Fielder of Dreams: Oakland GM Billy Beane Could Excite City with Milwaukee Star

Steven ResnickSenior Writer ISeptember 29, 2009

Major News about Prince Fielder has come out stating that he is on the trading block and now would be the perfect time for the young A's to pick up a proven power hitter and if it means trading away some prospects then so be it!

Prince Fielder would bring excitement back to the Oakland Coliseum! Not only that it would mean that the A's would have the inside track on the AL West Division and it would show fans that the A's are serious about winning.

One possible trade would be to send Daric Barton, Brett Wallace/Chris Carter, Henry Rodriguez,Β Justin Duchscherer, and possibly either Dana Eveland or Trevor Cahill to the Brewers for Fielder.

I realize giving up Chris Carter might sound like a lot considering he's only 23 years old, but Fielder is only 25 so it's not a big age difference and Fielder is already a proven major leaguer who has already had seasons of 50, 34, and right now hasΒ 43 homeruns and plays at an MVP caliber level.

The A's have lacked a power source since Frank Thomas's first run with the A's and this would bring them back in a hurry.

Salary wise Fielder is making $7 milliion this year and that's about as much money the A's have cut from their payroll with the trades of Matt Holliday and Orlando Cabrera. Even more encouraging is the fact that the A's will lose another $5 million plus when Bobby Crosby becomes a free agent.

So, it wouldn't be like the A's could afford him. Fielder is also a perfect player that fits Billy Beane's approach to hitting. He walks a lot and has a high on-base percentage.

Maybe it's just a dream, but wouldn't it be nice if came true? Going further imagine a lineup that looked like this:

1. Cliff Pennington-SS

2. Rajai Davis-CF

3. Kurt Suzuki-C

4. Prince Fielder-1B

5. Ryan Sweeney-RF

6. Mark Ellis-2B

7. Travis Buck-LF

8. Jack Cust-DH

9. Eric Chavez/Brett Wallace-3B

Alright the lineup would need a little work it also would depend on Eric Chavez and his health would he DH? Would he play third a couple games? Will the A's keep Adam Kennedy around next year as well?

But, with the addition of Fielder it's easy to see that the A's lineup improves tremendously and with the way the Offense has been producing in the second half of this year the A's would be a scary team next year.

Just hope that it does happen!


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