we’d know more about Luck’s return. Unfortunately, all we know is he remains on the PUP list 11 days before the Colts open the season in Los Angeles against the Rams. 

    According to Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star, when head coach Chuck Pagano was asked about Luck, he said, "We’re moving forward with the guys we have and the guys who are practicing." At this point, no news continues to be bad news.

    If you draft Luck, you must take a backup earlier than usual to cover any time Luck could miss in the regular season. It cannot be assumed Luck will miss just one week of the regular season. This situation is a mess.


    Targets Based on Value

    Russell Wilson, SEA

    Current ADP: 69.9/QB5

    Last Week’s ADP: 69.9/QB5

    My Ranking: QB4 (no change)


    Matthew Stafford, DET

    Current ADP: 118.2/QB15

    Last Week’s ADP: 117.3/QB14

    My Ranking: QB12 (no change)


    Overvalued Players

    None of note.


    Potential Sleepers

    Carson Wentz, PHI

    Current ADP: 131.9/QB17

    Last Week’s ADP: 138.5/QB18

    My Ranking: QB17 (no change)


    Other Names to Monitor

    Andrew Luck, IND

    Current ADP: 100.2/QB11

    Last Week’s ADP: 85.2/QB8

    My Ranking: QB10 (down five spots)


    2017 Quarterback Rankings

    #Player (Team/Bye)
    1Tom Brady NE (9)
    2Aaron Rodgers GB (8)
    3Drew Brees NO (5)
    4Russell Wilson SEA (6)
    5Matt Ryan ATL (5)
    6Derek Carr OAK (10)
    7Marcus Mariota TEN (8)
    8Jameis Winston TB (11)
    9Kirk Cousins WAS (5)
    10Andrew Luck IND (11)
    11Cam Newton CAR (11)
    12Matthew Stafford DET (7)
    13Dak Prescott DAL (6)
    14Philip Rivers LAC (9)
    15Eli Manning NYG (8)
    16Ben Roethlisberger PIT (9)
    17Carson Wentz PHI (10)
    18Andy Dalton CIN (6)
    19Carson Palmer ARI (8)
    20Joe Flacco BAL (10)
    21Sam Bradford MIN (9)
    22Jay Cutler MIA (11)
    23Brian Hoyer SF (11)
    24Tyrod Taylor BUF (6)
    25Alex Smith KC (10)
    26Jared Goff LAR (8)
    27DeShone Kizer CLE (9)
    28Trevor Siemian DEN (5)
    29Josh McCown NYJ (11)
    30Mitch Trubisky CHI (9)
    31Chad Henne JAC (8)
    32Blake Bortles JAC (8)
    33Tom Savage HOU (7)
    34Deshaun Watson HOU (7)
    35Mike Glennon CHI (9)
    36Paxton Lynch DEN (5)
    37Drew Stanton ARI (8)
    38Brock Osweiler CLE (9)
    39Patrick Mahomes KC (10)

Running Backs

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    Christian McCaffrey might be the best rookie RB of a loaded class.
    Christian McCaffrey might be the best rookie RB of a loaded class.The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

    Notable Changes in Rankings

    11. Kareem Hunt (up 20 spots)

    Hunt may have become one of the best values depending on when you held your draft. I’ve been getting tweets over the last few days celebrating Hunt as a great pick in the Rounds 4-7 range. With Spencer Ware (knee) out, Hunt moves to the top of the Kansas City Chiefs’ RB depth chart and into a desirable spot for fantasy purposes. Hunt is one of five rookie RBs in my top 20.


    19. Dalvin Cook (up six spots)

    Cook was the other rookie RB to join my top 20 following the third preseason game, yet I’m still not as high on him as many are, as evidenced by an ADP that puts him on the RB1 borderline, which seems like a reach. 

    He’s earned the top spot in the Vikings backfield, but I can’t shake the presence of Latavius Murray, especially near the goal line. Also, there’s no evidence of improvement in the offensive line, which is a problem that plagued the Vikings last season. I won’t deny Cook’s talent and how good he’s looked this month, but expectations seem too high.


    20. Carlos Hyde (up six spots)

    During the introduction, I mentioned reassessing where players fit on their respective teams and adjusting accordingly. The doom and gloom surrounding Hyde coming into training camp and the preseason was too tough to ignore even though I stuck by Hyde last season when many bailed. He was the lone bright spot for the 49ers in 2016, yet with no ties to the current regime, I understood why he might have to prove himself all over again. 

    He’s done that throughout the month, which has killed any notion of Hyde losing significant touches or his grasp on the starting job. The 49ers are clearly going through a rebuilding phase, so they’ll have to lean on their top talent, which includes Hyde and Pierre Garcon. You may not want to invest heavily in the 49ers, but if you do, Hyde should be under consideration.


    Targets Based on Value 

    Danny Woodhead, BAL

    Current ADP: 55.7/RB24

    Last Week’s ADP: 43.7/RB20

    My Ranking: RB14 (down two spots)


    Mark Ingram, NO

    Current ADP: 59.9/RB26

    Last Week’s ADP: 59.8/RB26

    My Ranking: RB18 (down two spots)


    Theo Riddick, DET

    Current ADP: 80.8/RB33

    Last Week’s ADP: new addition

    My Ranking: RB26 (down four spots)


    Terrance West, BAL

    Current ADP: 89.4/RB37

    Last Week’s ADP: 85.6/RB36

    My Ranking: RB27 (down six spots)


    Darren Sproles, PHI

    Current ADP: 122.8/RB48

    Last Week’s ADP: 130/RB50

    My Ranking: RB33 (up two spots)


    Overvalued Players

    Ezekiel Elliott, DAL

    Current ADP: 17.8/RB9

    Last Week’s ADP: new addition

    My Ranking: RB13 (down two spots)


    Dalvin Cook, MIN

    Current ADP: 25.3/RB12

    Last Week’s ADP: 31.4/RB15

    My Ranking: RB19 (up six spots)


    Lamar Miller, HOU

    Current ADP: 34.1/RB15

    Last Week’s ADP: 27.6/RB13

    My Ranking: RB23 (down four spots)


    Mike Gillislee, NE

    Current ADP: 64.6/RB27

    Last Week’s ADP: 55.8/RB23

    My Ranking: RB35 (up three spots)


    Paul Perkins, NYG

    Current ADP: 83.3/RB35

    Last Week’s ADP: 76/RB31

    My Ranking: RB38 (up one spot)


    Derrick Henry, TEN

    Current ADP: 78.1/RB32

    Last Week’s ADP: 79.4/RB33

    My Ranking: RB49 (up one spot)


    Eddie Lacy, SEA

    Current ADP: 101.8 RB41

    Last Week’s ADP: 89.7/RB38

    My Ranking: RB54 (no change)


    Potential Sleepers 

    C.J. Prosise, SEA

    Current ADP: 122.7/RB47

    Last Week’s ADP: 104.1/RB43

    My Ranking: RB34 (down four spots)


    Jamaal Williams, GB

    Current ADP: 105.7/RB42

    Last Week’s ADP: 113.2/RB45

    My Ranking: RB45 (no change)


    Alvin Kamara, NO

    Current ADP: 140.9/RB53

    Last Week’s ADP: 156.5/RB65

    My Ranking: RB50 (up one spot)


    Kyle Juszczyk, SF

    Current ADP: Undrafted

    My Ranking: RB40 (up one spot)


    Other Names to Monitor

    Chris Carson, SEA

    Current ADP: 155.3/RB59

    Last Week’s ADP: Undrafted

    My Ranking: RB77 (up nine spots)


    2017 Running Back PPR Rankings

    #Player (Team/Bye)
    1David Johnson ARI (8)
    2Le'Veon Bell PIT (9)
    3LeSean McCoy BUF (6)
    4Devonta Freeman ATL (5)
    5Melvin Gordon LAC (9)
    6DeMarco Murray TEN (8)
    7Jay Ajayi MIA (11)
    8Jordan Howard CHI (9)
    9Christian McCaffrey CAR (11)
    10Leonard Fournette JAC (8)
    11Kareem Hunt KC (10)
    12Todd Gurley LAR (8)
    13Ezekiel Elliott DAL (6)
    14Danny Woodhead BAL (10)
    15Joe Mixon CIN (6)
    16Marshawn Lynch OAK (10)
    17Isaiah Crowell CLE (9)
    18Mark Ingram NO (5)
    19Dalvin Cook MIN (9)
    20Carlos Hyde SF (11)
    21Ty Montgomery GB (8)
    22Bilal Powell NYJ (11)
    23Lamar Miller HOU (7)
    24C.J. Anderson DEN (5)
    25Frank Gore IND (11)
    26Theo Riddick DET (7)
    27Terrance West BAL (10)
    28Doug Martin TB (11)
    29Adrian Peterson NO (5)
    30Ameer Abdullah DET (7)
    31Tevin Coleman ATL (5)
    32Duke Johnson CLE (9)
    33Darren Sproles PHI (10)
    34C.J. Prosise SEA (6)
    35Mike Gillislee NE (9)
    36Thomas Rawls SEA (6)
    37Shane Vereen NYG (8)
    38Paul Perkins NYG (8)
    39LeGarrette Blount PHI (10)
    40Kyle Juszczyk SF (11)
    41James White NE (9)
    42Rex Burkhead NE (9)
    43Robert Kelley WAS (5)
    44Samaje Perine WAS (5)
    45Jamaal Williams GB (8)
    46Matt Forte NYJ (11)
    47Chris Thompson WAS (5)
    48Darren McFadden DAL (6)
    49Derrick Henry TEN (8)
    50Alvin Kamara NO (5)
    51Jerick McKinnon MIN (9)
    52T.J. Yeldon JAC (8)
    53Jonathan Stewart CAR (11)
    54Eddie Lacy SEA (6)
    55Charcandrick West KC (10)
    56Tim Hightower SF (11)
    57Dion Lewis NE (9)
    58Giovani Bernard CIN (6)
    59Latavius Murray MIN (9)
    60Jeremy Hill CIN (6)
    61Robert Turbin IND (11)
    62Charles Sims TB (11)
    63Devontae Booker DEN (5)
    64Jalen Richard OAK (10)
    65Marlon Mack IND (11)
    66D'Onta Foreman HOU (7)
    67Jacquizz Rodgers TB (11)
    68De'Angelo Henderson DEN (5)
    69DeAndre Washington OAK (10)
    70Damien Williams MIA (11)
    71Matt Breida SF (11)
    72Orleans Darkwa NYG (8)
    73Tarik Cohen CHI (9)
    74Wendell Smallwood PHI (10)
    75Javorius Allen BAL (10)
    76Jeremy Langford CHI (9)
    77Chris Carson SEA (6)
    78Kenyan Drake MIA (11)
    79Chris Ivory JAC (8)
    80Zach Zenner DET (7)
    81Elijah McGuire NYJ (11)
    82Jonathan Williams BUF (6)
    83James Conner PIT (9)
    84Andre Ellington ARI (8)
    85Chris Johnson ARI (8)
    86Aaron Jones GB (8)
    87Jamaal Charles DEN (5)
    88Mike Tolbert BUF (6)
    89Malcolm Brown LAR (8)
    90Donnel Pumphrey PHI (10)
    91Jeremy McNichols TB (11)
    92Fozzy Whittaker CAR (11)
    93Dwayne Washington DET (7)
    94Alfred Morris DAL (6)
    95Cameron Artis-Payne CAR (11)

Wide Receivers

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    Look for Amari Cooper to go to another level in 2017.
    Look for Amari Cooper to go to another level in 2017.Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

    Notable Changes in Rankings 

    8. Brandin Cooks, NE (up three spots)

    While I was ready for Cooks to explode in his first season with the Patriots, it was impossible to ignore the presence of Julian Edelman and his pre-existing rapport with Tom Brady. Still, I thought there was more than enough to go around in this high-powered offense, so I ranked him as a low-end WR1. 

    Now that Edelman is out for the season, Cooks’ role looks more important than ever as the clear-cut No. 1 WR in New England. That easily justifies his bump in the WR rankings, as does the fact that the next-best options in the Patriots WR corps are Chris Hogan and Danny Amendola. New England has typically done a great job overcoming major injuries, but Edelman isn’t so easily replaced.

    It gives the team more reason to lean on Cooks. As I mentioned in the Top 100 section, I break ties by considering the most fantasy-friendly team. The Patriots check all the right boxes with a great QB, a coach you can trust and a prime opportunity for Cooks to blow up in the passing game.


    11. T.Y. Hilton, IND (down three spots)

    Moving Hilton down yet again is obviously tied to the mysterious nature of Andrew Luck’s shoulder recovery. We still have no idea when Luck will be back, as he’s approaching the end of the month without a day of practice thanks to an extended stint on the PUP list. 

    With no timetable for Luck’s return, Hilton’s drop is also connected to the lack of a quality backup. Scott Tolzien is the likely starter if Luck isn’t out there, but he doesn’t instill the confidence of a backup like Drew Stanton in Arizona or even Mark Sanchez in Chicago. You can blame the Colts for not investing more in the position knowing Luck would be slowly working his way back from shoulder surgery.


    Targets Based on Value

    Stefon Diggs, MIN

    Current ADP: 51.6/WR25

    Last Week’s ADP: 58.8/WR28

    My Ranking: WR13 (no change)


    Golden Tate, DET

    Current ADP: 45.3/WR23

    Last Week’s ADP: 46.3/WR22

    My Ranking: WR16 (up one spot)


    Pierre Garcon, SF

    Current ADP: 72.9/WR34

    Last Week’s ADP: 74.6/WR34

    My Ranking: WR24 (down one spot)


    Tyrell Williams, LAC

    Current ADP: 95.2/WR39

    Last Week’s ADP: 99.5/WR42

    My Ranking: WR26 (no change)


    Kenny Britt, CLE

    Current ADP: 121.7/WR50

    Last Week’s ADP: 116.4/WR48

    My Ranking: WR39 (no change)


    Overvalued Players

    Demaryius Thomas, DEN

    Current ADP: 31.7/WR16

    Last Week’s ADP: 31/WR15

    My Ranking: WR21 (no change)


    Tyreek Hill, KC

    Current ADP: 40.1/WR19

    Last Week’s ADP: 37.8/WR18

    My Ranking: WR28 (down one spot)


    Kelvin Benjamin, CAR

    Current ADP: 39.7/WR18

    Last Week’s ADP: 51.6/WR25

    My Ranking: WR34 (up six spots)


    Potential Sleepers

    Adam Thielen, MIN

    Current ADP: 107.9/WR45

    Last Week’s ADP: 112.5/WR47

    My Ranking: WR37 (up one spot)


    Chris Hogan, NE

    Current ADP: 95.5/WR40

    Last Week’s ADP: new addition

    My Ranking: WR39 (up 43 spots)


    Corey Coleman, CLE

    Current ADP: 106.3/WR44

    Last Week’s ADP: 119.1/WR49

    My Ranking: WR45 (up one spot)


    Other Names to Monitor

    T.Y. Hilton, IND

    Current ADP: 26.1/WR12

    Last Week’s ADP: 21.3/WR10

    My Ranking: WR11 (down three spots)


    Jordan Matthews, BUF

    Current ADP: 108.2/WR46

    Last Week’s ADP: 107.8/WR43

    My Ranking: WR41 (up one spot)


    Zay Jones, BUF

    Current ADP: 126.7/WR52

    Last Week’s ADP: 133.6/WR55

    My Ranking: WR52 (no change)


    2017 Wide Receiver PPR Rankings

    #Player (Team/Bye)
    1Antonio Brown PIT (9)
    2Julio Jones ATL (5)
    3Odell Beckham Jr. NYG (8)
    4Jordy Nelson GB (8)
    5Mike Evans TB (11)
    6A.J. Green CIN (6)
    7Michael Thomas NO (5)
    8Brandin Cooks NE (9)
    9Amari Cooper OAK (10)
    10Doug Baldwin SEA (6)
    11T.Y. Hilton IND (11)
    12Dez Bryant DAL (6)
    13Stefon Diggs MIN (9)
    14Terrelle Pryor WAS (5)
    15DeAndre Hopkins HOU (7)
    16Golden Tate DET (7)
    17Alshon Jeffery PHI (10)
    18Martavis Bryant PIT (9)
    19Davante Adams GB (8)
    20Larry Fitzgerald ARI (8)
    21Demaryius Thomas DEN (5)
    22Jamison Crowder WAS (5)
    23Keenan Allen LAC (9)
    24Pierre Garcon SF (11)
    25Allen Robinson JAC (8)
    26Tyrell Williams LAC (9)
    27Willie Snead NO (5)
    28Tyreek Hill KC (10)
    29Michael Crabtree OAK (10)
    30Jarvis Landry MIA (11)
    31Jeremy Maclin BAL (10)
    32Emmanuel Sanders DEN (5)
    33DeSean Jackson TB (11)
    34Kelvin Benjamin CAR (11)
    35Sammy Watkins LAR (8)
    36Brandon Marshall NYG (8)
    37Adam Thielen MIN (9)
    38Kenny Britt CLE (9)
    39Chris Hogan NE (9)
    40Devante Parker MIA (11)
    41Jordan Matthews BUF (6)
    42Mike Wallace BAL (10)
    43Cole Beasley DAL (6)
    44Rishard Matthews TEN (8)
    45Corey Coleman CLE (9)
    46Kevin White CHI (9)
    47Marvin Jones DET (7)
    48John Brown ARI (8)
    49Josh Doctson WAS (5)
    50Eric Decker TEN (8)
    51Marqise Lee JAC (8)
    52Zay Jones BUF (6)
    53Tavon Austin LAR (8)
    54Donte Moncrief IND (11)
    55Corey Davis TEN (8)
    56Randall Cobb GB (8)
    57Kenny Stills MIA (11)
    58Robby Anderson NYJ (11)
    59Kendall Wright CHI (9)
    60Mohamed Sanu ATL (5)
    61Ted Ginn NO (5)
    62Breshad Perriman BAL (10)
    63Tyler Boyd CIN (6)
    64Tyler Lockett SEA (6)
    65Sterling Shepard NYG (8)
    66Danny Amendola NE (9)
    67Brandon LaFell CIN (6)
    68Jeremy Kerley SF (11)
    69Taylor Gabriel ATL (5)
    70Kenny Golladay DET (7)
    71Robert Woods LAR (8)
    72Nelson Agholor PHI (10)
    73Devin Funchess CAR (11)
    74Jaron Brown ARI (8)
    75Cooper Kupp LAR (8)
    76Eli Rogers PIT (9)
    77Allen Hurns JAC (8)
    78Chris Conley KC (10)
    79Torrey Smith PHI (10)
    80Malcolm Mitchell NE (9)
    81Terrance Williams DAL (6)
    82Charone Peake NYJ (11)
    83Cordarrelle Patterson OAK (10)
    84Will Fuller HOU (7)
    85Travis Benjamin LAC (9)
    86Seth Roberts OAK (10)
    87Marquise Goodwin SF (11)
    88Laquon Treadwell MIN (9)
    89Kamar Aiken IND (11)
    90Jermaine Kearse SEA (6)
    91Curtis Samuel CAR (11)
    92Adam Humphries TB (11)
    93JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT (9)
    94Phillip Dorsett IND (11)
    95Paul Richardson SEA (6)
    96Mike Williams LAC (9)
    97Justin Hardy ATL (5)
    98Dede Westbrook JAC (8)
    99Carlos Henderson DEN (5)
    100Ryan Switzer DAL (6)
    101John Ross CIN (6)

Tight Ends

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    Can Kyle Rudolph build on the best season of his career?
    Can Kyle Rudolph build on the best season of his career?Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    Notable Changes in Rankings

    None of note.


    Targets Based on Value 

    Zach Ertz, PHI

    Current ADP: 83.2/TE9

    Last Week’s ADP: 96/TE10

    My Ranking: TE7 (no change)


    Jason Witten, DAL

    Current ADP: 146.9/TE15

    Last Week’s ADP: 154.3/TE18

    My Ranking: TE14 (no change)


    Overvalued Players

    O.J. Howard, TB

    Current ADP: 149.9/TE16

    Last Week’s ADP: 144.4/TE14

    My Ranking: TE21 (no change)


    Potential Sleepers

    David Njoku, CLE

    Current ADP: Undrafted

    Last Week’s ADP: Undrafted

    My Ranking: TE20 (no change)


    Other Names to Monitor

    Tyler Higbee, LAR

    Current ADP: Undrafted

    Last Week’s ADP: Undrafted

    My Ranking: TE29 (no change)


    2017 Tight End PPR Rankings

    #Player (Team/Bye)
    1Travis Kelce KC (10)
    2Rob Gronkowski NE (9)
    3Greg Olsen CAR (11)
    4Jimmy Graham SEA (6)
    5Jordan Reed WAS (5)
    6Kyle Rudolph MIN (9)
    7Zach Ertz PHI (10)
    8Hunter Henry LAC (9)
    9Tyler Eifert CIN (6)
    10Delanie Walker TEN (8)
    11Eric Ebron DET (7)
    12Jack Doyle IND (11)
    13Martellus Bennett GB (8)
    14Jason Witten DAL (6)
    15C.J. Fiedorowicz HOU (7)
    16Cameron Brate TB (11)
    17Antonio Gates LAC (9)
    18Coby Fleener NO (5)
    19Charles Clay BUF (6)
    20David Njoku CLE (9)
    21O.J. Howard TB (11)
    22Julius Thomas MIA (11)
    23Austin Hooper ATL (5)
    24Jared Cook OAK (10)
    25Zach Miller CHI (9)
    26Austin Seferian-Jenkins NYJ (11)
    27Evan Engram NYG (8)
    28Jesse James PIT (9)
    29Tyler Higbee LAR (8)
    30Jermaine Gresham ARI (8)
    31Dwayne Allen NE (9)
    32Benjamin Watson BAL (10)
    33A.J. Derby DEN (5)
    34Dion Sims CHI (9)
    35Vernon Davis WAS (5)
    36C.J. Uzomah CIN (6)
    37Vance McDonald SF (11)
    38Marcedes Lewis JAC (8)
    39Lance Kendricks GB (8)
    40Adam Shaheen CHI (9)
    41Gerald Everett LAR (8)
    42Jake Butt DEN (5)
    43Maxx Williams BAL (10)
    44Virgil Green DEN (5)
    45George Kittle SF (11)
    46Clive Walford OAK (10)
    47Erik Swoope IND (11)
    48Luke Willson SEA (6)
    49Levine Toilolo ATL (5)
    50Jordan Leggett NYJ (11)
    51Bucky Hodges MIN (9)
    52Josh Hill NO (5)
    53Jonnu Smith TEN (8)


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    With an attractive matchup against the lowly Jets, the Bills defense is a streaming target for Week 1.
    With an attractive matchup against the lowly Jets, the Bills defense is a streaming target for Week 1.Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

    After assessing the preseason to get a feel for each team, my examination of the early-season schedule allows me to present targets based on the strategy of waiting to select your defense until the last round or two.

    As I’ve said all month, you don’t need to reach for a defense and are much better off streaming your defenses on a week-to-week basis. Therefore, the only thing that matters is Week 1 opponent. Using that philosophy, these are the top defense streamers you can wait to get in your draft:

    Atlanta Falcons (at CHI)

    Buffalo Bills (vs. NYJ)

    Los Angeles Rams (vs. IND, assuming Andrew Luck is out)

    New York Jets (at BUF)

    Pittsburgh Steelers (at CLE)


    2017 Defense Rankings


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    Mason Crosby has been through it all in Green Bay.
    Mason Crosby has been through it all in Green Bay.Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

    You want to select an accurate kicker with plenty of opportunities to score. Mason Crosby is a good target to fit that description. 

    Do not take a kicker unless you’re required by rule. Instead, take a shot on a player at another position since you can always grab a kicker before Week 1. If you must draft a kicker, wait until the final round to take one since it’s a position to stream during the year.


    2017 Kicker Rankings

    #Player (Team/Bye)
    1Justin Tucker BAL (10)
    2Stephen Gostkowski NE (9)
    3Dan Bailey DAL (6)
    4Matt Bryant ATL (5)
    5Mason Crosby GB (8)
    6Will Lutz NO (5)
    7Adam Vinatieri IND (11)
    8Matt Prater DET (7)
    9Sebastian Janikowski OAK (10)
    10Cairo Santos KC (10)
    11Graham Gano CAR (11)
    12Brandon McManus DEN (5)
    13Chris Boswell PIT (9)
    14Dustin Hopkins WAS (5)
    15Caleb Sturgis PHI (10)
    16Blair Walsh SEA (6)
    17Josh Lambo LAC (9)
    18Nick Novak HOU (7)
    19Mike Nugent NYG (8)
    20Steven Hauschka BUF (6)