Cubs Slugger Kris Bryant Goes Undercover to Prank College Baseball Team

Vanessa de Beaumont@@vanessadebeauContributor IMarch 18, 2016

Red Bull Screenshot

The Chicago Cubs' Kris Bryant sharpened his already-electrifying batting skills in spring training with Arizona's Mesa Community College baseball team.

The team, however, wasn't aware.

In a prank made possible by Red Bull, the 2015 Rookie of the Year was introduced by Mesa head coach Tony Cirelli as Roy Nabryt, a European "donkey" with "crazy power" who could assist the team in its pursuit of a title.

The catch? Many of the current players would be losing time on the field to the undercover Bryant—a fact they were less than thrilled about.

But seeing him step up to the plate drew the very opposite kind of reaction.

With every crack of the bat, another head turned until the entire team was mesmerized.

And then, the jig was up.

Slowly but surely, the whispers spread: "That's Kris Bryant." He was had by his signature swing.

Still, his reveal was met with great laughter, and before he parted, Bryant wished the squad the best, encouraging the team to go "get a ring" (before conveying his own desires for some hardware).

That certainly would be a lot easier if Roy Nabryt were to stick around. 

[YouTube, h/t Sports Illustrated]

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