10 College Football Teams in Need of Uniform Redesign

David KenyonFeatured ColumnistMarch 13, 2016

10 College Football Teams in Need of Uniform Redesign

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    Tom Pennington/Getty Images

    When you look good, you play good. Some college football teams don't always display the former, however, and they could use a redesign to their uniforms.

    To be clear, this is not necessarily a critique of a program's entire set of uniforms. Few teams have perfectly similar home and road uniforms merely differentiated by primary color.

    Each uniform included was used during the 2015 season, so a disaster like the Connecticut helmet worn with anything is not eligible—yet it found a way to get mentioned anyway.

    Personal opinion undoubtedly plays a notable role, and you might not share the following views. Believe it or not, that's actually OK! Head to the comments and defend your favorite team's ugly uniform.


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    David Stephenson/Associated Press

    Charlotte made the leap to the Football Bowl Subdivision in 2015, and the program should've brought its previous uniforms along.

    Instead, the 49ers debuted some almost-excellent jerseys that the font choice ruined. How exactly are you supposed to read those numbers?

    There's nothing wrong with a bold, two-tone number. Just make sure it's big enough to avoid bleeding together.

    Let me love your upstart team, Charlotte. But please, allow me to recognize who I'm watching.

Eastern Michigan

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    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    Allowing the seniors to design the road uniform? Neat idea. Execution? Not as great.

    Diamond-plated patterns accent the logo on the helmet as well as numbers on the jersey, which is neither awesome nor terrible. The lonely "E" on the back is understood yet still looks strange.

    Eastern Michigan—yes, the Eagles—also put wings on the shoulder and used reflective outlines on the numbers. Basically, Eastern tried to be Oregon from nearly a decade ago.

    Sometimes, blank space is better than browsing clip art.


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    John Raoux/Associated Press

    Last season, Florida decided to bust out the all-orange uniform for the first time since 1989a mere 26-year interval between uses.

    The Gators managed to escape with a 14-9 victory against Kentucky, which seemed like reason enough to retire the get-up. However, they smoked Ole Miss 38-10, so Florida might choose all-orange next year.

    But to quote the legendary Ricky Bobby: "Bury it deep down in there and never bring it up again."

    Unless the school designs black uniforms—do that, please—the Gators should stick with their blues and whites.


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    John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

    There is an awful lot going on here. Not so dissimilar to Kansas' performance last year, not much is good.

    Broken apart, the Jayhawks certainly have the right idea. The blue helmet is fantastic. Red jerseys are typically a plus. Gray pants with a blue stripe would work with a blue jersey.

    However, this combination is brutal. Using a dartboard to select the uniform of the day is rarely smart.

    Never again, Kansas. Never again.


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    Timothy D. Easley/Associated Press

    The problem isn't that someone actually presented the idea of "Let's make the last names on Louisville's jerseys really small and write them in cursive."

    Rather, our question is: How could that possibly get approved?

    In the accompanying picture, the player about to take the football is Brandon Radcliff. If you're unfamiliar with the Cardinals roster, though, you might not have a clue who is touching the football.

    Radcliff's name is hard enough to read on this page. Even with a zoomed camera lens on television, it's almost impossible.


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    Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

    Slap a patch of stripes in a few locations, and the result is a strange Memphis uniform.

    From top to bottom, this get-up is rough. The chrome helmet striped both in the logo and down the center isn't a good start, and the striped shoulders are weird.

    Additionally, the random patch on the pants—and you're not innocent, San Jose State—is befuddling. Solid black pants would be suitable.

    Failed though it is, at least the Tigers completely committed to the look and went down swinging.

    Meow, kitty kitty.

Mississippi State

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    Ed Zurga/Getty Images

    While Mississippi State doesn't have many options with its primary color, all-maroon—as well as all-white—should never be repeated. Mix, Bulldogs—never match.

    But that's not the biggest uniform flaw in Starkville.

    As if the logo on the helmet isn't adequate, Mississippi State has an unsightly large reminder of its brand down the left side of the pants. Put simply, it just looks weird.

    The small logo above a solid stripe is a much better look. Stick with that and don't turn back, Bulldogs.


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    Eric Francis/Getty Images

    Adidas tried some innovative designs with Texas A&M, UCLA and Nebraska, among others. For the Huskers, the company tried to pay tribute to the Blackshirts.

    [Insert The Price Is Right horn sound effect]

    "Looks like a tire with red painted on it," a perfectly accurate tweet read shortly after the unveil.

    If the program had no tradition, this wouldn't be so bad. However, Nebraska has a classic style that should merely be tweaked—not completely ignored.

New Mexico State

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    Todd Bennett/Getty Images

    Selecting the proper font is tremendously important. Like Charlotte, though, New Mexico State must not have received the memo.

    To the Aggies' credit, they avoided slapping unnecessary art onto the uniforms. Design-wise, it's not so bad. But if you're going to showcase what is essentially a blank canvas, be sure to connect every element.

    The names and numbers on the back of the jersey are practically two entirely separated entities. Plus, each surname nearly flows into an unreadable position.

    While New Mexico State has potential, some spacing and font updates are absolutely necessary.


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    Ron Jenkins/Associated Press

    Quarterback Trevone Boykin and wide receiver Josh Doctson had a spectacular connection, but TCU's uniforms missed the mark. It's pretty disappointing, considering the white and black jerseys are both superb.

    Reptilian-themed (scale-like) duds are unique. Bonus points for that.

    However, of the three Nike uniforms on here, the Horned Frogs' grays are the worst. They're basically a bad take on camouflage.

    I'd watch a Big 12 shootout any day of the week no matter if both teams were sporting mismatched whatevers, but TCU's uniform would benefit from a few edits.