Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax: Pros and Cons of WWE Raw Feud

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistDecember 20, 2016

Sasha Banks
Sasha Bankscredit:

Sasha Banks' loss to Charlotte at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line surely came as a surprise to many fans. After all, The Boss had fought through so much adversity to defeat Charlotte for the title, and it seemed as though it was her time to shine.

But Charlotte's win reinforced the notion that she is indeed WWE's top female Superstar.

Now that Banks is forced to move on, Nia Jax is apparently moving up. The two came face to face on the December 19 edition of Monday Night Raw, in a spot that did not end well for the former women's champion. Jax viciously attacked Banks and set the tone for a feud that's probably to come.

Fans are now surely beginning to debate whether or not it's a good idea.

Jax has not done much since arriving on WWE's main roster, while Banks has done it all. She's made history as a competitor, while Jax has sat back and been just a spectator. WWE saw massive potential in Banks versus Charlotte, but Jax has just been trying to find her way.

Maybe a feud between them was not the best idea.

But fans will decide for themselves, and that is always the case for any new rivalry in WWE.


The Pros

This could not have come at a better time.

Fans were likely growing tired of Sasha vs. Charlotte. It's not as if the two haven't had an amazing run, and it's not as if it wasn't exciting. But nearly five months after the feud began, the time had indeed come for Banks vs. Charlotte to end.

Now, The Boss can recharge.

From the moment she came to Raw, she's been known as Charlotte's archrival. It took a while for the two women to finally go head to head, but once they did, they were forever connected. Much like Trish Stratus needed Lita, Charlotte needed Banks.

Banks and Charlotte go to war at Roadblock
Banks and Charlotte go to war at Roadblockcredit:

But Banks can now focus on her career apart from Charlotte. She can finally work on who she is and give fans some different matches against new faces. The question of whether or not she can succeed without Charlotte will definitely be answered.

Then of course, there's Nia Jax.

Jax has hit the jackpot with this new angle. She's going from nothing to the top of the women's division, and she's doing it with one of the best in WWE. The potential she's shown in the past can now be realized, because this feud will prove if she's truly ready for the main event.

She's a bruiser, she's a force of nature and she will have an opponent that will sell for her while also helping her along the way. 

Jax and Banks on Raw
Jax and Banks on Rawcredit:

Banks may be a three-time Raw women's champion, but she will likely be viewed as the underdog against Jax. That's a good spot for her, as she will ultimately be able to build on her tremendous level of fan support.

She will get a new lease on life in WWE and work her way back to the championship. 

But the same will certainly be true of Jax, especially if she comes out of the feud with Banks looking like a real player. Fans will buy into her as a contender, and she can perhaps go on to title success versus Charlotte or Bayley.

Banks will get the opportunity to help one of her peers while also helping herself. It's a win for both Superstars.


The Cons

What seems like the best part of this feud may actually be the biggest drawback.

Banks will not be helping herself; she will be helping her opponent much more. If Jax wins just one match against Banks, The Boss's star will dim. Three Raw Women's Championships during the course of what has to be considered WWE's feud of the year must stand for more than this.

If not, then all of that was perhaps a bit pointless.

Banks must be booked as a step above every other female Superstar on Raw with the exception of Charlotte. If she falls to Jax merely because of Jax's size, then she will look weak as a result. Her supposed leg injury will be used to explain a defeat of course, but that will not solve the problem.

Then there's the issue of too much, too soon for Jax.

Jax has a record of wins against women that fans have never seen before. Like Ryback and Braun Strowman before her, Jax has had the benefit of working squash matches to build her reputation. But that reputation has not included many major wins against anyone of relevance in WWE.

Instead of moving on to a mid-card star like Strowman has with Sami Zayn, Jax has instead moved on to one of the best in the business.

A feud with Banks will either make or break Jax. Her learning curve has become nonexistent, as she must now deliver against The Boss. She must be ready for the spotlight to come and if she's not, it will be painfully obvious.

Banks has worked too hard to already play the role of mentor; she deserves to stay on the top tier and working Jax is not it.


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